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multifaceted thoughts
Thanks, voted +3.
multifaceted thoughts
This would be amazing functionality, one I've dreamt of many times myself. I think it'd be quite tricky to implement though. This way or another please post the idea on uservoice and I'll definitely put my vote to it.  
Find thoughts linking to current thought

I want to delete an existing thought (Thought A) - how can I find all thoughts that link to that thought through hyperlinks in notes? Obviously, I can see regular links on the plex but can't see any incoming hyperlinks. 

This is very important as I don't want to accidently delete thoughts that may be referred to from other thoughts. 


Ps. I thought I would be able to find incoming links by copying a thought GUID from the thought Details, then doing a search for that GUID. However, search doesn't seem to index the actual URL of a hyperlink (which includes the GUID) - only the link name seems to be indexed. 
Saving expanded view causes all children to appear
What is frustrating is that this should be a relatively simple fix to implement and yet the issue keeps being ignored or we're told that this is actually a "feature". I mean, c'mon! I want to be able to build a view (e.g. for a presentation) that is consistent and one that displays only the information I want. Having previously hidden thoughts just randomly popping up messing up the my whole presentation is just plain infuriating. I have started using OneNote as well to work around some limitations of PB but would still rather use PB as my primary information management tool...

Saving expanded view causes all children to appear
Hi Patrick,

TB Beta, just downloaded today. 
The issue is not with saving / re-opening expanded views - that seems to work. 

My problem is "closed" child/sibling thoughts re-appearing on thought activation (which messes up your carefully designed view) and, sometimes, previously closed siblings just re-appearing out of nowhere even without any other thought being activated. 

Expanded views are absolutely essential for a high-level overview of certain concepts and this behaviour makes things frustrating. 

Best regards, 
Saving expanded view causes all children to appear
One year down the line and the issue still hasn't been fixed. Downloaded PB7 beta today really hoping the crazy "feature" is gone. Nope  Thoughts still re-appear out of nowhere.. So frustrating...
Sitebrain Downgrade
Could someone please clarify this? 
According to the "transitioning to PB7" document PB7 offers: "A completely rebuilt version of SiteBrain is included, featuring broader browser compatibility, faster performance, and improved rendering.". It would be good to see a bit more info on changes made to site brain. 

V7 Sitebrain example wanted
+1 Would be good to see this. I got a bit worried reading an earlier post about SiteBrain downgrade . Really hope sitebrain is not getting de-emphasized to push people to webbrain. 
Webbrain-driven Sharepoint website.
Hi David, 

Thank you for the comment. Happy I could offer some inspiration/solution. Please post back when you have "enriched" your website with PB - it would be interesting to see this. 

Best regards, 
Tagging WITHIN the notes
It would be so good to be able to assign tags not only to a thought but to individual paragraphs/text within notes as well. I sometimes have a thought with quite a bit of text in it and only a portion of the text relate to a particular tag. I'd love to be able to select a few lines and assign tag to it. 

This is one killer feature of MS OneNote that I really miss in PB. The screenshot attached shows a page with 3 paragraphs each assigned a different tag (tags are visualised via icons). When I search for a tag and click on a given entry I'm taken not only to the right page but also to the specific paragraph I tagged which is then nicely highlighted for me... A similar feature in PB would be amazing!

Click image for larger version - Name: 2011.05.08-09.05.12.png, Views: 97, Size: 12.41 KB
List incoming links
Good morning, 

One feature I miss in PB is the ability to list all thoughts that link to a particular thought. Obviously, it's easy to see thoughts that link to a given thought via a regular link - we can see that on the plex. However, if some thoughts link to another thought via a URL (brain://...) it's not possible to report on that. It would be good to have a way of seeing all thoughts that reference another thought both through regular links and URLs. 

One reason why such functionality would be useful is to avoid a situation when I delete a thought and in the process break several links in other thoughts that point to the deleted thought. Ideally, I'd love to have an option in preferences where on trying to delete a thought that's linked to via a URL from other thoughts I'd get a warning "This thought is referenced from 5 other thoughts [list here..]. Deleting the thought will break links in these thoughts. Are you sure you want to do this?" Or something to this effect.

Webbrain-driven Sharepoint website.
Hi everyone, 

Thought some might want to have a look at my new website which uses a webbrain as it's method of navigation. Basically, rather than being a blog I wanted a website that is largely unstructured in terms of the traditional sections and categories you need to use with most web or CMS plaforms (I'm using Joomla). The website currently contains several hundred of links to different Sharepoint (an MS collaboration platform) resources and each link is tagged by area or technology (e.g. permissions, administration etc.). I have a fairly complex tagging scheme and just listing a long list of tags would not be very helpful. Instead each tag corresponds to a thought in a published webbrain which forms my navigation map. This way users can see all related tags and wander around the different concepts covered in a more interactive way. If they find a tag (thought) they're interested in they can click a link in the thought's notes which then takes them to the relevant page on the website. 

I quite like how things are implemented - each tag page contains a link that generates a popup and displays a corresponding webbrain thought. 

The only thing I'm not that happy about is the time it takes to load up the brain - unfortunately, it takes a few seconds but I guess there is not much that can be done about that. 

Sharepoint resouce center:  http://sharepointresourcecenter.com/

Greg Osimowicz
Is webbrain good enough?
Hey Matt, 

Thank you for the reply. A few hours after I posted my question I saw the small print on webbrain.com saying "Beta* This service is currently under rapid development and may be subject to extensive changes, outages and errors without notice.". This rules out using webbrain for site navigation at the moment (at least for bigger high-traffic websites). I love the idea though so will check back for any progress. 

I think webbrain could prove very popular as a website navigation mechanism. However, there would need to be some specific SLAs in place as commercial websites cannot rely on "we will try to keep [downtime] to an absolute minimum as much as possible." (I understand this is due to the Beta status of the service). I think you'd find quite a few people who'd be willing to pay for such a service (especially if it comes with further improvements - for example, better customization options and smaller download sizes for embedded brains). 

IE8 and SiteBrain Export
I've found the tip below in one of the posts on this forum:

"Try adding the following compatibility tag into your index.html file. The tag needs to be added in the head of the index.html file. "
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />

I've added the tag and my IE8 is displaying the links fine again (without turning on the compatibility view)

Hope this helps, 
Cool, thanks for the prompt reply!!

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