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Feature Request: Thought Reminders – Spaced Repitition – Timeline (#4245)
TheBrain as Learning Machine

How: Thought Reminders + Spaced Repetition.

Select a Thought -> Remind:

In x Days.
Every x Days.
Spaced Repetition: Creation of 4 events: Tomorrow, + 1 week, + 2 weeks, + 1 month.

The function automatically creates events that direct you to the thought at the assigned time.
Feature Changed - Please Change Back... Regarding Recent History list
 Toggle Simple (PB8) and Full (PB9) modes.
Feature Request: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
It would be amazing to be apple to apply positive and negative valences to links to create and calculate fuzzy cognitive maps. 

Brainstorming: How can TheBrain better represent visual data?
Here are some good examples of visualizations:


http://wormweb.org/neuralnetcenters the neurons you click on. By zooming out you can see more distant connections. Click on Options -> Show more connections to see more. 

I think this visualization would work well for TheBrain. A slider to choose amount of connections would be useful, as as you can see, in this visualization the complexity is instantly overwhelming. The same visualization in 3D would help manage too many links.


http://www.rchoetzlein.com/website/wp-content/uploads/quanta-720.mp4 has superb timeline and circle-packing visualizations.

Organic Information Visualization.

is a fascinating way of visualizing time.


Great 3D concept space @

Help moving data from an API into TheBrain
Is the only way to get the data into TheBrain via an API?
Help moving data from an API into TheBrain
Not sure what happened, my previous post disappeared.

I would like to create a Brain based on this API:


It says all responses are in JSON. Will that work with TheBrain? Or will I need to convert to XML?

A bit clueless here [smile]

Dynamic Ontology
No but must be fascinating. Very secretive.
I think the place to search is "3d hierarchy" in google. 

Example: http://www2.parc.com/istl/groups/uir/publications/items/UIR-1991-06-Robertson-CHI91-Cone.pdf 
Please post release notes - Beta testing results (#3656)
 Big bummer that Inbox will not be part of version 9.
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
I would like to be able to assign a timeline to any thought. Say I have James Dean in my Brain. I would like to click on a timeline icon to activate that thought's timeline. Browse through his biography, with events that may or may not be connected to other thoughts.

The next level of complexity would be able to select two thoughts with timelines and combine them, automatically color coding the different timelines so they are easy to distinguish.
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Will the Timeline also eventually represent Thought creation/modification date? I use TheBrain to store and review knowledge. It would be great to be able to wake up and to see what Thoughts I created the day before. Even better if I can scroll back to the week before, and gradually load more and more, reaching back until the beginning of my Brain.
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Appreciate your thoughts Matt. Multiple timelines solves the problem of cluttering one timeline with too much information, and dividing temporal information into appropriate chunks (history of x). If I want to review the history of Cuba, it is much more effective for me to see that particular timeline instead of one general timeline where for any period (say the 20th century) there would be many many dates.

This is again from the perspective of someone who uses TheBrain and would therefore use the timeline historically, which is currently not what is catered for. Please do consider that there are many of us who use TheBrain in this way.

A next level of awesomness would be able to overlap two seperate timelines so you can see the overlapping patterns if you want!
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
I would see it very useful to have multiple timelines per brain: one for the history of psychology, one for the history of cuba, one for the life of James Dean, etc. It would make sense to be able to determine the beginning and end dates (if there is one) for each timeline. Also, the ability to set the appropriate unit of time (days, months, years, decades, centuries, etc) could keep down the processing load.

Timeline export could indeed be interesting, especially if you can export to other familiar formats, or some kind of html code!

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