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TheBrain 9 and Outlook support
What sense makes an Outlook integration, I only can use on the Desktop? And it is still not possible to open an Outlook element on mobile devices, or? What we need is a solution to bring emails from Google, Microsoft, Apple... into TheBrain on all devices!! ;-)
TheBrain 9 on Chromebooks?
Yes, of course, I didn´t think about that way... The web client will have nearly the same functions than the mobile apps, or will thwill be a significant diiference?
TheBrain 9 on Chromebooks?
Is TheBrain 9 only working as an Android App on a Chromebook or do you have other plans?
Recording Now Available
Matt, what camera did you use? Video was in really good quality...
No "Paste" in intern browser anymore? (#4086 - fixed)
Ctrl + V works fine for me, too! Thanks!
How is TheBrain working on the "smallest" Windows Tablet, the Lenovo Yoga Book?
Harlan and his team have decided a few years ago to rewritten TheBrain with the focus again on the Desktop version. There we can use the full potential of the software. Problem, in these last few years Smartphones and Tablets for mobile use became so good that there is no nuch need to use a Windows PC. A lot of young people even have no PC or Mac. The are doing all stuff with their mobile devices.

If TheBrain is our main software to organize all stuff, we must use the Desktop version. As Harlan wrote in a further comment the coming mobile Apps are like the existing versions, with not much functionality. So for sure this is not enough to use TheBrain in daily life, may be in a few years... ;-)

If a software company today decides to rewrite their programm, it makes sense to work with the motto "Mobile first, Cloud first" with a similar user interface on all plattforms.

At the moment it is how it is. Now I find an interesting hardware device, which is small and light like a Tablet, but a full Windows device: Lenovo Yoga Book.

Download (4).jpg  Download (3).jpg  Download (2).jpg  Download (1).jpg  Download.jpg  images (1).jpg 

It would be great if someone has tested TheBrain with this device and specially with the pen and can give us a report...!

There is an Android version of the device, too, but then I have to use the App... :-(

No "Paste" in intern browser anymore? (#4086 - fixed)
Did you any changes to the intern browser? I cann´t paste any content with Strg + V into a  field in the intern browser??
Copy a list of more then one thought into a note is not working as expected... (#3288)
Yes, Patrick, you are right. I just wanted to see if you are well organized... ;-)
How will you integrate tasks, contacts and emails in the future?
We will get Google Calendar integration. Fine!

At the moment I´m thinking about how to organize tasks, contacts and emails.

I use G Suite from Google. With the new Google Contacts and Inbox it is not possible to link to TheBrain. Linking to Google Tasks was never possible. As I know linking to Microsoft Office 365 items is not possible, too.

How can I bring an email from my Android phone into TheBrain in the future?
How can I link a new contact...?

How to organize my tasks?

Copy a list of more then one thought into a note is not working as expected... (#3288)
When I select more than one thought and copied those thoughts into a notes field of another thought, only the first thought link is shown. Why? Bug or feature?

My idea behind was par example to copy all task thoughts with the label Today into a task note for today as my task list for this day. When I could use the checkboxes I can check a task off if done. Great would be if I checked off a task that this task is moved to the end of the list like you can do in Google Keep.
Version 9 a step back? (#3221)
... and big problem of global search is not indexing cloud files from Google Drive, OneDrive and so on... :-(
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
@Harlan, what is about the "Magic Inbox", you mentioned several times?
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
Thanks Matt, that is what I´m doing at the moment. Opening with the default browser is much slower as working with the built-in browser. So I´m frustated a lt times a day when I´m waiting for opening the website... ;-)
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
I´m nearly complete organized in the cloud. So I use a lot of online accounts. Most of them are not working with this issue... :-( At the moment the built-in browser has not much use to me. Hoping for the next update! ;-)
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