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launch url to search specific info
More like exporting Advanced Search results to an HTML page, would be closely resmbling my functional requirement. The UI for the Brain EKP product is web browser based. So, a URL link is required to access the Brain application. In the URL, instead of just logging into the brain and doing a search within the the brain application to get my search results, I would like to have a URL that already has the search parameters in it. So, when the brain application launches it will take me directly to the search results of my URL link.

This URL will be dynamically created by a 3rd party application. So, that a user working in another application can click this "URL link"(already predefined for them) that has context search information. The Brain application will launch directly to the search results of the URL link.

Impossible? or do-able?
launch url to search specific info
Thanks for the quick response.....
However, I'm not fully understanding your statement. Can you please clarify? I need to be able to have a user select a url link that provides the search results of the brain information. With some other tools, there is capability to have a formatted url link that is really a search command with terms/parameters suffixed with search criteria within the url. When the page is displayed the search results are available.
My question is does the brain have similar capability?
Also, this is for the BrainEKP product which has the web interface. Here is an example of what I looking for: (not real).
http://servername/brainekp/search.jsp&parm1="searchCriteria1"&parm2="searchCriteria2"&parm3=searchCriteria3" .....

Thanks in advance for any additional information you can provide!

launch url to search specific info
Is it possible to search from the url using a context link?

I would like to have a 3rd party app fill in search data within an embedded search url, if possible. Which then allows the info/page to directly display.

Is this possible? And what would the url search be? And what parameters can I pass within the search url?

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