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Cloud Services with the Brain 9 Beta

If this has already been discussed or a FAQ explains it, please point me in the right direction.

I have a Brain Pro Combo license.  I downloaded the Brain 9 Beta and started a new brain. I synced it and am able to access it from different computers. 

But, I do not see how to easily launch it in the web browser?  Or how to invite others?

I did find that I could pick up the web link in Edit Endpoints, go to that link, log in again (I was already logged in to cloud services at webbrain.com), and then access my version 9 Brain. But I'm guessing that's not the normal link? (http://thebraincloudfrontendtest1.azurewebsites.net/)

Can anyone set me straight on the status of version 9 working with my usual cloud services account?

On a side note, I did not see any link to open a Help file and find answers on questions like this, I guess it's because it's a Beta?

I really like what I've seen so far on version 9 but hope a full release (with Help file and cloud services) is available soon, because the resource-hogging 8 has been killing its usefulness for me. I sure hope 9 lives up to expectations for performance improvement, so I can go back to really using and loving this tool!


automating / enforcing regular Brain backup
Steeph wrote: Here it is:
Automatic Brainzip

Thanks, I gave you a vote!
automating / enforcing regular Brain backup
Thanks so much!   I will check out your script. I've used 7-zip before, not the other, but that's no problem.

If you post a link to your recommendation on uservoice I will vote for it. I was going to post my own but was hoping to find someone had already posted. Or maybe the feature was there but hidden.

For the price of this software - especially compared to Quicken - and the criticality of the data for anyone who really uses it much - you'd think a basic function like 'ensured backup' would be a high priority.

Mandatory version of Java Runtime Environment
Hi, I was thinking along similar lines. When new java updates are released, PB developers should check the compatibility with PB. Then in the next minor release of PB they can adjust the 'allowed java versions'.

I also think they need an automatic backup feature similar to what Quicken has. I posted a question along those lines in the How To forum. Maybe it exists and I just don't know about it?

automating / enforcing regular Brain backup
Hi folks, I am a longtime casual Brain user. I am considering buying the Pro version. But, I don't want to get burned if anything like the java issue happens again. If I start to really use PB a lot, it's going to be VERY important to maintain regular backups, with multiple files over a stretch of time. As a normal, flawed human being, I should NOT be trusted to do this consistently on my own. I like the way Quicken handles it - every so often, when I close the program it gives me a popup asking if I want to backup. At that point it's as easy to backup as to say no. I just change the filename so I can keep about 7 backups - if I discover a problem after a couple backups, I didn't overwrite the last good backup!

But it appears with PB I have to manually create a Brain.zip whenever I want to back up?  And if I keep multiple Brains then I have to remember to individually back up each one?

Does anyone have any suggestions for automating / enforcing a backup process for multiple Brains?

What do I lose when trial ends, if I don't purchase it?
Thanks Sam, that's very helpful!


What do I lose when trial ends, if I don't purchase it?
Hi PB friends,

I recently downloaded the trial, expecting to finally have time to work with it, but things have gotten in the way. I haven't worked with it enough to know if I want to fork over for a license, but I did start building a Brain using some features like attachments. Do I need to "rescue" any documents I created within PB before my trial ends?

Is there a page that lists exactly what features are available in each edition?

Sorry for the noob question and I hope I am posting this in the right place. Thanks for your advice.


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