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Team Brain 9 and multi user gCal sync ?
Thanks Matt,

It means that calendar events are not really usable in a Team Brain setting in my opinion.

I hope this will improve because so far I feel that the Team Brain features collaborative features are pretty limited. 
New gCal sync problem in ?
Hello Matt,

I have deactivated by brain gCal sync until this bug is fixed.

What will happen when I reactivate the gCal sync ?

Does all my events will become duplicated ???
Team Brain 9 and multi user gCal sync ?

I am currently evaluating a Team Brain licence to share a relatively large Brain version 9 between a few users.

I wonder how Google Calendar syncing will work in a Team Brain shared Brain ??

User A have gCal-A
User B have gCal-B

Event A1 is in gCalA only
Event B1 is in gCalB only
EventAB is in gCalA and user B is a participant of Event AB so the event also show in gCalB

User A sync gCalA with SharedBrain

User A sync gCalA with SharedBrain too

What will happen ?

Does all events from gCalA and gCalB will be visible in the timeline ? All mixed-up ? 

If yes, is there a simple visual clue to see that Event A is related to used A and Event B to user B ?

What about Event AB ? Will it shows duplicated ?

ps: if you are a Team Brain user, I am interested into your feedbacks. What works and what issues have you seen ?
App URL support in Brain 9?
With the new feature introduced in 9.0.248, "Copy Web Thought URL", you can put a web link into Evernote to open the thought on the web brain (as long as you are already logged in).


It works but off course it's not as good as opening the local Brain...
App URL support in Brain 9?
hello Cerebrum,

At least on my Mac Evernote version, it does not work because you can't "save" a local link, I guess because it does starts with http...

New gCal sync problem in ?
Hello Matt,

No, they were events created in gCal and that were not "used" in the brain (not linked to any thought or edited from the brain). They were normal events, not recurring nor full day. One event was set to "private" in gCal, the others were not, so that's not the issue.

The problem occurs only when I delete or modify the events in gCal, and I noticed the issue only for the events I did delete/modify so not sure if it would apply to all events or a certain type of gCal events. My guess is all events.
New gCal sync problem in ?
I am not 100% sure it is related but since I have upgraded from 245 to 246, I have some issues with my Google Calendar which is synced with a Brain.

I delete in my Google Calendar some events for instance, and a few minutes later they come back. I can delete them as much as I want, they always comme back.

I deactivated my Brain / gCal sync and the issue seems gone.

Does anybody else has a similar problem ??
Team Brain users feedbacks ?

I am starting a Team Brain trial and I am looking for existing Team Brain users feedbacks.

Any real life feedbacks of using Team Brain for multi user sharing of some large brains in writer mode for instance ?

I wonder if there is many Team Brain users out there ?

Many thanks !!
App URL support in Brain 9?
I think you can do a right clic and "Copy local thought URL"...


Which give you a local app link such as:

Quote: brain:// api.thebrain.com/Bj3IcWjH0UW3Qx7pP8dv7A/Tcoq8QdvyEmX2shusMHwYg/TestThought

This local links open used from an external app should open the local brain straight to the linked thought.

I tested with OMNIFOCUS and it works. But it does not seems to work from an Evernote note (in the local app). I guess this works only if the app has correctly implemented the calls to local links. 
Systematic crashes with web/Evernote links (Request #60919)
CaptainJustice wrote:
In .242 I do not have that problem. I can view the page in the embedded browser and the name is correct from EN, as long as I am logged into EN. Not crashing.

Windows 10 pro 64bit, Surface Pro 4, 8mb ram, and Intel i5.

Yes, I also think that the bug is in the PB code somewhere. I don't believe that a Safari native macOS component would crash so easily...
How to delete a brain with PB9 on macOS ?
I think I created a few unwanted brains by making some import tests...

How to I delete brains on macOS ?

I have seen that people talk about just "deleting the brain files", but which files ?

In my brain folders I have B01, B02 etc... which I guess are brains directories. But which one is which brain ?

Should I just "delete B0x" when I found out which B0x is the brain I want to delete  ?


Thanks for the help !!
Systematic crashes with web/Evernote links (Request #60919)
Yes, I understand about the "lot of work" :-) PB9 is definitely a great move forward, don't take me wrong. 

I guess this macOS embedded browser is some sort of "Safari" no ?

It is surprising that Safari crashes with some web sites. I got the crash not only with Evernote, but with some other unrelated web site, pretty "standard" ones. I got a crash with an embedded page from LifeHacker for instance. Ok, it "talks" about Evernote, but it has nothing to do with Evernote web site as such.
Systematic crashes with web/Evernote links (Request #60919)
Hello Harlan,

Uhm, I made further tests. Using "external browser" is really taking away most benefits on PB / Evernote integration in my opinion. You don't "see" your Evernote notes into PB, but just a list of meaningless links, so you can't guess what information is there without opening every links one by one. Really not much usable with a lot of notes.

The ability to preview documents and web page is central to efficiently manage any documents in practice.

Also if I set "external browser", it means that ALL web links do not have previews, even those simple web pages which would not make PB to crash.

Quote: We are hoping to overcome this with a newer embedded browser, but such a change is likely quite a long ways off yet.

I understand that "external browser" could be a short therm workaround, but I am worried that you seems unable to fix the bug until "a long way off" ! This probably mean that the technology you use for the new PB coding (C# etc...) force you to use some components that are flowed and that you can't fix because there are blackboxes... ?
Systematic crashes with web/Evernote links (Request #60919)
Hello Harlan,
Thanks for the workaround !

It's a shame because with the external browser, I lose the preview but I least it does not crash.

What about the thought name, which is replace by "Welcome back" each time ?
Systematic crashes with web/Evernote links (Request #60919)
I have a lot a trouble as soon as I attach a weblink to a thought.

This is systematic for Evernote links.

I have made a short screencam to demonstrate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcl1cukx5f3tp3y/PB9-245-Evernote-crash.mov?dl=0

Am I the only one having those issues ??

MacOS 10.13.3
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