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Windows Phone / Windows Surface RT support
Ditto.... I'm hanging on waiting for a Windows 10 universal version.
How about an Android port to Windows 10?
Missing networked brains on start screen
Not sure if this is a bug or normal operation.
I've just upgraded from version 6 to, on Windows 7. I have TheBrain installed on my laptop (where a local copy of my two brains are kept) and on my desktop (where copies of both brains are kept on the network server). I use webbrain synchronisation to keep them synchronised.

On my laptop I am given the option at the startup screen of loading  online or localy stored versions of each brain.

On my desktop I am only given the option at the startup screen of using my online brain on the startup screen  (I can still use the file menu to select a recently opened brain from my server.)

I have downloaded my online brain and overwritten the locally stored one on the server - but it still doesn't register as locally available on the startup screen.

Is this by design or should brain versions stored on a local network (ie same workgroup) also show up on the startup screen.?

(It's a minor detail for me -I'm just submitting in the spirit of beta testing , the enhancements of the new version are great)  


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