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Error generated: Moving a file into a Brain (file previously shortcut-linked) (#2827)

This error occurred when I was editing an Excel file, and decided I wanted to tuck the file away in the Brain rather than be linked.  I forgot to close the file before Moving it.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Within a Thought, add a link to a file (e.g., + in the Content window>Link to File)

2. Open the file in the native program (I tested xlsx and pdf files) 

3. Right click on the linked file's Tab title (pdf or xlsx) or shortcut description (xls) within the Content window; chose Move file into Brain

4. Error is generated (and the file is not moved into brain)

Error log attached...w/the predictable error desc: 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process'.

No Error is generated when 'Copy file into Brain' is chosen instead...and the file copies into the brain fine.  

Windows 10, TheBrain
Integrating more information into the Plex (#3736)
Whatever method, I vote for a Settings toggle
  • this is not a concern if labels aren't used (I don't use labels ubiquitously, for example); and when using TB more in learning/browsing than brain pruning or composing a brain architecture, it could be viewed as annoying or just TMI.

I also vote B, but would encourage a more Type-attribute presentation (e.g., Type's icon, color); minimally, the red outline as used in the Type-activated plex.  

  • Question: Is this Type name display variation only for when there is both a Thought Label and a Thought Type associated?  Or always, when toggled on?  
    I bring this up because currently Type name is already displayed upon Thought hover -- when there is a Type, but no Label (of course this is a basis of mrsandbag's post, Label takes hover action preference over Type name when both are present, correct?).  

    So, option B brings up the Type display consistency aspect vs current thought hover when there is a Type but no label.  Maybe I'm the only one that didn't already assume this for B...    

    But option B brings up another question (or opportunity?), would option B display the Supertype, if present?  That might be interesting.  Or maybe too much info...  
Add attachment > Capture image bug (#3681)
Perhaps known, but yet in x163, is a very similar/same issue by this route:

Thought Properties>click icon area>select Capture Screen>use red rectangle selection within another program (browser window, powerpoint), or the Desktop:

    - At 100%, screen area capture (need my reading glasses!) works fine; at the default 200%, it does not.

Lenovo Yogi 900, 3200x1800 screen resolution (touchscreen).  Windows 64bit, ver 1607
Confirmation of new Types and Tag creation - "empty" Types/Tags can be created (#3645, #3674, #3675)
Thanks, Harlan.  Quick work - the main issues, creation of empty or partial Types/Tags and ESC not working fully looks squashed in build x.161; looks like you applied Suggestion 1 in my initial post. Great!  
Anyway, I'm not sure what was assigned to 3645, 3675, 3465...but for clarity, what I'm seeing yet in x.161 is two of the smaller issues I ran across before still exist. For the first, I've included a more information:

  1. Placement - and the program/OS scope - of new Type and new Tag name boxes (via the menu path, Thought>Type(/Tag>New) has issues. - when TB9 is not maximized: Usually, but not always, the new name popup spans outside the left of a TB9 window...see previous post attachments.  
    - whenTB9 is maximized, The new name popup shows up well inside TB9, but the popup's scope still seems problematic: If one leaves the popup open then ALT-tab switches to another application, then back to TB9, the popup is gone (seemingly like alt-tab = esc wrt the popup, which would be understandable if that's the design).  However it's NOT gone.  The alt-tab app list shows a separate program instance, showing just the box (see attachment).  I don't think this is Windows 10-normal, but am not 100% sure??  Regardless, if one then alt-tabs and selects that odd progam instance, TB9 then appears with the popup where it originally was.  Expected, unexpected?  It's unexpected behavior to me, esp given the behaviour with non-maximized TB9. 
  2. The popups still say "Thought Name" rather than New Type or New Tag Name as the background text reminder.  

Take care.

TB9 - alt-tab showing rogue window.jpg 
Tags and types panes? (#3409 and #3646)

Speaking of summoning the Type/Tag popups:

It'd be handy to right-click on individual Type or Tags in these lists for options like Activate/assign, Edit Properties, Delete. A subset of the complete lists of options when right clicking the Activated Type or Tag in the plex. 
Confirmation of new Types and Tag creation - "empty" Types/Tags can be created (#3645, #3674, #3675)

Windows 10, build x158 - This is repeatable for both new Types and new Tags. 

Suspect it may be known, but if not here are observations from messing around with this a bit...my TMI 2 cents worth.


  1. Activate a Thought.
  2. Select Thought>Type or Tag from the main menu.
  3. Don't enter anything in the New Type or Tag name popup boxes.
  4. Do something different...press ESC; click in the plex, content window, another main menu; etc.  
  5. Regardless, an empty Type or a partial Tag item is created.  Types: no name or icon, Tags: no name, but w/preassigned pricetag icon:  
  6. Even if one DOES enter text in the new Type/Tag popup, pressing ESC creates an empty Type/Tag...doesn't abort the create fcn.  Instead, clicking somewhere after entering a name preserves what was typed (the intent, I presume...vs. requiring a confirmation??)...so an ESC issue, imo.
  7. These empty/partial Type/Tag Name and icon properties show up in all the right places...in both the keyboard Type/Tag Activation and Thought properties Type/Tag buttons' respective lists; Tag icon (only) pinned on the Thought in the plex; etc.  
  • Activated empty Types in the "Type Plex" present a red dot; Activated partial empty Tags in the "Tag Plex" present with the pricetag icon.  The empty Type/Tag properties can be edited normally to add Names and icons.
  • New empty/partial Types/Tags cannot be created via alternate paths: e.g., plex's Thought property's Type/Tag buttons>New.  Here the blinking red label box reminders trigger if "new" type/tag is clicked without entering text in the list boxes.  And, ESC properly works to abort, unlike #4 and #6 above.
  • Empty Types/Tags cannot be created from existing ones by deleting the icon (no problem) and the Name (old names stubbornly remain when deletion attempted - a good stubborn!) via properties.


  1. Abort the Tag/Type creation process if nothing's entered, regardless of what's pressed/clicked..or
  2. Don't allow continuing without a name entered.  Apply the same blinking red namebox design as used in other Type/Tag create interfaces; ESC to abort is required...or
  3. A different approach...present the Thought>Type/Tag menu differently: e.g, clone what's used in the plex Thought property>Tag/Type button list - functionality and presentation

#2 is probably a quick fix and will work (heads up, placement of the new name dialog box has some bugs in that it can span outside the Brain, and even show up outside TB - see attached screen sniplets)
#3 sounds good since it'd add consistency with other Tag/Type lists, but it would break from other top level menu cascading look/feel; and opening a new Tag/Type window right away rather than cascading might not be desired either.  Anyway, I leave it here for pondering.  Consistency is my 2 cents worth in this rambling.  

Minor issue Naming new Types/Tags:

Change the text: "Thought Name" in Thought>Type/Tag>New item boxes to "New Type Name", "New Tag Name".  It's misleading as-is since Thoughts, Types and Tags are different entities.  


Happy St. Patty's Day!


New Thought Tag: preassigned icon not visible in Tag Properties (#3630 and #3631)
Hi Matt!

Thanks for considering, and queuing the property box 'genre' reminder as a feature request. There's certainly less of a need than in TB8, but I believe it'd be helpful for new and migrating users. My experience is there is always a moderate to high learning curve with the Thought/Type/Tag construct, in part because property attribute assignments (cleverly/efficiently) all use a similar user interface.  

Yes, icons are a pinned item differentiator, but my opinion is a thought 'attribute/category/genre' (btw, what's the accepted word lumping thoughts, types, tags, link types, etc!?) differentiator is appropriate..for the reasons Type is differentiated; this in the pin bar but also the plex, property box.
Plus, it wouldn't be crazy to think user defined icons (and/or text colors) of Thoughts and Tags could be identical or, more likely similar, esp in larger brains; and where descretized Brain regions exist.  (Uh, me).  Link types are not pinnable, so this shouldn't cascade further?
One idea might be to simply 'tag' the pinned Thought Tag item with the TB9 default Tag icon (! [wink] )

mmm...maybe not...pinned Thoughts don't show assigned Tags (this might be a nice feature though, for pinned Thoughts)...and it'd create design/space issues on the pinned bar.  Have not thought through plex implications.   So...just an an off the cuff idea to consider, not a recommendation.  I'm sure your team has much better ideas.  A different encircling box than used for Types, even.  Ok, more than enough on that.  

Thanks, Matt.
New Thought Tag: preassigned icon not visible in Tag Properties (#3630 and #3631)

Thanks for the reply, Harlan.  

I didn't think of Tags as having inheritance like Types provide inherited icon/labels/text color attributes.  I guess since there's no "supertag" hierarchy with Tags, and Tags don't alter core Thought properties like Types do...  
So, it's essentially as if the design were: a new Tag 'inherits' an icon from a single TB9-internal "superTag" (poetic license here to imply hierarchy/inheritance); that supertag has the pricetag icon.  Text color is also inherited from internal defn (or maybe theme?), and Label inheritance doesn't apply (Tag Abbreviations are the corollary). 
If so, I get it, but it still seems simpler to pre-populate the pricetag icon [wink]... given the minimal Tag properties an no user-defined heirarchy/inheritance.  Just my preference to potentially decrease some confusion.  I can see the argument to not change anything, too.  

Anyway, speaking of Tag display...I frequently pin all three of: Tags, 'regional hub' Thoughts, and frequently used Types on the top of the Plex in order to to quickly activate, link, and shortcut-assign (Tags, Types).  I manually group-order these, L->R, Thoughts, Types, Tags.  I do this, in part, because there is not pinned Tag differentiation from pinned Thoughts.  In theory Tag/Thought icon/names could be the same.  Conversely Types on the pinned bar are differentiated with the same dotted outline box as used in the plex (this is really nice!).  

So, a suggestion is to consider visually differentiating pinned Tags from pinned Types and Thoughts; similarly, probably use the same differentiation for activated Tags in the plex, even though there is less need than plex Type-Thought differentiation. 
Might also consider stating in the respective property boxes if a Thought, Type, Tag (akin to v8).  I get the balance between TMI vs clean/minimal workspace...very common.

Again, thanks for considering.

New Thought Tag: preassigned icon not visible in Tag Properties (#3630 and #3631)

In build x157:

New Thought Tags are assigned - natively by TB9 upon Tag creation - a generic 'price tag' icon; same one for all new tags.  Understandably...to assure something shows up visually sticking to the Thought in the plex, and to help tags stand out better in report lists.  Assigning a personalized Tag icon after creation works fine, of course, overriding the placeholder...and showing up in the Tag Properties window.
However, when a new Tag is activated, the Properties window shows no icon (just the + sign...it appears unassigned).   Inconsistent - to me anyway - the preassigned icon visually appears, just like user-assigned icons in Tag lists, when pinning a Tag, etc.  
With that...I expected the pre-assigned Tag icon to be in the Tag Properties window after creation, until a personalized icon is assigned.  

No?  Null by design?   
A suggestion from my chair would be to consider populating the default Tag icon in the properties box, when created.
Thanks for considering. 
Delete Thought from Report - error (#3567)

This is a reproducible error generator, b153, 155, 156.  Windows 10

1. Generate Report 
2. Activate type/thought
3. Delete a type/thought in via plex (also occurs via selecting thought then deleting from the select window)
4. Click on the now-deleted item's name back in the Report window.  Error generates.  

This doesn't happen with Forget, only Delete.

Also, re Reports...+1 for bringing back the report icon next to the search bar.  

Event Properties dialog box - 2 apparent issues (#3489 and #3521)
in Windows build 153 w/Windows 10, when editing an Event via the pencil icon in note window's Event tab (i.e. activating the Event properties dialog box from the Event tab route [as opposed to accessing via timeline route]), two things observed:
  • the icon/menu in the LowerLeft corner of the Event properties dialog box doesn't work...a non-functional small graphic/icon shows up, not a menu to Delete or Detach.  
    • See screen clip below of what shows up when I click that icon.  (btw, this screen clip also shows the 2nd issue described below - rt side dialog box clipping when plenty of space available)

    • This menu/icon issue does NOT occur when editing the Event from the Timeline view .by left clicking the Event to access the Event properties box (i.e., Delete/Detach menu appears and works). 
    • also right clicking the Event brings up a menu with the activate thought/delete/detach/properties menu..selecting {Event} Properties; then clicking on the properties dialog LL icon/menu correctly shows the Delete/Detach options.

  • the Event properties popup displayed within the event/Notes area is cut off some on the right side (a couple-few characters in width, depending on notes width) even when there is plenty of real estate in the notes window to not be cut off.  It gets a little worse as the window gets narrower.
    • Reproduced easiest by starting with a wide notes window, say 1/2 to 1/3 screen width, clicking the pencil (in this case popup properties box is not clipped off); then closing out of event edit, making the notes window a little narrower and clicking on the pencil icon again.  Repeat until min notes widow width is reached.  The clipping and progression is reproducible on my system.

      tb9 edit properties.jpg
Problem Creating Keyboard Shortcuts (#3396)

I've had a similar issue (sounds like Patrick was able to reproduce it today).

I set up Shift-Ctrl-F as a Thought>Forget keyboard shortcut withing TB9.  
The combination shows up in the key combo column in Preference>Keyboard, as well as the popup when in the plex, right clicking on a Thought (i.e. "Forget    Shift-Ctrl-F").  
Pressing the combo doesn't do anything.  

I have not tried other shortcuts (commands beyond Forget, or different key combinations for Forget).

This is for PC version, build
Feature request - "Acquire image" (#3429)

Currently there is a convenient way within TB9 to acquire a screenshot with the thought note window's  + Add Attachment>Capture Image feature.

I frequently have notes, key business cards, photographs, other paper sources that I want in TB. I use either a scanner or my laptop's camera to create a jpg, pdf or other file format, then drag from the folder into TB.  Or sometimes a screencapture from that software.  

So my feature suggestion is: something akin to a +Add Attachment>"Acquire Image" (using twain drivers?) adjacent to "Capture Image".

If there is a way or trick within TB9 now, let me know!

Thanks for considering.
Beta 9 - Window Auto-hide, transparent? (#117)
When in my office w/2 monitors, there is a lot of screen real estate - I keep TB as one screen or part of one screen all the time.
On my laptop, though, there isn't enough real estate; I liked TB8's transparent (+1 for this feature) or autohide (know its not coming) modes.  

For TB9 on my laptop, I've found that a tiny utility - that allows me to toggle TB9's (or any other) window to "keep window on top" mode - quite useful.  The utility simply toggles this mode on/off with a key sequence.  This way I can drag in/out TB9 w/browser, my filemanager, Office, etc.

"Keep window on top" feature, of course, is in other software.  So I'll put a request it be in TB9; with a keyboard shortcut in the preferences>keyboard (Window) section.
As an aside, this is a requested feature by many for Window OS.  Maybe someday.  Don't know if it's in Mac OS.

If interested how this might work, there are a few free Windows utilities for this.  I chose the very simplest - called "Always on Top".  Runs in the system tray.  Click on any window desired to remain on top of all others with CTRL-Space and it does that.  When no longer desired, click on the window and press CTRL-Space again. Fortunately TB9 doesn't hijack this sequence :-)
Here's a link to the developers page for this freeware program.  Works well in my Windows 10 install.  
And/or...here's a link to a short review of a few other similar programs
Beta 9 - Window Auto-hide, transparent? (#117)
Hi Metta,
Yes, docking on the sides/top/bottom is the TB8 feature I was talking about not in TB9b; and I believe magana was too.  

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