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    Feature Request: Support Split Screen Multitasking in iOS 9. (#311)
    Split screen would indeed be extremely useful and would increase productivity.
    With the TB buttons on the left and right side of the screen I have to constantly move the floating window...
    Generating a Citation Forest
    Unlike Juan, I actually really use the author's names a lot. The papers are connected to a parent with the name of the author: AUTHOR, papers.
    The authors that appear on a regular basis have three children: AUTHOR, papers; AUTHOR, students; AUTHOR, science. The main thought with just the AUTHOR name, is connected to the institute as a parent. 
    This setting allows me to see the environment of the author; why is he/she working together with this particular other author. The students tell me about the mind-set of the "descendants" of that specific school (group). And the science thought is populated whenever I see the author give a talk at a conference. The conference itself has a CONFERENCE NAAME, science child which allows me to quickly see who was at a particular conference. And when I see another talk by the same author, I continue jotting down notes where I have stopped after the last talk.
    And I attach a lot of slides via the take-a-photo possibility of the mobile app.
    I do not have specific tags or parents for journals because for me it is not important where the work was published.
    Generating a Citation Forest
    Liz Ann,

    The power of TheBrain lies in tuning it to your own needs. I.e. I second others in thinking that automatic import into TheBrain is not a good way forward. We have automatic import into other programs, like Endnote you have mentioned. This is a perfect program for reference management when you write your papers, and I use it for exactly this. However, linking ideas between articles in TheBrain, this is work you need to do by hand because that is where you tune your system, where you input the data in such a way that you will find them in the future.
    The system you have presented in the small brain is way too complicated to maintain over years. I work with pdf's I label with year, journal, mainauthor (1993, JPerkinTrans1, Haines). This I link to the author's name and the field keywords. As children I have the title (a type, different color) and the main messages of the paper as individual thoughts. After having linked more than a thousand papers, it still works and I find very interesting connections. But, you have to put in the work. 
    iOS preferences (#285)
    Oh, you are correct. I only looked at the text before I pressed enter...
    iOS preferences (#285)
    Ebuise, if you deactivate "hoofdlettergevoelig" in you settings, will this work? At least that is the thing I deactivated in my settings...
    iOS preferences (#285)
    I am also running iOS 10.3.3. I found the setting under "settings" , "general", "keyboards". I have a couple of different languages active. Just above "auto-correct", I find the "auto-capitalization" slider.
    iOS preferences (#285)
    Automatic capitalization is actually part of the iOS system, not the Brain. Turn it off under "keyboards" in the "settings" of your machine.
    Can't open the new version
    Same here. On my iphone, the app freezes on the welcome screen. The app is opened in the background, though, but it is not responsive.
    it works!
    Wow! My large brain downloaded without problems. The program works like a charm. TheBrain is back on my home screen. Congratulations!
    Links to Evernote in a Brain working now. (#4037)
    One thing, though: if I link an Evernote link into the Brain9, the thought will always be named "Welcome Back". It would be perfect, if the link would be named after the note title.
    Links to Evernote in a Brain working now. (#4037)
    Indeed it looks as if I can use Evernote within my Brain9 without needing to access the desktop version of Evernote. How very nice! Thank you - This will actually allow me to save a lot of disk space!
    Notes get stuck (are out of sync with thoughts when navigating/editing Brain) (#3984, #3910, #4285, #4325)
    Patrick, I had the same problem, runnin 192. One long note I was working on was all of a sudden attached to another thought. There was this transition period where I could change thoughts and the note would stay put, like in the video above.
    Cheers, Andreas 
    The Brain 9 iOS -
    Excited to work with the new iphone app!
    I get the same "getting remote changes" error. Probably the server is down, my desktop brain doesn't sync, too.

    Point 3 of korm: on my small screen iphone SE turning into landscape mode means I can no longer add a thought as jump or parent because these options are hidden behind the keyboard.
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