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Sending to TheBrain Inbox from other apps (Latest Version 2-18-16)

Is there an updated version of this excellent workflow for working with version 9 of TheBrain for iOS?

[Feature Request] Report is in fact "Filter" and needs improvements (#2250)

When will we able to filter the plex as we can do in TB8.
This is quite a critical feature which is still missing...

Disappearing Notes | (#2780, #2924, #2925, #2945, #3015)
Hi all,

I have discovered the issue in my setup.
I had the font scaling in the control panel of my windows 7 machine at 125%. If I switch to 100%, the issue I have reported is not there any more.
Nevertheless would be nice of course if we can use TheBrain 9.0 notes independently of the font scaling...

Disappearing Notes | (#2780, #2924, #2925, #2945, #3015)
Hi Matt,

I am using the last version of TheBrian. In fact I am always updating with the hope that the problem would be resolved. The issue happens with all brains including a brand new empty brain.

Disappearing Notes | (#2780, #2924, #2925, #2945, #3015)

I have a similar problem witch happens in my windows 7 laptop, but not on my iMac at home.
The notes sometime disappear, but also sometimes when I get back to the though I can see the not again, but most of the time the windows note is frozen. I cannot see the cursor and apparently I can not edit the notes. But if I try to type something, even without seeing nothing happening, the words count continue to increase and eventually if I come back to that thought the note was updated with the words I have typen. Very annoying...
The bottom line is that currently the use of the notes is impossible.
This is already happening after a dozen updates.

Thanks in advance,

Fernando Coelho
How to filter topics on the plex based on Report results
I use a lot this feature on TB8 but I can not find it on TB9. Is hidden somewhere?

Include Ability To Create Thoughts From The Inbox
Indeed, please do so!
And BTW do it also on the next version of the mobile app.
Can't import from TheBrain 8 anymore synce last update
Error and log file attached.
As it is now, I can not use TheBrain 9.


Click image for larger version - Name: 2016-01-22_16_42_31-TheBrain.png, Views: 52, Size: 23.62 KB
Brain app freeze after attach an attachment from inbox
Hi there,

Still no news/reply!?
This starts to be a little annoying...
Is this happening only with me?
As it is the iOS version of the Brian is pretty useless, because every time you attach something from the inbox you need to shut off the app and start it all over again. Very inefficient workflow...
We are paying a good money for the brain subscription (e.g., access to the upload attachments in every device) and it doesn't seem fair that the developing team is paying so little attention to this.

Kind Regards,
Formatting tab on the notes does not appear on the iPad version of the iOS app
I have just noticed a similar posts already from October. Still no news?
Brain app freeze after attach an attachment from inbox
Some news about this issue? I think the iOS app needs an urgent update...
Formatting tab on the notes does not appear on the iPad version of the iOS app
I am using iOS 9.2. It works on the iPhone, though.
The checkboxes are not clickable
Different from the desktop, if you have checkboxes on a note of a thought in iOS, you can not check it done...
Freeze on dragging link that already exists into brain
Some news about this bug?
Is really annoying and disrupt the normal workflow, if you need to quit and open te brain every time you drag a link or a file (with me also happens when you drag and drop an attachment).

[Upcoming Feature] Attachment Previews (QuickLook)
+1, a preview of the attachments similar to the snippets view of Evernote would be wonderful, even better if extended to the mobile apps
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