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Why I want an API (was: A tool I would like)
Considering an API has been in the works since v4, it is probably wise for TheBrain to not give a timeline; they might be off by around 10 years...
Feature Request: Looping .GIF animations instead of Thought Name in the plex (#4385)
As a sub request of this, it would useful for a .gif as an icon to play when hovered over.
How do I open a brain? Brain 9
Streamlined interface = dumbed down?...
Feature Request: Spotlight Integration (#1528)
Dear all,

I would love to be able to bring up Spotlight (or Alfred, Quicksilver etc), type in the name of a thought, and have TheBrain open with that thought.



P.S. Consider the 10 year old http://forums.thebrain.com/post/suggestion-spotlight-and-quicksilver-plugins-1909003
Feature Request: Looping .GIF animations instead of Thought Name in the plex (#4385)
metta wrote: +1 -- I personally would like the option to insert ANY kind of image (not just .GIF animations) in lieu of a thought name -- and I see many potential benefits:

  • would go a long way toward making TheBrain MUCH more visually appealing to new users
  • would immensely enhance the potential for using TB as a visual curation tool
  • could potentially facilitate one of my priority feature requests: social image sharing

2 thumbs up for sure!

Three thumbs up for this!
Feature Request: Multi Level Labels (#4392)
Yes that is exactly it Harlan.
Feature Request: Multi Level Labels (#4392)
Several rows of labels is exactly what I mean [smile]
Feature Request: Multi Level Labels (#4392)
Hello Matt,

Thanks for your reply. What I would like to see is more elaborate information appearing when I hover over a thought. Yes, thought tags allow me to do this. But I would then have to create a tag for ever bit of information, clogging up my system of tags which is very concise.

If for example I am adding population size to cities, 13,245,031 is a one off piece of information for one city which would be a redundant tag. That's why a more flexible label system where I could press enter and add a new line of information would be very useful.


Feature Request: Multi Level Labels (#4392)

It would be very useful to have labels that allow for multiple levels of information. Upon pressing return in the labels field, one could add another level of information.

For example, in this case of a nation state, I would use one line for population, one for currency, one for main official language, etc.

This would allow for more complex information to appear when hovering over a thought.

Thanks for all your work,

Feature Request: Thought Reminders – Spaced Repitition – Timeline (#4245)
TheBrain as Learning Machine

How: Thought Reminders + Spaced Repetition.

Select a Thought -> Remind:

In x Days.
Every x Days.
Spaced Repetition: Creation of 4 events: Tomorrow, + 1 week, + 2 weeks, + 1 month.

The function automatically creates events that direct you to the thought at the assigned time.
Feature Changed - Please Change Back... Regarding Recent History list
 Toggle Simple (PB8) and Full (PB9) modes.
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