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Navigate in Mini-Mode
In PB6, with the plex in Transparent Mode and the Thought in Mini Mode (so that only the context Thought is displayed on screen) it would be useful to be able to use the arrow keys to navigate the concept map.

Often, I recall enough of the domain of a Thought to be able to type in a close match but not enough of the name to get the exact match or to get the related Thoughts. If I could type a search term, select a familiar Thought, and then use the arrows to move up to Parents, down to Children, and left and right to visit siblings, then I could reduce the number of times I have to open the Plex to remember the greater context.
Timedependent Thought
That Flickr timeline (http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreasmb/2925528770/sizes/l/) is a work of art--but I don't want to frighten and intimidate the poor PB developers. I will be satisfied with a timeline capability which is far less impressive.

Please dear PB developers, implement some capability for storing time/date data in Thoughts and some capability to present time-tagged Thoughts partially ordered over Time. Don't balk in fearful  awe of Tonja's example.
Linux PB falling behind Windows?
While the core of PB is implemented for Linux, there appear to be several of the PB6 features which aren't available in Linux. These include:

Drag-n-drop of some attachments (Files and URLs) (I should write this in my Linux system so I can be specific but it is not with me at the moment)

Support for Gnome's smb URIs

Transparent Mode


Should we just accept that the Linux variant will be a less-capable product or are there plans to bring the versions to parity? (I do appreciate that the differences in operating systems, window managers, and common tools means that conceptual capabilities won't be realized in identical manners on different platforms.)
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