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Custom XML
I want to use PB as a database editor and then export the XML to another program for visualization.

Is there a way I can control the XML export? As in how everything is tagged up? I tried placing XML in the notes section of thoughts so that I can access it on export but it does not seem to export as XML.

Any help appreciated!
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to develop a building industry database using webbrain. http://narskodata.com/blog/ is my site, and its real spartan right now.

comment please

Data that moves up and down the network...
I want my thoughts to inherit data from each other. I don't see a clear way to do this, but maybe there is a work around that someone can suggest? 

This is the example I am working with. I have building thoughts that have data relating to their area i.e. sq meters. The building thoughts are connected to tags and thoughts like architect or under construction. Can I have the architect thought collect data from all his building children thoughts and show how much cumulative sq m are associated with that architect
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