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What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
Thanks Matt, that is what I´m doing at the moment. Opening with the default browser is much slower as working with the built-in browser. So I´m frustated a lt times a day when I´m waiting for opening the website... ;-)
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
I´m nearly complete organized in the cloud. So I use a lot of online accounts. Most of them are not working with this issue... :-( At the moment the built-in browser has not much use to me. Hoping for the next update! ;-)
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
Remember http://forums.thebrain.com/post/changes-to-intern-web-browser-3410-8381814?pid=1294857737
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
Can you say some words to the built-in browser? What kind of? What restricitions are there, because the browser is not working on every website...?
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
@Harlan, when Google Calendar synchronisation is ready, all calendar dates from V8 are available after importing into V9?
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
@Harlan, make a professional job und allow syncing not only to the main Google Calendar rather to all available or selected calendars!!
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Please think about, all concepts of Time and Events in TheBrain should work on the mobile apps, too. Otherwise it is useless... ;-) At the moment nobody from us knows what the mobile apps can do, what possibilities we have with the coming Inbox or an integration with Zapier & Co. Then there are a lot of possible workflows more to organize dates and tasks and so on... And collaboration with dates and tasks together with other people not to mention...
Shadow of font (#3580)
When I have different thought colors, but only one text color for all thoughts, there are trubles for my eyes... ;-) It would be helpful to deactivate the text shadow like in V8.
Copy as text (thought menu) (#3434)
Yes, missing much this oversight s feature: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/missing-quotcopy-a-thought-as-textquot-3434-8393447?pid=1294638047 ;-)
Copying URL in the address bar of the browser in one step? (#3523)
Are you on a Mac? On a Windows machine I get a menu "Cut, Copy, Paste" and the URL is not marked.
Where is the "Report"-button on the top right side?
Oh no, no, no. Criteria should be, as few clicks and ways with the mouse as possible!

1. Look on the plex
2. First mouse way away from a thought
3. First click on the mouse to get the menu
4. Second mouse way to the menu "Report"
5. Second click on "Report"

1. I know that the icon is on the top right side. Without looking I start the first mouse way
2. One click. Finish!

When you will clean up the toolbar then remove the list of recent modified thoughts. Never used it...
Reporting: Sort by Types, please. (#2828)
In Reporting I can sort by Name and Date (by the way which date it is?). I would like to sort or group by Type. When this would be possible I could have all my different task groups together, all my phone calls, all my office work and so on... Getting Things Done (GTD) like. 
Where is the "Report"-button on the top right side?
In the actual v153 I have no longer a button for "Report" on the top right side. Bug or feature? 2017.02.20_12h09m54s.png 
Built-in browser is not supported...? (#3516)
When I work with Gmail in the built-in browser I get the following error message: "This version of Google Chrome is not supported any longer. Please change to another browser."
Copying URL in the address bar of the browser in one step? (#3523)
The built-in browser is very great for so many things. So for linking an URL to TheBrain it would be very helpful to have a way to copy the URL with one click. When I click into the URL the URL is not marked like it is in Google Chrome. So I have to mark the complete URL by hand, from right to left or from left to right, right click to menu, then copy. A lot of steps to do, or? May be an additional button makes sense or ... 
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