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What's wrong?
You have not had a look at MindNode  https://mindnode.com .

The biggest shortcomings:

1) A new thought can only be created as child, or parent or jump (or stand I corrected ?). It cannot be created immediately as free floating. It must be disconnected, and then vanishes from the graphicak display into the bottom line. Why can't it stay free floating additionally ? MindNode does a better intuitive job here.

2) The UI in V9 is a magnitude slower in responding than in V8 and earlier, running on the Java-Environment, on a MacBook Pro 17" C2D with SSD and 6 GB Ram in OS X 10.11. That's a fiasco for native programming in my book. The last iterations of V9 haven't changed that.

3) Data Import and Export through most common methods. Data-LockIn is a bad Idea and not negotiable in workgroups.

4) Cloud, private cloud, cloudfree carrying of TheBrain Databasefiles. Privacy laws and enforcement become stronger and stronger as demand for this rises. That really speaking mostly means that personal data you have collected be not on servers you do not control within your vicinity. It is irrelevant if encryption takes place.

Hence I am greatly missing the option to

a) have a TheBrainServer-Software run on my hardware (even a raspberryPi may do…) like a FreeNAS (allowing VMs and dockers lately) to connect to with all of my devices through TheBrainClient through SSL, SSH, WebDAV or VPN

b) being able to connect from Mobile through an encrypted channel to my NAS to open an there located TheBrainDatabase

c) being able to transfer a database to a mobile device, editing it there, and vice versa.

That I point out clearly: TheBrain is a fantastic piece of software. I never got the picture why "MindMaps" and their softwarecounterparts are persued so heavily. They are useless clutters if more than three topics have to be covered, in my book.

So, I am thrilled to what will happen within the time to come.

vmilhoan wrote:
I, too, have tried NUMEROUS applications available to support me in my job. It is frustrating and there is nothing out there that is perfect. I would also agree with the comment above that there's a lot of guidance on these forums from other users, but we want to be careful about trying to spend too much time helping someone who will just be leaving.

That being said - if you're still up for giving TheBrain some time for evaluation, I would point out these features that I find critical to my work and only in TheBrain:

- Files/attachments can be stored as an Internal file, but that file is still in a directory on your computer. If my work told me I could no longer use TB for any development and I had to uninstall it right away, at least all my data would be there and not embedded into the application.

- Multiple parents, plus jump thoughts: I haven't found any other tool out there that can provide the ability to have multiple parents. For me, this is critical because I have a LOT of customers and sometimes I'm collaborating on a project that includes multiple customers. I can have that same "project" thought be a child under multiple customers. If I'm meeting with a customer, I can activate their thought, I'll see all the projects I'm working on with them, all the people I talk to that work there, etc...

- Project switching: The way that TB handles activating a thought and bringing in all the information around that thought is brilliant. Again, nobody does that as far as I can tell. I have about 100 active projects that I'm either spending a lot of time on, tracking, or will work on as time allows. When someone asks me a question, I can quickly find the project in TB, activate the thought, and see everything I need to know right there in the plex (links to notes, docs, who is working on the project, what customers are involved, what tech is involved).

Yes, there are some features I really want (either I don't agree with how the dev team implemented a feature, or it's a feature that was in v8 and not in v9), but every other tool has far more things I don't like. Also, the dev team focuses a lot on keeping data secure (v9 has encryption at rest for your data in the cloud, as an example) and keeping the integrity of the database so you don't lose data. They also spend a lot of time thinking about the impact of a feature change and how it impacts the rest of the database and what to do about it (which us, as users, don't always consider when demanding something new). This, in my opinion, sets them apart from the rest of the tools.

One other thing to note - once you start your brain (or multiple brains), you can change the structure later. Your brain is very flexible - I've changed my structure/the way I do things numerous times as I figure out what's most efficient for me.

Hope this gives you some things to think about. For me, nothing beats TB and I can't live without it [smile] 
The Brain 9 Beta - GUI-Performance and other Headaches
Dear Harlan, thanks for your explanations, which I would like to comment as follows:

Harlan wrote:

1. We are aware of the resizing performance issue however it is not easy to resolve.

Ok, that's interesting, but well, let's see…

Harlan wrote:
2. We are giving away significant value for free. I think it is a few seconds is a small price to pay.

I would like you to rethink your statement here with regards to the (potential) user's perspective. No one will argue that the TB9 FreeEdition is a signifcant value. But the cost of it you have already implemented - namely a reduced feature set - which your company states clearly. Everyone is ok with that.

But what you are doing by the countdown is imposing an "annoyance" onto the user which obviously is intended to push a purchase. And this is - IMHO - an absolute no go in business. At least within my vicinity I do not know any pro company using such a method. Such methods "smell" if you know what I mean…

An exception is with some software that can be used for free with the *complete* featureset, but the company clearly states that there is a countdown at program start which increases over time. But that does'nt hold true here.

Harlan wrote:
Actually, compared to V8, V9 still launches faster even including the countdown.

No, it does not. I do not see that here.

Harlan wrote:
Ultimately the more people who purchase the application the better it is for everyone as it enables us to do more.

This argument is not valid in the given context as this is a problem any business has by definition. If you want users to purchase licences then do not annoy them. The reduced feature set is sufficient in my opinion. But that's your CEO's decision I believe.

Another relation of your method of annoyance and the sales numbers statement you have to be very aware of is that this rises questions about the financial credibility of the company. If a company needs to impose a purchase trigger by annoyance upon the user - this rises thoughts and questions - at least with me, in my biological brain ;-)

Harlan wrote:
3. We do offer server solutions for corporate use. However, server software is complex and costly to support. Making it available to end users would be a losing proposition unless we are able to make it much simpler than it is now (which is not something I foresee happening anytime soon unfortunately). When thinking about this, it is important to keep in mind that TheBrain's data model is vastly more complex than most other applications. This complexity is necessary to support the scalability and offline syncing capabilities of TheBrain.

Every company building on complex databases claims that their database is more complex than xyz's databasemodel and therefore efghijk-things can't be done etc etc etc.. Yes, server software is complex, but others show - not really that impossible.

Thanks for listening
The Brain 9 Beta - GUI-Performance and other Headaches

I am finding the following with The Brain 9 Beta:

1. The GUI is extremly slow with resizing areas. TB7 and TB8 are magnitudes faster here - even with a new empty brain. It more behaves like an alpha version… I would like to point out that the used hardware is more than capable handling things like this…

2. TB9 is advertised as a free edition with reduced feature set. Yet the company "annoys" the user with a countdown on every relaunch of the application. IMHO this is bad company attitude and behaviour.

3. Database exchange and syncing  - no SAAS. Only slowly companies seem to adopt that data protection laws make users need a server solution that runs on their own hardware (see e. g. Merlin, Ninox, etc.). Or more simple just to be able to copy a database to e. g. an iOS device to work with it on that hardware. Yet currently TB offers only an Upgrade that includes their cloud service. Therefore it will be vital what roadmap TB has here. Especially interesting is if the iOS version for TB9 will be able to open a database that resides on any location in the a network -  something TB9 already offers.

Thanks for listening.

MacBook Pro Early 2008 C2D 2,5 GHz, 6 GB Ram, SSD, OS X 10.11.6
Access TB´s data model for analytics and key performance indicators extraction
Must agree to the OP. It is not only interesting in terms of business analytics tools, but also for statistical, scientific analysis with tools like MaxQDA. Although TheBrain already is very powerful to do research in it, getting to new insights needs according tools.


TheBrain iOS No local copy/sync

I would like to add that the topic has to be more precisely differentiated as "copying" and true "syncing" of a database are different tasks:

1. Local copying/transfering of a brain-database (which is not syncing)

That means back and forth between PC/NAS/private cloud services like Pydio and mobile device

2. Syncing between any local storage (PC, NAS, Cloudservice like Pydio, private server, WebDAV, etc) and mobile device (iOS = coredata)

I hope this helps.

Thanks for listening.
TheBrain iOS No local copy/sync
Patrick, Brigitte,

good to hear (or better read) that it is at least on the to do list. Step by step better than rushing out with non finished solutions.

I am staying tuned…


TheBrain iOS No local copy/sync
So finally the iOS-Version has arrived. Of course, good work.

But not including local sync capabilities is just a no go. Therefore I would like to ask if there is a plan to include local sync within some timeframe.

Thanks for attention.
TheBrain 8 / iOS / Cloud-free operation

As it seems that a mobile version is on the horizon, is there a chance that we can have cloud-free syncing of brains between devices, if not through the iTunes-logic, what is the chance to have BitTorrent Sync do the job ?

Any ideas from the developers welcome.

TheBrain 7: iCal and Mail
Hi there developers,

at least, it is possible to do a search on a specific item residing in iCal or Mail, and adding it. So far, so good.

But where is the problem to integrate drag and drop ?

And, TheBrain synchronizes with google calender, which uses the vCal standard. So, why is it not possible to have that with ical, which uses the same open standard ?

Maybe, there is some time to take the Mac "office" integration one level further.

Anyway, thanks for the good work. keep on going…


Timeline for the new ipad/iphone app
Thanks James, I understand that.

Anyway thanks for listening.

Looking forward to the things to come.

jbennett wrote: Nico, 

Thanks for your enthusiasm regarding our native mobile app.  As the product is currently in development, we prefer not to comment on any specific features as they may be subject to change at any time.

Timeline for the new ipad/iphone app
I would like to ask the developers:

There are different scenarios of how users organize their data in thebrain. Some might copy data into the brain, some might just manage the relative paths (local or network) the data is saved at, some may do both.

Now, can the mobile version be made to handle those scenarios, e. g. working with paths that cannot be available when mobile, but when adding new data or paths, will keep every link in sync ?

thanks for attention.
No Cloud, My Cloud, Your Cloud: Options please.
Thanks mcaton for listening - or better "reading" :-)

Of course, the zip.-workaround is a way to go, but it is not really a "sync" solution. Anyway, if thebrain is up to solve the mobile devices problem - which is a must I think anybody agrees today - a real sync connection between the brain applications has to be implemented anyway.


No Cloud, My Cloud, Your Cloud: Options please.
Hi there. I would like to give users the following options:

1. No Cloud. One should be able to sync between devices directly without an intermediate server.

2. My Cloud. Users should be able to sync via their own server-cloud-infrastructure. A prerequisite in many business companies to my knowledge.

3. Your Cloud. The current implementation: Corporate cloud service of thebrain only.

I understand that thebrain likes to bind customers to their cloudservice an sell the service. But, you know, I do not like to be forced into that. I decide where to sync.

Thanks for your attention.
I agree with most of the posts here too. What clearly makes PB currently a no go is the missing sync and usage on mobile devices, for me iPad and iPhone.

But even more important is that one is not FORCED into the cloud. Instead I would like to choose, if I want to sync directly devices without cloud, or sync with my own cloud or server infrastructure, or using the corporate cloud service.
The demise of JAVA and the short term roadmap
Dear Harlan,

thank you for your explanations.

I would like to stress that my topic was not meant as an offense. I am not a programmer, I am a user using software in a professional way. I can only hear what others in the programming community talk about, and naturally this might cause questions.

Thanks for your understanding.


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