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Portable Brain
So all files that PersonalBrain requires are with in the directory? It does not store any info in registry (like registration info for those who have pro version)?
Online Version
Another thought for an online version is to use Google Gears in conjunction with PersonalBrain.
Online Version

That sounds great, but in my opinion that is just to much resource for one small task. First off I am not a huge fan of Logmein, i prefer to use TeamViewer.. Second, If memory serves me correctly you still have to install some kind of software before using Logmein. Thirdly, Even if you where to use LogMeIn your dependent on connectivy speed, which falls back to resources used. So if you do not have a great connection then trying to remotely access your system can cause some serious lag.

Its a good solution until an applet could be created to allow online editing using your personal WebBrain account. However for me, I am not that desperate yet.

Thanks for the idea though!


Online Version
I probably could have worded my question better though!

I had tested many types of mind mapping software (FreeMind, XMIND, Mind42, bubbl.us, and a few more). My primary reason for sticking with PersonalBrain is its graphical feature, placing inactive thoughts in the background. The only pep peeve I have was the ability to having something portable or online(which to me online is portable since most device supports browsing, and the fact that you can get firefox portable).

Impor / Export
Point taken and I agree.
Thanks I posted the suggestion
Online Version
I know about that, but you can not edit it if you wanted too. It would be great to have away, even through WebBrain acct, too be able to edit them. I just figured an applet of some sort would be great. So if something just came to me but I did not have access to my system that has the PersonalBrain installed then I can just use any browser to make the changes.
Impor / Export
Is there ever going to be an export feature to export a brain to other formats such as freemind, xmind, etc.?
Online Version
Is there any plans for an online applet of PersonalBrain even as an alt instead of portable?
Is there going to be a feature implemented that if you click upload it will upload it to your WebBrain Account, instead of accessing the site every time?
Portable Brain
Is there any chance for a portable version?
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