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Any Online CRM- or Task application where I can link to a task?
MyLifeOrganized has a great desktop app that also syncs to smart phones via wifi or the cloud. Hyperlinks can also be used to link individual objects such as tasks to other objects outside of the program such as PB thoughts. In MLO, use the "Copy as URL" command. To insert a hyperlink, such as a PB thought, one has to prepend to the thought URL "file:", without the quotes, in the Notes section of the task.

I have MLO & PB on a thumb drive that I can use on any computer. I sync to the cloud on MLO's & PB's servers. I also use an iphone with the MLO app on it. I've tried lotsa iphone apps and their respective desktop programs, if they have one. I like MLO. I use PB as place to reference. My work flow is GTD by David Allen.

However, I am thinking of doing everything in PB. I'd use webbrain for anywhere browser access. If I needed more PB power, I'd use a remote access program/service, such as LogMeIn or Teamviewer. Both programs are available on smartphones, like my iphone. The iphone Teamviewer app is free and very good.
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