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Thought Icons don't show

I am also experiencing trouble with icons: some thought do not show their icon although the corresponding directory contains a TheBrainIcon.png file.

if I paste a new icon, the display is ok, but for existing TheBrainIcon.png file some do show, some do not.

I regenarated icon  memory cash and upgraded to

Java 6 Update 22 Breaks PersonalBrain
was using PB when updated to Java 6.22

Notes were not showing

PB brought them back. only notes created under PB and Java 6.22 are lost
slow display under windows 7
2 strange things about the forum:

1. here is how my previous post displays (Firefox)

it has been like this ever since I posted it. I have double checked: nothing weird when editing it ...

2. also, I just recieved an email notifying a new reply by Joshee23 but I can not see it online ...

this beeing said, the good news is that the problem described in the first post has not occured lately. probably some fix in one of the latetest win 7 updates ...

Like to use it for a PM type role? & How can I share the Brain with others?
Hey Steven,

PB's structure is simple:
- thoughts (object/nodes),
- links,
- types and
- tags.
From this you can build many more complex structures.

From what you describe I would say you need
- Project Name
- Goal-Master Work Item and
- Tasks

as thoughts with parent-child relations

Types would mark the underprogress, todos and done status

Persons assigned to a task can be another type of thought and you link them to their task.

The calendar allows you to set an alert to any thought so you can associate documents to their due date

this is an example of interpretation but the best way probably is to figure out something that makes sens for you, try it out and then adapt it to your specific use !

slow display under windows 7
@Spacenexus: not sure if it is the same pb since I am using PB 5.5

in any case, it is not solved ... it just occurred straight after opening the Brain ...

and there is no output.log anywere in PB directory ...

slow display under windows 7
hi Zenrain, Thank you for your answer, very quick too!

My sig was outdated.

When checking out the java version I realized J-1.6.0_21 is installed on the machine and PB said it was J-1.6.0_20. I have just reinstalled PB. The java version displayed by PB (in help menu) is now correct.

If you do not hear of me anymore, consider the problem solved ! and thanks again

NB: I picked the wrong forum by mistake, if someone wants to put this thread in PB Issues forum, I suppose that is more like where it belongs ...
slow display under windows 7
I have a new computer under windows 7 and was looking forward to have a much quicker PB response than on my old laptop!... As a matter of fact, after un few minutes use, the display of PB becomes very slow (over 1 minute to activate a thought!...). PB looks like frozen (active thought ancre does not spin, hover on thoughts has no effect, ...) Task manager shows that we are far from ressources limits which makes me say it is more of a display pb . After a while PB's behaviour can come back to normal, ... or not!

Has anyone experience that kind of problem or has any clue about which direction I should explore for a solution ?

Thanks in advance for any help


hotkey in
thks for your msg!

<strike>I have checked the list several time and can not find the right line...

would you mind telling me under what categorie it is ?</strike>

just found it! (it is the very first line ...)

hotkey in

I have recently upgraded to PB (French version) and now I can not find the setting for the hotkey that used to be were the red arrow is on this picture

any idea were it's gone ??

forgotten thought not reactivated when overwritten by thg pasting or Brain merge + PB window not hiding
Quote: I have confirmed this as a valid feature request with my colleagues. I have logged a feature request for this so you will not have to input a request for this on our Uservoice page

thks, that's good, because I am running short of voices ...

Quote: To be able to switch to another app, set PB to Float (Window > Float).

yes, excellent! that is what I wanted. thks !

forgotten thought not reactivated when overwritten by thg pasting or Brain merge + PB window not hiding
hi Moe,

Quote: That makes for a good feature suggestion you can make on our Uservoice page http://thebrain.uservoice.com.
so you call this a "feature suggestion" ... I was thinking of it as a bug fix (it says it will overwrite existing thoughs with the imported ones, and in fact it does not, since the forgotten/active feature is not overwritten...)

but well, I can say that over there too...

Quote: For example, if you open Word then select Save As to bring up the Save dialogue, you can not minimize Word before interacting with the Save dialogue.

not really, and that is exactly my point: if I have a "save as" dialogue box opened with word, I still can Alt-tab to other opened applications. if another app is activated, word will run in the background.
whereas the PB window would just not go to the background if forgotten thoughts are visible

about keyboard shortcuts
I am not saying that the shortcut to activate the note tab is too much, it is very useful to me!

what I am quesitonning is the reason why Quote: the developers have made Notes' menu mnemonics global.

since the plex and the note tab are separate working spaces, and also because the note tab has its own bar of menus, it would make more sense (to me!...) if they had separate sets of shortcuts

even more so, since it is so easy to switch from one to the other before activating the desired command

I suppose this depends on how you use PB: for me, the main working place definitely is the plex. the notes tab is no more important than any of the other tab

but I suppose it has been designed to give more importance to the notes
about keyboard shortcuts
thks dyslucksia, I will definitely try out your macros !

  • attached are the screen prints of shortcuts for that I have used
  • something I don't get is why shortcuts for notes should be reserved when the plex or any other tab is active. we have a nice shortcut to activate the note tab, so why not have context dependent interpretation of shortcuts ? (I always mumble when I type ctrl-Z, meaning to undo the last action - as it does in most other app - and this actually results in undoing the last change in the note, not in the plex ...)
  • thks for the link about available/unavailable combinations of controls 
since alt seems pretty busy, how about ctrl or maj+alt  + two letters (ctrl-X-M ; ctri-X-D; ...) ?

about keyboard shortcuts
5.5 came out with the great option to determine your own keyboard shortcuts

here are a few suggestion to make it even more useful:
  • get an easy way to printout the list of eligible commands (if you think you can export the list and print it out with excel, you will be trapped as I was: only commands with a defined shortcut are exported!...)
a printout of the list is not only useful as a reference when you have just set them, but also a good help to define them in a way that is logical to you and will therefore help remembering them
  • they are actually a lot of things I would like to have a shortcut for, I kind of run short of keys... would it be possible to have combinations of control(s) and two letters as a possible shortcut ? (Ctrl-S-I, Ctrl-S-E, ...)
this is also good to remember shortcuts by grouping them: ex: order thought by name ctrl-O-N, order thought by type ctrl-O-T, order thought by date ctrl-O-D, etc ...
  • a few commands that I could not find on the list and that I would be very happy to have a shortcut for:
    • change the language of the dictionary (for those who write thoughts alternatively in one or another language)
    • switch thought label and thought name (would be good to have this in the right click menu too!)
    • untype thought
    • stick a specific tag or specific type to a thought (for those that you use a lot)
forgotten thought not reactivated when overwritten by thg pasting or Brain merge + PB window not hiding
  • if you copy thoughts or merge a brain that contains thoughts that are already in the active brain with a forgotten status, the fact that you paste them, even with the override option will not reactivate these thoughts.
(this typically happens if you take some thoughts out of a brain to create a new one. you then forget these thoughts in the original brain. if at some point you want to reintegrate into the original brain, those thoughts that have been modified in a new brain, you are better off deleting these thoughts you took out and forgot in the original brain, before pasting the new version)
I think it would make more sens if PB was reactivating thoughts that are copied with a non forgotten status.
  • another issue that is not critical but quite annoying is that the PB windows does not hide if a PB "pop-up" is open ("view forgotten thought" window, link property window, ...) if you want to quickly check something out in another app, you have to close the window, do your thing, and reopen it after reactivating PB. very annoying, especially when you need to work with the forgotten thoughts for a while
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