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Notes disappeared on migrating from Win XP to Win 7
Thanks Moe, that appears to be working. It can only be done by, as you say, opening a brainzip with the new version, not simply opening an unzipped brain with the new version. Some of my brains weren't brainzipped, so I'll have to return to my old machine running XP, brainzip them then port the zips across to the new machine running Windows 7.
Notes disappeared on migrating from Win XP to Win 7
Hi - Running PB v5.5.2.4.

Before migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 I Brainzipped up all my Brains, copied them over to Win 7, reinstalled and reopened them. Everything looks exactly as it did under Win XP (the Plex, etc. is fine) except that the Notes panels are blank!

Before Brainzipping I had also set the font, size and background of the Default Style in Notes. On clicking Notes - File - Set Default Style my original settings are still there, only no text displayed. Checking thru the lob.db files shows the data in the Notes is still there only it's not being displayed. I've updated to the latest Java version J-1.6.0_24. Tried Rebuilding Database but that doesn't help. Any ideas?

I've searched this forum and can't find a similar case. Thanks in advance.

Is this forum censored?
jmopish, i agree with you that censorship is alive and well on this forum, which is why I don't often post on it.

you and Cornan are right - even version 6 is an overpriced, underfeatured product. seems the developers are running scared and can't stand a word of criticism. unlike many other products, personalbrain has not one but three views, and each one suffers from major usability flaws that make it too frustrating to use for the average guy like me.

i'd be happy to upgrade to 6 if the developers would only build in decent link label functions, but it seems they haven't taken heed of users requests. No, give this bloatware away and change over to cmaptools, compendium or springpad.

Linux PB falling behind Windows?
Hi first post here.

I'm trialling Personal Brain after using Compendium for a while and have to agree with oelindarina that PersonalBrain is a bit overpriced for what you actually get. In some areas it's got more features, in others less, but the fact remains that Compendium is freeware and also runs on all platforms as it's also written in Java. Both are good products and it will be difficult to decide which or both to use.

I'll hang around in this forum for a while and see what others have said.

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