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Printing (#1158)
PRINTING - so decided to migrate to TheBrain9, but have discovered that "printing" is now considered "so last century"????  I need handouts!!!
Import Brain 8 Brains into 9. FAIL.
Thanks for your response, zenrain.  Yes, restarted laptop and the brain.  I finally created a new Brain 9, and imported my old 8 Brain into that.  That works.  Although it won't sync to the cloud.
Import Brain 8 Brains into 9. FAIL.
So I received the email.  OK.  I'll try 9 again.
Tried to "import" an 8 brain.
Said it was imported. 
Where is it?  Not listed.  Not in my default brain folder (imported under a new name).
P.S. I've owned computers since 1985.  Yeah. I did DOS.  Now I do OSX.
Feature Request - Favorites & Brain of the Week
would also like FAVORITES on the WebBrain site, which I would like to be able to Share with other web brain users.
Subscribing to / buying Web Brains
would be nice to be able to "buy" access to an online brain, and even sync it to our pro desktop.

Some Brain-iacs might be interested in this service, which you could obviously make money on, Apple style.
Append outlook email time and date to email msg namede internal
Sometimes I like to drag emails into the Brain that are part of a chain in which several recipients have responded separately, and thus all emails have the same "subject", e.g.: "Re: Financials".  I would LOVE to have an option of appending the Date and Time of the email to the "subject" to create a unique "name" for the internal *.msg file.

My work around is to rename each message before I drag in another, but this is slow.

Add Links to selection suggestion
I just tried to do this myself, hoping it was there (Edit / Crawl Brain and Modify / Add to Selection "Childward Links" )  I have a large brain and would like to assign these one way relationships WHICH ARE TERRIFIC!  Thanks for your post, Steeph, and I will use a vote as well!
Outlook Contacts not accepted in PB6042b
Can't drag and drop a contact into Thought pane from Phone list view of outlook into Thought pane of PB.

emails, ok, but not contacts..
Pro Features Not Available 4 pre Beta Brains?
Have a pro license for PB 5.5
Just converted a couple to try on beta PB6.whatever.

Message popped up saying that pro features would not be available on my brains because they were created before the beta was???


I was planning on upgrading, but if none of my PRO features will be available, what is the point???  I've got to run two versions of PB if I want pre-beta pro files??

Does someone understand this??  Or can some one explain it?

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