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Please return "Focus on notes" key mapping!
Thanks to both of you. This is very helpful.

In time, I am hoping that a more immediate approach will be considered.

In my case, I use the outline view to plan a written document. I'm sure it's a very common workflow. That view exposes the chapters and their sections and subsections, and it is particularly helpful to be able to edit the synoptic notes behind a given chapter/section/subsection in the context of the larger work, without the need to activate that thought. Since each note is already visible to read with roll-over, it's tempting to think the use case could be extended to enable editing.

Maybe the PB design group will listen to their inner authors and find a way to implement this.

Once again, thanks for the help.

Update: I noticed that this functionality already exists in the Mind Map view. The layout is a little ugly for a document, but the view allows immediate editing of the notes. Maybe it could be extended to Outline view? n.
Please return "Focus on notes" key mapping!
Further to this helpful post...

Is there a way in PB9 to maintain the focus of the Notes Window for a thought in the plex that is not the activated thought? I notice that the content of the window updates as the mouse rolls over any thought (which is very good), but the only way I have found to keep the window open so that I can edit the note is by selecting the thought while holding the alt/option key. Even then, the window content reverts to the activated thought after about 10 seconds of inactivity.

PB8 offered an option in the keyboard shortcuts as Thought > Open Notes Window that maintained the open window indefinitely. Does that option exist in PB9?

Many thanks,

Importing a url-linked pdf
Is it possible in V9 to import a pdf that is currently linked externally as a url attachment?
"Last expanded" is does not retain name of saved expanded view
  • An expanded view is saved under "SampleView"
  • Under "View" menu, "Save expanded view (SampleView)" appears as expected.
  • Switch to "Normal" view, and then select "Last expanded view" immediately.
  • Original expanded view layout appears as expected, but "Save expanded view"does not show the view name, and now brings up a requester for a new name.
  • Unless old name is entered exactly as before - e.g., "Sample View" (with space) - a new saved expanded view is  created and saved.
Am I missing a step?

Syncing Your Brain - the Dos and Donts
In our sector (healthcare) internet security policies block the connections that update Personal Brain from within the PB application - but allow downloads of the updated versions through the Perosnla Brain website.

The same restrictions prevent the connections directly to WebBrain that would allow Synchronizing with WebBrain from within the PB application.

Is it / would it be possible to allow for Synchronizing through the WebBrain website?
Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?

The latest release ( has restored the lost thought type icons.  Well done and thank you for your persistence in trackng this down.

Thought Icons Disappear after Sync
Same results here, BUT may have some additional information that could help track this down.

The problem that I have seen may be one between computers - and possibly operating systems - rather than related to the BrainZip process itself:

  1. Made a Brainzip on m/c#1 which I opened on a USB on the same machine.  All Thought Type icons were there.
  2. Made a new Brainzip form the open Brain on USB, and stored that Brainzip on same USB.
  3. Later opened the BrainZip on m/c#2 at home.  Icons not present
  4. Then opened the Brain itself on the USB.  Again Thought Type icons not present
So it appears the Zip process was not significant.

  • Brain is large: 240MB, with 40 Thought Types
  • M/c #1 runs Windows XP, while m/c #2 runs Windows 7
Hope this helps.  It's not easy tracking down stuff like this.
Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?
Release notes for PB6.0.2.4 mention a fix to lost icons in typed thoughts in the context of BrainZips
Quote: Fixed: Sometimes icons don’t appear on typed thoughts after opening a BrainZip until the Brain is closed and re-opened
This fix may have been intended to address another issue, whereas this thread has been about icons lost in the Thought Types themselves.  The icons for the thought types in the Thought Type Window and the Thought Type context menu are still disappearing on transfer through BrainZip.
If this particular problem is still under investigation, please ignore this "heads up."

Properties and attachments renamed to Thought - almost

I'm still (PB6.0.2.0) having problems with Thought Type icons vanishing when a brain passes through a Brainzip/unzip cycle.  Is anyone else seeing this?

Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?
It seems that "activating" an existing thought type will restore the icon for that type to the context menu.
This is not a solution, but it may help your engineers to trace back to the problem.
Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?

Thanks for responding. The problem has happened repreatedly but I must confess that I can not yet be sure if it has been constant.  I will watch for that.

In the meantime, here are my answers to your questions:
1. Yes, this happens only under PB 6.0 on both computers; in fact each computer is running same version (PB6.0.1.6)
2. Yes, only with  version 6.0.  The icons behaved consistently well in 5.5.
3. The problem occurs with the same brain, but I should explain that I always change the name of the brain by updating a version number before making the brainzip  (Previously I had found problems with overwriting an existing version of a brain with a newer (and brainszipped) version  - the unzipping would often fail. This was based on advice some months ago from tech support at TheBrain.)
4. The problem occurs in this one brain and is consistent: all icons on the context menu disappear.
5. The brain is a large one - the brainzip is >85MB, and may be dificult to email.  If I place it in webbrain in a shared mode, can you examine it from there?

Thanks again.

Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?
There is still something going on with the Thought Type icons:
I frequently rename the brain, and then make a new brainzip of the renamed brain so that I can sychronize between my machine at home and at work.
Somewhere in that process, the icons disappear, always from the context menu, and sometimes from the thoughts themselves.  Rebuilding the databases does not work.  However, once an icon has been re-established on the context menu, temporarily changing a thought in the plex to another type and then back will restore the icon to the thought.
I know it's complicated, but it keeps happening.

Any suggestions?
Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?
Yes, rebuilding the Icon Cache worked for me also.
I had noticed the issue only recently and could not be certain if it was happening between different beta versions, or if it began with the the earliest release of PB6.

Thanks for the help. 
Losing Previous Icons for Thought Types?
Icons that were previously attached to thought types in earlier versions of PB are not automatically attached when new thoughts are created and assigned the thought type, in the most recent version.  The icons have also disappeared from the thought type list that appears with the right click context menu.  Has anyone else seen this? 
Is there a way of retrieving the existing icon from an older thought of the same type?  (This would be an interim fix so that the icon could be edited into the Visible Thought Type.)
Transparent Mode not appearing 6.0.13
Thanks both.  Knowing that it's with my installation, I completely uninstalled, and re-installed after cold boot. 
Problem solved; I can now see through my brain.
Thanks again.
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