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Issues on Ubuntu
Hi Patrick...
I wasn't able to get 'drag and drop' a URL to work.  I get a link using the add attachment feature.
Thanks for your workaround.  I'll give it a try.
theBrain version 8 on Linux
Great to hear.  That's the direction I would be most interested in TheBrain => Google Calendar.

theBrain version 8 on Linux
Thanks Patrick for responding to my query.

My question was somewhat specific.  Are there features that are NOT working in theBrain 8 on a Linux machine. 

1) does Google Calendar sync work.  It did not in theBrain 7.  Not have theBrain on a windows machine, I don't know if this feature worked there or not.
2) Drag and Drop from Nautilus


theBrain version 8 on Linux
pthompson wrote: Marc,

There are no major underlying architectural differences between TheBrain 7 and TheBrain 8 so you should not have any issues upgrading.
theBrain version 8 on Linux
I'm thinking of upgrading the last version 7 (for Linux) to the latest theBrain Version 8.
I'm running an Ubuntu 15.10 linux box.

Does anyone have experience with version 8 on linux?
Do we know what features are NOT working on version 8.
(For example, drag and drop did not work on version 7 using native ubuntu file manager Nautilus; also google calendar sync did not work on version 7).

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance
Issues on Ubuntu
Hi mkowske/Patrick
I'm running last version of theBrain 7 on linux (ubuntu 15.10),
I am able to drag and drop files onto a thought and have it insert a link to the file.
I use mucommander to do this.

mkowske wrote: Patrick,

Are you positive your test machine is Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS? I was concerned that my very minor font customizations to the system might have been a problem like you suggested so I reverted those changes back to the system default and have the same issues.

In addition I installed a brand new clean copy of Ubuntu 14.04 onto a VMware image, installed Oracle JRE 8 update 25, downloaded and installed The Brain. Created a test brain and have the same issues (no drag and drop functionality, foreign characters when pasting rich text). Nothing else was changed with the install.

I will submit a formal support ticket but I find it really surprising that you are not encountering any of these issues yourself.

Are there any other Ubuntu users out there that can comment?

edit update:

I tried a few different flavors of Java and got some results with the drag & drop. The pasting of text is broken still in all versions I tried.

Oracle Java 8 update 25: drag n' drop does NOT work
Oracle Java 7 update 71: drag n' drop DOES work. Sort of.  An exception is thrown when you drop the file and it also then hangs when you try to exit TheBrain (below).
OpenJDK 1.7.0_65: drag and drop DOES work with same issues as Oracle version.

Exception from drop:
54476 [Thread-58] ERROR com.thebrain.personal.d.l.l -
java.io.IOException: Permission denied
    at java.io.UnixFileSystem.createFileExclusively(Native Method)
    at java.io.File.createNewFile(Unknown Source)
    at com.thebrain.personal.d.l.l.H(qhd:0)

Exception after Ctrl-C because TheBrain hangs on quit:
186461 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO com.thebrain.personal.h.k - Shutdown stage 2
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source
    at java.util.EventObject.<init>(EventObject.java:56)
    at java.awt.AWTEvent.<init>(AWTEvent.java:337)
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.<init>(InvocationEvent.java:285

Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
Hi Tr1972
Couple of things that might help.
1) Start a new thread with a title that suggests what the issue is
(e.g.  Cannot install (version of theBrain) on Linux Mint 13)
2) Give more information.  When you issue the sh command,
what happens?  You would want to include, from your terminal session, the listing of what happens after you issue the sh command, in the message body that you post to the forum).
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
Hi tr1972
Assume you mean that you can install it but it doesn't run.
For my case, I don't understand why Brain failed to start.
My 'cure' to completely reinstall the operating system was an extreme solution that didn't change my understanding.
google calendar sync - linux
Patrick Thompson / James Bennett
Do you have a sense of when the syncing problem will be fixed?
My understanding was that the fix was made but was waiting 'approval'
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
Issue has been solved!

TheBrain not starting has been fixed although the fix was extreme.
I reinstalled ubuntu 12.04.  The decision was based on other problems I was having and the machine needed to be rebuilt in any case.

Thanks for all of the help and advice
(Have other issues with theBrain which I now will be following up with)
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
I has installed Java 1.7 (I"ve tried running it in either 1.6 or 1.7) and have the same results
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
Hi Jostper,
I can run ~/TheBrain/./TheBrain ( I placed the application in ~/TheBrain) but I get the same result ... It hangs with the banner page showing.
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
I did install it as user: sh TheBrain....
Are you suggesting I should install it a superuser?
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
Hi Joeterd...
My apologies for misspelling your name.
Did you find any hidden files related to personalbrain or thebrain and java.  And, if so, did you also remove those files?
Thanks in advance
Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
Thanks "joreterd".

I did the same thing. Un-installing and also removing the hidden files (where your templates are stored).  Still (infuriatingly) a no go..

There are probably other locations for information because I noticed that, after a fresh install of running as superuser, it retained some information about me.

Haven't  heard that the problem is with other Linux users so it's probably just me..... aaaaargggghhhh.


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