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Reporting: Sort by Types, please.
In Reporting I can sort by Name and Date (by the way which date it is?). I would like to sort or group by Type. When this would be possible I could have all my different task groups together, all my phone calls, all my office work and so on... Getting Things Done (GTD) like. 2017.02.20_12h11m04s.png 
Where is the "Report"-button on the top right side?
In the actual v153 I have no longer a button for "Report" on the top right side. Bug or feature? 2017.02.20_12h09m54s.png 
Built-in browser is not supported...?
When I work with Gmail in the built-in browser I get the following error message: "This version of Google Chrome is not supported any longer. Please change to another browser."
Copying URL in the address bar of the browser in one step?
The built-in browser is very great for so many things. So for linking an URL to TheBrain it would be very helpful to have a way to copy the URL with one click. When I click into the URL the URL is not marked like it is in Google Chrome. So I have to mark the complete URL by hand, from right to left or from left to right, right click to menu, then copy. A lot of steps to do, or? May be an additional button makes sense or ... 
Changes to intern web browser? (#3410)
I thought so, because now I have several sites where I see nothing at all...
Changes to intern web browser? (#3410)
Did you made any changes to v153? What is the reason that I can see nothing on some websites?
Saving the width of the notes window (#3452)
mcaton wrote:


Thanks for posting.  I understand the request, however I envision this as potentially a bit jarring to have the plex window change sizes automatically when navigating though TheBrain. If you are just clicking past a thought that has the notes window set to 60% - while others are at 30% - The plex would suddenly shift to the left. I'll document your feature request and we'll discuss if it is possible to make this work and look fluid.


Matt, normally my notes window is not open. When I need it I make a double-click on the plex and the notes window opens, in my case on the left side. Now I must change the width every time by hand and I see in my daily life that is no fun... ;-)
Which file formats will be indexed? (#3318)
In V9 which file formats will be indexed for search inside the files? What about linked files? To my own local file drive? To Evernote, Google Drive and other services...?
No links to the emails in Google Inbox possible...
As I mentioned a few days earlier no links to Google Contacts are possible, I now saw that it is impossible to link to an email in Google Inbox. At the moment we have two email programs from Google. I don´t no why and what sense it makes, but I think in the future we will see only one program. When it is Google Inbox then how do we get emails into TheBrain? Emailing myself into the new magix Inbox of TheBrain??
Changes to intern web browser? (#3410)
Is this a fix you can do in the background or needs it an update of V9?
custom sorting via drag and drop (#3437)
Patrick, great explanation of all the different use cases!!

I was looking for the ability to Arrange/Sort Thoughts via Drag and Drop into any order manually on the normal view of the plex. I´m using quite often the new hidden ordering system.

From my user case I would like to select all thoughts I want to reorder, so all these thoughts were shown as a list in the selection box (I don´t know if this is the right english word ;-)). From there I can reorder all thoughts up and down and save it. That´s waht I would make intuitively...
Saving the width of the notes window (#3452)
The longer I´m work with V9 the more makes me crazy that I have quite often to change the width of the notes window. Because I have nearly all in the cloud I have to open the intern browser very often, with a double-click no problem.

Sometimes there is my task app, I need only 1/4 of the window, like I see on my smartphone. Sometimes I use the notes section, there 1/2 of the place makes mostly sense and sometimes I want to have a look on a website which is not responsive, so I must open the intern browser window complete and so on... Will say it depends different kind of information need different width of the windows. So it would be really great if TB could save the width automatically for every thought. Now it is a lot of clicks every day... :-(
No links to the new Google Contacts possible...
Google is rolling out the new Contacts (https://contacts.google.com/) in Material Design. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to link a contact into TheBrain, because there is no url for a contact anymore. What to do? I tighter integration of the Google Services...
custom sorting via drag and drop (#3437)
Custom sorting of thoughts is one of the most wanted feature requests (place No. 9). I would like to rearrange my thoughts in a way I like or need. When I do this, my thoughts should be automatically sorted by "Arrange Thoughts by ... custom". The new sorting option with the prefix numbers is a step into the right direction, but if there are a lot of thoughts to arrange or rearrange it is becoming very hard.
custom sorting via drag and drop (#3437)
Why is no custom sorting via drag and drop possible?
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