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Limits when pasting outline text? (#4412)
Cerebrum, thanks for the alternate import prompt. That worked. It is supposed to work the way I originally tried, I think, so I hope the folks a TheBrain check it out and make sure there is no bug. But I got what I want... thanks, again. And thanks, Zenrain, for your suggestion too. I appreciate you both taking the time to help me.
Limits when pasting outline text? (#4412)
This makes sense and I thought, "Ah ha!" Alas, after pasting and running the search, I get a 0 results search reply. When I run a statistics report, it says I have the same number of thoughts as before the paste. I even tried deleting the brain (it was new, just for this) and starting from scratch. Same thing.

zenrain wrote: I just tested this and received the same message. The child doesn't appear to be linked, so it doesn't appear they were input. After pasting, do a search for one of the thoughts (I just typed in "sat"), then activate it, then drill up. Once you get to the Year Planner 2018 thought it will appear to be correctly linked to the active thought when you pasted. I'm guessing restarting would correct it also (but don't do this if you want to undo the action).

So at least for me it was a display bug that needs to be resolved.

If you have done this multiple times, you might try undo. Or Just locate the parent, use Edit > Select Related Thoughts to get all of the child thoughts and delete them, then re-do.

Tested on macOS.
Limits when pasting outline text? (#4412)
A few additions: I've tried this on both my Windows PC and my MacBook with the same non results. I also tried pasting a smaller set of the text with no results. Finally, I first pasted it into a spreadsheet, then copied the text again, and still got nowhere. I am now thinking I must just be doing something simple wrong.
Limits when pasting outline text? (#4412)
I have been trying to paste a text file with about 380 lines and three levels of indentation using the "Paste Text Outline As Thoughts" menu item. I get a message up in the tool bar (just below the tabs) saying "Processed 700 objects," but noting is added to the plex. I made this same pasting job in TheBrain 8 without any hitches. 

Am I doing something wrong? I've attached the text file. It is an outline of the year 2018. I want to have it breakdown as the 12 months with each month having the days as child thoughts.

Thanks for any help or insights.

Steve Zeoli
Image clipping doesn't work on second monitor (#3387)
I have a two-monitor set up running on Windows 7. When I try to capture an image on the second monitor, TheBrain 9 just clips the desktop wallpaper image behind the window I'm trying to get. But if I pull the window into the primary monitor, then I can clip what I want. Just thought you'd want to know.
Unexpected Error with the latest version
Left TheBrain running all day after the last restart, without using it. Just clicked around in the open brain and it now seems to be working okay. I guess there must have been some issue with my system and not with this version. Strange, but apparently another false alarm.
Unexpected Error with the latest version
I continually run into an unexpected error when using the latest version (upgraded this morning). Pretty much anything I do seems to cause it, except clicking on a thought. That works. But if I right click or do pretty much anything else, the program quits. I am running on a Windows 7 system. Anyone else experiencing this?
Notes don't appear until restart after update (#3216)
I am on Windows 7. Your prescription is what I tried and it worked. Thanks for replying.
Notes don't appear until restart after update (#3216)
Update: I found I couldn't even write in the notes, which made me suspicious, so I closed the Brain in question and re-opened it, and my notes are back and all appears to be working fine. Sorry for the false alarm.
Notes don't appear until restart after update (#3216)
I opened TheBrain 9 this morning and it told me there was a new version and asked if I wanted to install it. I clicked yes and it did install it, but now it appears that all the notes in the Brain that was open at the time of the update are empty. I haven't checked them all, but enough to feel confident that they are all empty. Anyone else have this happen?

Also wondering if the good folks at TheBrain Technologies have some thoughts on how to restore them. Thanks.
Structured thought metadata
I agree that being able to add custom fields to thoughts would be a great feature, but that's not happening any time soon, at least to my knowledge. Why can't you use the note field for this information? I think I'm missing something.
Structured thought metadata
Dom, I do not believe this is possible, except possibly with an third party application like Auto Hotkey.

But I'd like to know why would you want to have separate thoughts for name and e-mail? That seems inefficient and not useful, but it's quite possible I'm missing something.
Why did I get the following e-mail...
Yes, but the problem is I haven't set up a new account or purchased a license for TheBrain in months. It makes me nervous to get this message now, seemingly out of nowhere.
Why did I get the following e-mail...
This e-mail arrived in my in box today. Why did I get it? Is this something new, or is this a phishing expedition? I deleted the "Activate Brain Account" link in the green button.


Your Brain account is almost ready!

To activate your account, click the button below.


For more resources on getting started with your Brain, visit our online support center.


TheBrain Team

Questions? Call us at +310-751-5000, email support@thebrain.com, or visit our support page

TheBrain Technologies LP, 4553 Glencoe Ave #360, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

I have a thought called "Hot Tasks" where I put the most urgent things I need to do. Some of these are actual tasks. Some are links to active projects that I need to work on. This is a very fluid system, as I don't have a set process. If I want to remind myself to do something, it goes under the Hot Tasks thought -- which is also pinned for quick access.

The advantage of this system is that I can add anything as a child to Hot Tasks. Need to respond to an e-mail, I drag the original from Outlook into Hot Tasks and I not only am reminded to make the response, but I have quick access to the original message. Need to pay an invoice next week? Drag the PDF of the invoice into Hot Tasks, and there it is just begging to be paid. Some of Hot Tasks child thoughts only exist under Hot Tasks, some also have Project specific thoughts as parents.

I've been using this simple system for a few months and find it works well.

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