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Dynamic Ontology
Some TheBrain Geeks might fight this approach to information management interesting!

What other software do you use (non-competing)
Hello TheBrain Family,

I'm wondering: what other kind of programs you use for information management? I don't mean direct competitors like Evernote or mindmapping, but other things like databasing, visualizing, etc. I'm only using TheBrain now but would love to discover new possibilities!
Brain 9: no Expanded view???
TheBrain 10:

Social WebBrain
Link/Network Analysis (http://forums.thebrain.com/post/linknetwork-analysis-8085431?pid=1292026286)
3D and VR Thought Navigation (http://forums.thebrain.com/post/seriously-cool-3d-brain-visualization-8107155?pid=1292323166)
Suggested Links when creating thought
Wander+ (http://forums.thebrain.com/post/feature-request-wander-8096313?pid=1292127374)
Brainstorming (http://forums.thebrain.com/post/feature-request-brainstorms-virtual-brains-mindmaps-8094135?pid=1292113113)
AI Integration

Please [smile]

Timeline and Events (#3481)
Great work!

I use my brain as a historical archive and would really appreciate being able to zoom out beyond a year as mentioned above to decades, centuries etc. I would also really appreciate being able to create B.C. dates [smile]
Far-off Feature Request: Brain CLI
This TheBrain/Watson project sounds AMAZING!
I appreciate your thoughtful response Harlan.

While I'm a huge fan of TheBrain, I really dislike it's lack of transparency. Nothing to share? Not even a vague timeframe, like 2017 or 18? Why keep people in the dark? Nothing to share at the moment says it all.

I also struggle to understand why the API isn't a top priority. One of the main reasons Evernote is so much more popular is because they opened up the platform with their API. In 2012 there were 15,000 API developers, triple the amount of the year before. (https://www.programmableweb.com/news/evernotes-api-growth-15k-developers-billions-requests/2012/09/17 ) How many do you think there are now? That's tens of thousands of people expanding the possibilities of your software for free.

Everything seems to be so slow at TheBrain, while other apps update so much faster. Why does this happen? Is the management really conservative? Is the workflow poorly organized? Or is the work simply very hard? At times I am eternally grateful for the work done at TheBrain, but sometimes I feel the people at TheBrain are lazy, or incompetent, simply because I have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Why not open up the process, at least a bit? Are you afraid ideas will be stolen? Then save the most important one's for yourself! But for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, make more transparency part of the service for those who pay the extraordinarily high price for your service!

P.S. Love you all at TheBrain [wink]

P.S.S https://www.programmableweb.com/api-university/8-real-world-api-strategies-and-keys-to-their-success
TheBrain doesn't get Cyber Monday
10%? What kind of a discount is that? One major barrier to adoption is the high license and subscription price, especially that whopper of a first year. That prevents many people from ever becoming paid users. If you had offered the first year for $159 and the pro license for $110, you would have recouped the losses of the lower prices with tons of new users.

Or is my economics off?

Curious to hear what other people think.


Feature Request: Guided Wander
I think it would be great to record a series of jumps as a Guided Wander. Perfect for presentations either before a real audience or for the web brain.

How it would work:

1. I press record.
2. I navigate from thought to thought, either by clicking on nearby links, or using the search function.
3. Each jump is recorded into the Guided Wander.
4. I can then choose the amount of time to stay on each thought like in normal wander. You start the Guided Wander, and it auto-jumps from thought to thought, pausing for the specified amount of time.
5. Or if I'm using it as a real audience presentation, I can press play/pause/forwards/backwards like in powerpoint – even better with a remote.

Cool option would be to expand thought icon/image, also specifiable to a certain delay or with a click of a mouse/remote.

Would be great for guiding people through webbrains and doing powerpoint type presentations.

Thanks for all your heard work,


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