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Version 9 a step back? (#3221)
Thanks Patrick. I realise it is a beta but it might be helpful to know what is currently in and what is still work in progress. I think TB9 will be much more rounded than its predecessors but I still wonder where dragged elements go when they are dropped but then don't appear. I tried forgotten thoughts but they are not in that bucket.

Version 9 a step back? (#3221)
@mcaton: I have just moved to TB9 as TB8 won't return contacts from the search function. Now I find TB9 wont let me either. This is extremely frustrating if you have moved to native code app versions. Your Feb 13 entry confuses me - what does the search currently do in version 9?
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
I used to use TheBrain 6 and returned to download version and find, as it seems have many others, that you can drag and you can drop but nothing happens. I have tried many of the suggestions and none works effectively except for file drops. I did however discover a workaround, using spotlight search on the Mac I can find contacts and drag them from there into theBrain. They arrive intact but the thought needs to be edited to the name, it is a long winded but so far more accurate and effective than the vaunted built-in service.

I do not get contacts returned in theBrain search facility even having accepted the dialog box to allow it. I am disappointed in the product so far as it appears retrograde from previous versions. I hope the move away from Java in mcaton's post of Jan 10 will be to something more fully functional for Mac users.
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