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Disappearing images in Notes and other Notes issues (#3183)
Can confirm similar issues with latest version in Windows 10 Pro. Also a thought and its note being mysteriously deleted without while simply navigating around plex going in and out of notes. Seem to have lost the ability to resize images in notes as well which I do use extensively in version 8. Undoing actions in notes also seems unreliable.  Presently I am a lot less confident that my core data is safe and easily editable in v9 beta which I understand is the major selling point. In my opinion the Windows 10 version Notes function and editor need thorough testing and bug fixing before progressing from beta to a full release version.
Losing Image files and sometimes whole notesfile
Hi All
I have experienced this too but only on one synchronised brain updated from Windows XP,  Windows 7 and Linux.  Bit like Zenrain I could not be sure when and how this happened so had not got around to putting a meaningful comment on this forum. If images transferred into the Brain can self delete (presumably  in the online copy)  and then somehow replicate this behaviour on synchronisation back to desktop copies it detracts from reliability.  Losing data is a fundamental fault rather than a minor bug.  

If 4 of us have had this experience surely others have and one would anticipate that this is a known issue to TheBrain developers and team who have developed sizeable complex brains themselves . 

Have never lost attachments or data with quasi competitors such as Mindjet,  Evernote or OneNote so looks like the developers need to investigate this thoroughly and quickly or risk losing the confidence and support of serious business customers.

I will propbably suspend further online synchronisation until I hear this has been addressed and will use brainzips instead. This is a key feature of the cloud subscription that is unsafe so I stress again that this needs addressing by the developers asap. I am a major fan of TheBrain so do not like to be critical or make such comments lightly. 

Best Wishes Chris
+1 Galaxy S4   [smile]
Capture Thought Icon Leads to Blank Screen With Web Browsers
I have experienced something similar to this in the past with Windows 7 and Windows XP when screen grabbing software or actions (such as within TheBain the PrintScreen button)  were blocked by antivirus and online security software. This resulted in a greyed  out screens as described with no warnings or error  messages.   Some online banks encourage or make customers install security software that invokes this.  I am not a user of Firefox but it may have advanced security settings or an addon that blocks screen capture which might explain why the problem seems to go away when you close the browser. If you Google on grey or gray screen and screen capture problems you will find that it is more common than youu might think. :-) 

Hope this helps and speeds up your problem solving. 

Cheers,  Chris 
An old bug
Agree with Zenrain's overview
The Brain 8 info in the User Knowledgebase WebBrain
Thanks Alex
Very helpful and much appreciated as always  [thumb]
Cheers, Chris
Calendar synching still not working
I am finding the calendar synching works really well and would suggest that non subscription users of Version 7 Pro of TheBrain also deserve the fixes as an update too as I am aware from the forum that several have been awaiting the proper functioning of this key version 7 advertised feature for some time.

When I first installed TheBrain 8 Beta I did so on a separate older computer running Windows XP Pro, after uninstalling the previous version and old Brains.  My first action was to create a clean simple new test brain with a few random thoughts then run the Calendar synch with my Google Mail calendar. All calendar entries seemed to arrive fine.  

I then edited one of the imported calendar events changing the date/time to a single event now 5 days on.  Weirdly the entry then appeared on both days but not on days in between.  When I clicked on the event at both day locations on the calendar it showed the amended date and time fine.  I tried various different views and moving around thoughts, selecting other tabs etc to no avail.  After trying various amends to it the entry still annoyingly displayed on the original date.  When I completely exited TheBrain 8 Beta and returned to it the calendar entry was now correctly just showing on its amended day.  I tried to edit another event but that was fine and I also ran a new synch and carried out more date edits without issues. I have not been able to reproduce since.  This leads me to wonder if there is some kind of updating or indexing that does not function correctly after a first synch or intermittently that requires closing and reopening TheBrain as a current workaround.  Just flagging this up in case it repeats for anyone else and with a hopefully helpful hint of what to do.

Cheers, Chris

ps congratulations to TheBrain Team on getting the long awaited 8 Beta out in Public. Whilst Shakespeare correctly posed "what's in a name" I am nevertheless still looking forward to it being named appropriately too.  Version 7.9.10 is not indicative of Version 8 Beta and it does give the unconvincing tired impression of "same old same old"

TheBrain Pro Version
Windows 7 32bit
Online Subscription

Also Beta 8 (7.9.10)
Windows XP 32 Bit

alone in the cloud
"Search on our Cloud Services was removed until it could be developed further and all of the issues can be worked out. We definitely plan on bringing it back, but have no official date as to when this will be. Thank you for your patience."  pthompson  13/6/2012

409 days on and a very key fix to search is awaited.  There are many new webbrains now so can it please be looked at soon as it is near impossible to find anything by topic searches and scrolling through many pages.

Webbrains are a showcase for selling the product so it must surely be worthwhile to prioritise a fix?

Kind regards, Chris
I now have a scrambled brain
Find posts like this very worrying as it points to a fundamental instabilty in the database logic and raises the continuing possibility and risk of large scale corruption. The Brain Team/Support should prioritise investigation of such problems and eliminate the causes with timely updates. Whilst I love TheBrain software and its future aspirations, it does appear that the desktop product is deteriorating at the expense of future developments. The pro product is not cheap so loyal users deserve a proactive attitude to resolving serious bugs. The issues with Google Calendar Synchs and various other non working features is causing me to have decreasing confidence in commiting all my GTD into TheBrain and recommending the software to business colleagues. I rarely attach files into TheBrain these days and use external links instead as I trust Windows and Linux file systems much more than TheBrain's plex. Even a small risk of having file locations scrambled is unacceptable. With folk having added 10's of thousands of thoughts confidence in the underlying database logic is paramount. I do hope that the coming Version 8 addresses these issues although users of Version 7 (not on the combo plan) deserve updates to address key stability and faulty/missing advertised features.

I feel for artcanadianstyleo who has relied on cloud synchronisation to have copies of a production brain in three locations only to find all 3 are scrambled and corrupt. This is a nightmare scenario and ultimately tells us that Windows, Apple and Linux system backup routines are more essential than ever if we use TheBrain
embedded video issue
Online Brains only iframe Links; feature or security risk?

Not sure if this is intentional or supported by TheBrain team or will evolve into a lasting feature but I find that I can paste basic Youtube embed code (iframe html) into the [Notes->Edit->Add Attachment->Add a Link] box and then edit to re-size the resulting embedded frame as desired.  In the image below I have re-sized the frame from the default 640 by 360 down to half being 320 by 180.  This can obviously be customized as desired.  As far as I can see this functions fine Online.

Please note that this video attachment link will not work or play from the Desktop version so it is useful for Online Brains only.  As a possible workaround an additional normal webpage link can be attached via the Notes editor as well providing an alternative fully functioning link for when in desktop mode and also to cover the possibility of this feature/vulnerability being removed.

As suggested above this is probably not an intended feature although does currently help those increasingly using the Online Brain and who are frustrated with a none re-sizeable Youtube etc. link.  I suspect this might be extended to other embedded code (beyond the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, Wikipedia etc. that automatically display in fixed size frames in online notes) although I have not experimented. 

If this is undesirable behavior or poses a security risk (such as code injection) I am sure TheBrain Team will shortly let us know and presumably remove the vulnerability.

Cheers, Chris
Click image for larger version - Name: resizevideoframe.png, Views: 86, Size: 105.33 KB Click image for larger version - Name: code.png, Views: 86, Size: 19.72 KB
How secure is WebBrain?
ps If you think I am worrying too much about security and encrypting internet traffic the following link (re a PwC survey report - whilst arguably exaggerating a bit!) clearly demonstrates escalating IT security breaches in small to large businesses:-
   £1 sterling/UK roughly = $1.50 USA

It appears many businesses already lose money through security breaches and will inevitably look to recover compensation from those (particularly cloud based) who did not properly warn them of "obvious" issues or adopt the latest stringent security policies. Loose and misleading promises of secure sites and data will not be tolerated in future.  Now that TheBrain Cloud Services are taking off there needs to be fully secure access to data online or ONLY public non-sensitive information can be accessed online. Without an SSL connection to an online Private Brain I think there should be a warning on each delivered web page to the effect that the actual connection is not encrypted or secure and caution should be exercised before inputting or viewing sensitive data via such a web page.

Evernote implement full SSL/HTTPS security to their online Notes access even for free users, by way of example and comparison.  TheBrain Combo or paid Cloud Services are not cheap so should warrant comprehensive SSL/HTTPS connections.  This could be an additional selling point to distinguish between free and paid users and encourage upgrading. In the future it may also be necessary to think about encrypted and password protected Thoughts/Notes where sensitive data is held.  The days of relying on volumes of internet traffic as a form of ("drop in the ocean") security are nearly over.
How secure is WebBrain?
Hi All

For private cloud based Brains, whilst the Cloud logon page is SSL secure via https am I correct in assuming that once a connection is made and a private Brain opened, the internet traffic/data back and forth is completely unencrypted over the internet as it takes place on a basic unencrypted HTTP connection.
To quote from Wikipedia today:-
 “A site must be completely hosted over HTTPS, without having some of its contents loaded over HTTP, or the user will be vulnerable to some attacks and surveillance.” 
and ...
”On a site that has sensitive information somewhere on it, every time that site is accessed with HTTP instead of HTTPS, the user and the session will get exposed.”  
Surely comprehensive SSL connections are essential for private Brain access if there is sensitive information and in order to comply with Data Protection legislation in various countries. Your Press Release on 7 May 2013 refers to "online secure cloud services" which implies the service can be used for sensitive information and if the above is correct does appear to be misleading.
If the internet traffic is unencrypted and SSL or HTTPS connections are the only way to properly secure data, either TheBrain team need to make this very clear and transparent to existing users and new customers on the website or to very quickly dig into your pockets and implement SSL connections across all cloud service connections.
Whilst I do love TheBrain software and the recent enhancements to Cloud services I will not feel comfortable accessing private Brains containing sensitive information online until this situation is clarified/remedied.

Cheers, Chris

Evolution - Revolution or Stagnancy
Excellent news Patrick. Is the Android App nearing a beta test or do you have any idea of when it will follow on?
Brain dead ?
Thanks for your thoughts Jim and Zenrain and I do acknowledge that the development Team will and have had a lot on with the potential launch of mobile platforms following on from the cloud services in the past few years.

It seems that my last post was censored with removal of links to the beta (now clearly referred to as "internal"). My apologies to TheBrain Team as I assumed the beta was available for external testing.

On a plus point I noticed today that a version 8 beta (internal) has been born (currently numbered 7.9). Look forward to seeing what's new once the public beta arrives.  Hopefully there will soon be a stable version 7.1 update release (or public beta) available. 

Definitely "Not" Brain dead
Brain dead ?
I for one am very surprised that beta versions are continuing to be produced without formal announcement or advertising of links on the main Forum Topic "Software Releases and Updates". 

As a result there can be few regular users who have helped test these latest beta releases which means the quality of bug detection will probably be slipping.  I regularly look at Zenrain's generous posts for instance as in the past he has looked at Beta versions early and has a unique ability to track down, document and alert us to issues and bugs. It appears to me that even he has probably not been aware of these recent Beta releases!  Do TheBrain Team no longer want feedback on beta versions from their most loyal and valuable users?

Still love your product but please use the community a little more wisely and keep us fully aware of beta versions.


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