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Created WebBrain but not all the attachment are on the server
Fabiano wrote: Hello,
i've similar problem.
i've created a brain with about 50.000 thoughts and 10.000 images (internal) but the syncronized brain on cloud doesn't display the images and the attachement.


I was wondering if this issue was fixed.

My company has a strong firewall so I don't know if this is just me, but in my case favicons rarely download correctly after I add a URL. Is anyone else having this problem?

From what I can tell favicons are being downloaded into the %APPDATA%\TheBrain\favicons folder. Does TheBrain support ICO files? I only see PNG files in the favicons directory, and when I try to manually copy an icon it only works when the image is in PNG format.
Keyboard shortcut for thought folder path
Does anyone know if there a way to have keyboard shortcut to copy the path to current thought's folder? I'm open to any kind of clever hacks! Thanks.
Limitation on number of thoughts
Would you guys ever consider moving away from Java and doing native apps instead? The user experience with Java leaves much to be desired.
Images not saved locally
Even though I have the "Save images from the Internet locally" option selected, images pasted in the Notes pane are not being copied to the PersonalBrain Notes folder. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn't.

Has anyone else seen this before?
Limitation on number of thoughts
My understanding is that, at least in theory, there's no limitation on the number of thoughts in a brain. But my experience has been that making a change to a thought type with, say, 1000 thoughts, brings the application to a halt. I just did this and the application has been locked up for over half an hour, and I don't know whether I should kill it, risking corruption of the files.

Is this kind of hang up expected behavior?

User Guide is outdated
Are there any plans to update the User Manual for Version 8? The current version is dated May 2012!
No progress indicator when opening .BRAINZIP
It would be nice if there was some kind of progress indicator when opening a large .BRAINZIP file. Mine is about 2GB and the application just appears to hang for a long time. Eventually, I get signs of life and progress indicators do show, but there should be some visual indication at the very beginning before things freeze.

Backend improvements in TheBrain 8?
Does the new version of TheBrain have any optimizations in the backend to make it run faster? New features are nice, but to me the biggest issue is how sluggish the application runs when you have thousands of thoughts. Have the beta testers noticed any improvements?

Ignore diacritics
It would be nice if this were a feature (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2373213/java-ignore-accents-when-comparing-strings).

I have data in multiple languages and want to be able to get a hit as soon as I type "Du". iTunes and Microsoft Office, for instance, support It. This makes life much easier.
Ignore diacritics
Is there a way to ignore diacritics when doing an instant search? For example, I would like for Düsseldorf to be included in the instant search results when I type Dusseldorf.

Thanks in advance.
Preferred browser?
Is there a preferred browser for running WebBrain? I'm particularly interested in any performance differences or bugs when using Chrome or Firefox to access http://webbrain.com.
Stealing focus locks me out
A few examples off the top of my head:
  • upgrading the database from a previous version
  • opening a BrainZip
  • creating a BrainZip
Stealing focus locks me out
It's terribly annoying that TheBrain repeatedly steals focus, particularly when it's performing an operation that takes a long time to complete. I am essentially locked out of my computer while it runs.

Is there a way to stop this?
Easier access to Help file
Most applications provide easy access to the User Guide. But TheBrain doesn't seem to follow the common practice of making the User Guide (or Help file) the first option in the Help pulldown menu. Instead, you have to click on Getting Started to go to the website and then search for the manual. This is too cumbersome.

On my Mac, the Help menu looks like this:
  • TheBrain Tips (I have never found these to be useful, so I wish they did not have such a prominent spot.)
  • Getting Started 
  • Visit http://www.TheBrain.com (Is this really needed? The Getting Started link already takes you to the website. I am using the application already, so I know how to get to your website.)  
  • ---
  • Check for Updates (In Macs, I typically see this option under the "TheBrain" pulldown menu.)
  • ---
  • Recommend TheBrain (This is overkill. If I want to recommend this application I know how to use email.)

How about something like this?:
  • TheBrain Help (direct link to the User Guide)
  • ---
  • Tutorials (the old Getting Started link)
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