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Open the Timeline and zoom to Day. [wink]
Feature Request Tabs
Quote: 1) The tabs are restored when opening the brain to their same status as when the brain was closed, so one can develop a set of useful locations / tabs that one uses consistently across work sessions

This should already occur. I generally have 2 tabs on my work machine that always persist. As long as I don't close the tabs by mistake, all tabs are restored when restarting thebrain with the view state and notes/plex size. Does this not occur for you? It could be a bug.
Calendar Icon Not Showing and request for color
If I have thoughts with an event that was created pre .162, the calendar icon doesn't show when activating the thought. 

Workaround: Adding a new event causes the icon to appear, the icon persists after deleting the event (when there are other events on the thought).

Also, would it be possible to get a colored icon. Having a black and white calendar next to a yellow notes tab and tag icons is a bit weird. 

Finally, thanks for adding this, it's very useful. [smile]
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Harlan wrote: 9.0.161 is out now on the alpha channel and includes the changes I was mentioning earlier that make events much more thought-centric. Additionally, reminders can now be setup for events.

.161 and .162 Event Tab changes
Thanks for the changes here.

I prefer having the recent events at the top (although still think having a sort would be useful). I also really like the event color showing in the tab.
Also, scrolling came just in time... One of my thoughts now has > 13 events and it would have been almost impossible to view.
Also, clicking an event in the timeline will only show the pop-up when the thought is activated is just about right in a day of usage.

Great job, I've officially switched from having Week -> Day thoughts to just Weekly summary thoughts and the timeline!
Event name on the timeline in 9.0.161
Agreed, for such a small vertical space, joining them together always results in the label being truncated. Although, basically I use mouseover to see the details a lot, and find that helps. 
Feature Request Tabs

Quote: 1) Open selected thought in new tab - a right-click command to do this would be very useful for quickly creating tab to view a selected thought. At the moment the only way I know to do this is to open a new tab, then open the same brain and drill down the the thought.

+1(,000). I would have used this at least 7-10 times a week since first requested. So, yeah. + a lot.

+1 for the second one too, I can see this being useful.

Event Colors?
Hmm, I'm also running macOS 10.12.3 on 2 machines (both MacBook Pro's) and don't have this behavior (just tested again).
Not sure what the difference is.
Missing Colors on Link Types Popup / Type Popup / Tag Popup
This is due to TheBrain 9 using the OS native menu now. See Harlan's reply in this thread.
Clicking Error Messages no longer dismisses (#3684)
I think this was introduced in .161
Tested on macOS only.
When there is an error message in the message area (f.ex Sync failed), clicking no longer dismisses.

The only way I've found to dismiss is Quit and restart.
Wow, thanks for the update Harlan, that's great to hear!
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
@Moltaire, I believe Harlan already answered this earlier in this thread.
Issues Moving Attachments Internally
If you want to move files to internal storage on drag and drop by default, Check Preferences > UI Tab and change On drag and drop of files to Move dropped files.

You should also be able to use the modifier keys ( ⌃ / ⌥ / ⌘) while dragging an attachment to switch between link, copy and move respectively.

However, from Dropzone, yeah, when you drag a file and it's set to link (or use the link modifier) it will link to the temporary file Dropzone creates, so don't do that. [smile]

Update: Tested with modifier keys with Dropzone and works when copying and moving.
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