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Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636, #4333)
Multiple timelines!! 

I'd be happy with being able to link multiple thoughts to a single event, sort of like the local url for thoughts in other brains. Timeline as a micro-brain? I don't know; you all have just about finished the 9 series beta. 
Previous Brain import missing on ios (#4169)
Thanks. They were both originally created in thebrain 8. I've just read your 'Advanced Sync' post & think I've probably gone about this the wrong way™. Well, someone would have done it sooner or later. 
Previous Brain import missing on ios (#4169)
TheBrain 9 OSX & iOS

I have a brain 'gtd' that has been successfully synced on the two platforms with the beta. I have since imported a much larger brain from version 8, 'me' into the version 9 brain. While 'gtd' syncs according to the notifications, the imported 'me' thoughts do not appear in the iOS client.

I've changed thoughts, added thoughts and added notes & attachments to the imported 'me' thoughts to force a sync but I can't tell if the 'me' thoughts are syncing to the iOS client or not.

Is this expected? Or should I see 'me' as part of 'gtd' now as I had expected?
Just figured out its probably due to TestFlight. 
Been trying to setup iOS automation via Work Flow but an error opens about being unable to open as 'the app may not be installed on this device'

I've tried both 'brain://…' & 'thebrain://…' but neither work. Has the URL changed? Is it no longer available?

iPhone 6s
iOS 10.3.3 
TheBrain 9
PB upgrade
Sorry, thought I'd made that clear.

However, I've realised I'd been loading my portable version not the insipid install.

Could you ignore my stupidity please?

PB upgrade

I have just tried to upgrade to as recommended by my splash screen. On booting the splash screen says and then displays an error. Argh! it is not displaying the error now!

When the error occurs and it asks me to upload the brain error log. When I restart the version returns to 6.~.7; should I uninstall first?

I am running Win7 64bit, Java, PB or depending on the

Click image for larger version - Name: pb.error., Views: 91, Size: 29.35 KB
Nimbus Java look and feel?
I would imagine, much like the rest of the *nix, it would involve changing links to the preferred version. I'm thinking of the redirection of shells etc from /sbin/bash => /usr/local/bin/tcsh

It has been awhile since I've done it so perhaps asking one of the Unix cli people how to add an unsupported library would be best. Hth.

Disconnected thoughts
Gah, every time I think I've settled on a great way of dealing with mental processes someone suggests something that takes me right back to the beginning
Disconnected thoughts
Okay. Quote: Does it need the links to trace? was answered with Quote: PB does not store a list of orphans

I guess I didn't consider the value of navigating via the plex but was thinking of using the search to find disconnected or disjointed thoughts.

What I was wanting to do is be on whatever active thought and create a new thought that may or may not have any other links to thoughts other than the current active thought.
For example:
you are working on a train of thought about your reading list `The Book Of Black Magic
And Of Pacts including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery and Infernal Necromancy'
and suddenly think of a conversation you had with Jack who has no association to the reading list. So you create a new thought 'Call Jack re: his brother's new baby'.
Rather than it being attached to `The Book Of Black Magic' I'd like to attach it to 'Todo' and not have to unlink. In this situation one is most likely going to have todo pinned but it wouldn't be hard to think of a situation where the thought train was not pinned.

This would also obviously create a situation where you could create orphan thoughts, when you don't have or can't think of a parent to attach it too.

But then, it is only an extra three or so clicks so I'll just not be so lazy.

Disconnected thoughts
Thanks rhodes,

I think I was refering to orphan thoughts. I thought search was adequate for finding them. Does it need the links to trace?

Thanks for the links, I must have had beer goggles on the day I looked at that page.

Disconnected thoughts
How do I make a thought that is currently unconnected to any in the plex? Other than creating a thought then unlinking I mean.

The other thing I have been wondering about is all the help/tutorials all seem to be videos and audio files? are there some that are text based? It would seem more applicable to me to have tutorials that are based on text rather than audiovisual based commentaries.

If there is not (and I get a moment spare) would PB be opposed to the audio visual being transcribed to a more practical medium?

Importing folders/ PBrain File Management
thanks Moe. I'm really liking the program. I am concerned about it's stability wrt being a file/information manager but it seems to be an excellent concept.

Maybe TheBrain.com could release old (current - 5 versions?) source to ensure the great ideas and implementations keep coming? But I guess that is for another thread.

Importing folders/ PBrain File Management
Originally Posted by benhuxham
How long should I wait for a folder to import? I've waited 3 hours, and it still says gathering data for import. At 1:30 I clicked cancel import, but that is still the only option under import at 2:15. I've tried it on large folders (1k+ files including sub-folders) and a test folder of 4 files totaling 2mb.

Am I missing something? I was to understand that I could 'import files and they would become 'thoughts'. This, md5sum checking and tagging would be my ultimate way of  managing files.

I can dnd files individually, but with several thousand files to eventually be imported I was hoping to avoid that.

I'm on WinXP sp3, using; java 1.6.0_02.

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