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Thoughts need fourth connector
My friend, have you seriously thought this through? In my country it is deemed inhospitable to propose a hypothetical solution then expect those of a lower caste to make it work. In another manner of speaking, you must take responsibility for your words following through to action.

Moreover, it has been reliably informed to me that quaternions are now superseded by vectors and scalars. Perhaps you should to rephrase your idea in this paradigm which might possibly permit a heavenly solution to descend upon us. Tere gaand mein keede paday.
Can we please expect a Hindi version of this wonderful program?
It is a pleasant task for me to write my first message to you in this forum. A few weeks ago one of my students discovered this software and now we all find our ability extended by it.

I would ask, is it possible to obtain this progam in Hindi as this would benefit our understanding of it.

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