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Best Practices for outlook email integration .. 64bit outlook


Thank you very much.     I actually run TB on two machines and thought I had installed the 64 bit version on both... Well as it turns out, I only had installed it on one.  --- stupid me.... Now that I actually have the 64 bit version installed every thing is working as expected with outlook integration.    

My version of a best practice is to associate a outlook folder with a thought in TB, versus lots of individual emails.     If anyone has other experiences on best practices, posting those would be great


Best Practices for outlook email integration .. 64bit outlook
Here is the link.  It is in the tutorial section of the community section of thebrain web page

Best Practices for outlook email integration .. 64bit outlook
Thanks for the reply.   When I execute the instructions provided.  I get the following error from outlook...

'C:\Program Files (x86)\TheBrain\bin\Redemption.dll'  is not a valid Office Add-in

Do I have to manually copy this into the appropriate fol
I am running 64bit Outlook becuase that is the only solution supported by our IT guys.

I do see a "Redemption Helper Outlook Extension' in the Com Adds-In box,  I have checked this but every time I open outlook it is unchecked.   but there is a load error with it, and so it unchecks itself.

Best Practices for outlook email integration .. 64bit outlook
I am looking for any recommendations on best practices for keeping track of emails in TB7 /64 bit.   Today,  my general approach is to save emails to specific topic folders, and then link the brain topic to that email folder.  I am doing this now becuase the drag & drop integration functionality in the 64 bit versions is not available (or maybe in missed something....  in one of the updates.)   I also sometimes link directly to the email,  the issues is if the email gets moved..... then  link is broken.... 

So any recommendations would be helpful.    And to the TB7 team... a tutorial on this like the OneNote tutorial would be greatly appreciated...  again hopefully you have one and my searchs just missed it.

Notes & Thought windows
Perfect,   exactly what I was looking for

Thanks you again
Notes & Thought windows
My notes and thoughts windows used to sit side by side at the bottom of my brain.  I have some how managed to change the view so that they are no longer side by side.    I cant figure out what I did to change it and havent found let in the documentation where to do the change.  Can someone point me in the right directions.

crash on paste thought icon
I am having a slightly different issue on pasting an icon to a thought.  I saved an icon on the clipboard, selectd past icon and now the little spinning circle by the thought does not stop and the icon does not appear.  And the action to delete icon is not available, nor can I paste in a new icon.

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