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After not using my PB for a while I tried to sync with webbrain.

It wouldn't work, so I joined up again and created another new account, still no joy in syncing.

Now I find this thread - too late of course. 
Any update on the sync issues please, it's quite frustrating.

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LinkedIn site
G'day everyone,
I was unable to find a LinkedIn site for PB and have therefore created one.

Happy to remove it if it's not what PB folks want or happy to hand over the ownership.

I just thought it deserved a presence on LinkedIn and well, I'm not one to dilly dally.

Just search for Personal Brain

Hope no one is upset by this - if so, I'll remove it immediately.

Calendar tab missing

How come after you say it, it suddenly works this time?

You are a very powerful man Zen....


Click image for larger version - Name: 28-03-2011_5-17-21_AM.png, Views: 42, Size: 3.90 KB
Calendar tab missing
Thanks Zen, I've done that and it hasn't responded...

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Calendar tab missing
Howdy folks,

The calendar tab on my desktop pc is missing and I can't seem to get it back. Resetting the layout does not help.

The same version on my laptop is fine though.

Click image for larger version - Name: 27-03-2011_8-34-14_AM.png, Views: 51, Size: 6.83 KB
Local Clock Issue

During a sync today I got this message... Any clues?

Click image for larger version - Name: 26-10-2010_10-37-20_AM.jpg, Views: 81, Size: 12.25 KB won't sync attachments

A bit like winning $20 in Lotto - not bad but.... won't sync attachments
Thanks Hans,
Not overly impressed after being a beta tester but unfortunately, typical of most software companies.

So, the point of being a contributor to the advancement of the software is ...?
Link to forums / new interface
Yep, took me a little while to get here too.
Also the new website site appears to be mainly black with dark writing on some pages - must be something wrong at my end though I think. won't sync attachments
Hi all, Have I missed something in the forums?

I just installed the latest version and now sync tells me that attachments won't be synced unless I pay for the premium account, a further $74.

Activation troubles again, Bugger it!
Thanks mbaas, yes, I used the same details and I have them recorded in my second copy of the brain on my desktop PC.

I'll email, thanks.
Activation troubles again, Bugger it!

Don' think so, but thanks

Activation troubles again, Bugger it!
Hi Folks,
The battery in the work laptop died & my magnificent I.T. dept decided to wipe the whole computer.
By way of explanation - they simply said "don't know how that happened"...

Anyway, I've downloaded the most recent 6 version & installed but now activation via the website isn't being accepted, saying "This upgrade cannot be processed, a purchase of PB5 etc, cannot be found under my name"

Can you folks help at your end please? What am I doing wrong this time? Pins are gone again!
And yes, they've all been wiped out again!!

Output log file attached.
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