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Notes with Image copied between Brains (#3971)
Confirmed, seems to be working correctly now in 9.0.204.

link to existing thought instead of create new one (#4070)
Ahhh, I misunderstood, the use case clarified. Good point, thanks!
Ability to open search result in new Tab / Window (#4069)
With the inclusion of shift+clicking the search results, it reminded me of another feature I started wishing for:

The ability to ctrl+click or option+click the search result to open them in a new tab or window. 

Use case - The current Open in New Tab / Window allow us to open a thought that is on the plex (including history or pinned) and is very useful. The addition of this would allow me to search for thoughts for completely different areas of TheBrain and not disturb the current session. Not critical, as the workaround right now is activate the thought, open in new Tab|Window and then back to the prior thought, but it would reduce the steps. [smile]
Search of Events Added

Very useful (both additions). Thanks!
link to existing thought instead of create new one (#4070)
Modifying the thought name from within the link dialog hasn't ever been possible. I think the functionality would end up confusing a lot of users and resulting in situations where the software isn't doing what they expect. The way it is now, it's clear. I'm either entering a new thought, or choosing an existing one.
Note Link Icons
Not sure when the URL and Thought Link icons in the notes were updated, but I like 'em. [smile]
Speed/Time of TheBrain 9 update process
For the past 5-6 days it seems like downloading TheBrain 9 updates takes much longer than usual. Not sure of the cause of the slow updates, if it's just me then might be network issues, but in case it's not, reporting it.

Update: By longer I mean 10-50 minutes.
The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
To actually add something useful to this conversation (although I might argue that the fluffy bunny was incredibly useful), if I need to search a web page (which does actually happen now and then), I ⌘+O (or whatever your shortcut is to open an attachment) and then just search it in Safari.
The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
Ahahahahaha! Tricked you. That's actually the Beast of Caerbannog.
Now your fate is truly sealed.

The ability to search on html page opened in your embedded browser is required (#4023)
USELESS I TELL YOU! It's not even worth glancing at the web page because of it's useless-ocity.

In fact it has negative value. It actually sucks the life force right out of me when I'm forced to look at a web page using anything which doesn't allow me to search it.

Quite frankly, it's a hazard to humanity. NAY, it's an abomination to creation itself!

Fortunately the life force sucking - dire consequences of this crime against the universe can be counteracted by immediately looking at a picture of a fluffy bunny. Here's one now to immediately review if you are at deaths door due to this criminal act of negligence.
Feature request - Search results - display type and tags in the hover box (#4025)
Lunieth wrote: I have often used the same "Title" for different thoughts, differentiating them in the Brain by using Types and Tags. 
So when I use the Search box for "Report" (for example) all the "Report" thoughts are returned (as would be expected), however, it is sometimes difficult to find the one I want quickly (even when I colour coded my thought types), especially for older thoughts which I have not remembered their context (after all this is one of the reasons why I am using the software).

FYI, if you have thoughts with the same name and you do a search, it will show the parents name also to disambiguate (fun fact, possibly the only reason I'm replying here is to use the word disambiguate... [biggrin]).

For example, if I have two thoughts called "Ability":


his is showing that there are two thoughts, one with the Parent of Rooster and one with a parent of Duck.
Please Expand Search Children
Quote: If you want to search more than 3 clicks, select related thoughts and then search within the selection. 

Ohhhhh, didn't think about that. Nice!
No Results When adding a New Thought .198 (#4024)
Tested MacOS only.

When I type a name it is no longer returning a list of thoughts that match the name. 
9.0.198 Search Has Results but not showing
Note that adding to the selection doesn't when in this state either (I didn't really expect it to, but seemed to be a good test to see if it was UI only or...).

Edit: Nevermind, if my theory is correct, add to selection doesn't work for note/attachment results. [crazy]
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