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Personal Brain & Pearltrees

Hi! Thanks a lot for mentioning Pearltrees and one of its key feature: we have a LOT of respect for PB in the team and it’s quite an honor being cited here J I’ve just read the entire thread and I’d like to add some elements!

@Rhodes There’s a way in Pearltrees to make children have more than one parent: the “copy” feature allows you to put a pearl in several different pearltrees so that the structure of your account is not fully linear

@JosefBetancourt : Concerning the use of the minipearl (or “little ball” as you named it^)^, it shows the 50 most connected brains built by other users on the subject, based on the URLs you have in common. If you browse another user’s pearltree, there’s a button on the left that allows you to go back to where you came from so you don’t have to use the back button of your browser!

Pearltrees is still in beta and we’re working on improving the UI and adding new features, especially building pearltrees in a collaborative way. However, Pearltrees won’t replace PB as a general organization tool: it’s more about creating the first human organization of the web and enabling anyone to become a web curator, and we believe the tree shape is the natural format to do so!

(disclosure: I work at Pearltrees)

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