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Bookmarks Beta
As in Vers. 5.5 already bookmarking in note editor does'nt work in Beta too.

See: http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=4415776


Portable Brain
All needed files are in the directory, registration data too.

For more informations see here:


Portable Brain
Yes. Just install it into your stick.
Outlook linked attachments failing
Hi all,

Using ctrl+drag I drag emails from outlook into PB where they are embedded. Never had any problems and can view the mails even they are moved or deleted in outlook.

- Michael

Non working bookmarks within a note
mcaton wrote: If you'd like to send me your code, I'd be happy to take a look.

Thanks, Matt,

my code:

<p><a href="#bookmark_name">bookmark_hyperlink</a></p>



<p><a id="bookmark_name">bookmark_name</a></p>

As said doesn't work.

Thanks again
Non working bookmarks within a note
I use PB Pro vers. (OS Win Vista) installed into my usb-stick.

I've build some hyperlinks within a note  to bookmarks of the same note. The links are colored blue as well as correctly underlined and the mouse pointer shows a hand if I move it over the links. Nevertheless nothing happens when I ctrl+clicking on a link. No jumping to the bookmark!

Is this a bug or do I something wrong? Maybe because I am using PB on USB-drive?

Best regards,

PersonalBrain as a mind mapper?
Thanks for posting the information management site. I liked PersonalBrain. I just tried Topicscape. Now, after trying Topicscape I can say only "I love PersonalBrain" Even they would give me money I wouldn't switch to Topiscape.
Ability to choose your language
I agree too. I am German and prefer Englisch, especially because the PB User Guide is English. So I am forced to translate if a I have question which I have to look up in the guide.
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