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Matt: Tables in notes?
Exactly the one thing I miss most in TB9: tables in notes! Will they come (and when)?

Links lose first character on import (#3870)

I just imported a brain into v9.0.179. Import from the .brain file (with Brain8 closed) did not finish. Import from brainzip seemed to work OK, but now I noticed that the links don't open. It turns out that all links have lost their first character, so they read "ttp://...." or "ttps://....".

I must note that this brain has had problems in v8 and crashes sometimes, but previous imports of parts of this brain were OK.

Update to Not Working
Same problem (179): keeps "installing". Solved by first stopping my AVG virus scanner
Unable to manually sync - PB8
I happened to receive the same answer today. I already have a Java8 VM on my system and would rather have instructions how to make the Brain use this, in stead of removing VM's that may be used by other applications

infinitely syncing
Today still not working. It did't work with and it doesn't work with

Of course I could delete the brains and start anew, but I am afraid then the URLs will change.

I intended to subscribe to the premium service, but I am not so sure anymore...

edited: well, it did work finally, but it takes something like 15 minutes. Do other users experience the same?


infinitely syncing
When syncing the message "calculating remote changes" (or something like that, I have the Dutch text) remains on, and nothing changes. This happens both with a Brain of which I know I have made changes through the web interface, and one where I have not. Any idea?
PB Thought/Database Corruption
Reinstalled Attachment pane functions normally now. Pffff!

PB Thought/Database Corruption
Same problem. Attachments pane doesn't change when changing thought, but the attachments seem to be there when I open the containing folder. Rebuild database didn't work. As I use my brain also as a file cabinet, it's useless at the moment.


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