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Better separation of Thought Types and Link Types in Report area (#4345)
@Mcaton, on this same subject, but from a slightly different angle: please take a look at the exchange between @Cerebrum and myself regarding Link Types (starting Nov 06).

It's under
[ typed links are not listed in search results (#2160) ] 

typed links are not listed in search results (#2160)
Thx @Cerebrum. I must say, I would never have searched in Report/Types for this, so your reply sure helps.
Two things remain:
  1. As you already saw, I would have (also) expected this alongside the Types ans Tags lists;
  2. Trying to use the Report area to answer the question as stated in my post of Nov 06, I would need a 'AND'operator, whereas the Report area seems only to support a 'OR' operator. To elaborate: I would need to search for thoughts of type 'person' AND links of type 'department manager' to result in a list of all department managers.

Still, many thanks for your pointer!
typed links are not listed in search results (#2160)
I would like to strongly support the idea of making link types 'searchable' in the same way types en tags are. There is an icon in the top bar (TB 9) that lets you select a type or tag, and thereby selects all nodes of that type or provided with that tag. In fact, it seems very odd that link types cannot be handled the same way.
Use case: I often use typed links to link people to organisations in a certain role. For instance, a thought of type 'internal employer' is linked to a thought of type 'department' using the link type 'department manager'. It would obviously be a bonus if I could display all department managers by selecting all links of that particular type.
I can see a few caveats like how to use (absence of) direction here, but still: it would be e tremendous help...
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