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Move a synced brain to local only
I would make a brain archive first (just in case).
But I just tested on a test brain (LOL) and as far as I can tell it removed the sync but kept my brain locally as usual (I opened it and when I went to sync it asked if I wanted to upload).

So, yes. [smile]
We need more layers of thoughts to be seen )
It should be possible to expand one level (to see grandchildren and grandparents). Click the + button on the toolbar or choose View > Expand All.
Please add more icons on the toolbar
The Report and Timeline buttons should be to the left of the search bar:

Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated
"+1 for full-featured reports. I'd hate to lose functionality we have in V8 when migrating to V9."

There have been multiple statements about this from TheBrain team that v9 is a complete re-write from the ground up and not all features from v4-8 (which is really what we are talking about with v8 features) will make it into the v9 release. So it's already stated that some functionality will not be in there, but will be implemented in subsequent releases. On the other hand v9 has some features v8 doesn't have.

So, no hate necessary. Just a setting of expectation. 

Edit: Tried to Quote, but it then made all text a quote.
Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated

I hear you Mark. My main reason for a response was you saying that TheBrain team didn’t think the tool was used. So I included my frequency and what I personally missed. I certainly didn’t intend it to be a reflection on how everyone else used reporting, just one users observations for TheBrainTeam to consider.

Edit - further clarification, I used inverse filtering relatively frequently, my comment was specific to normal filtering.

Reports / Advanced search: less sophisticated
I use reports between 2-6 times per week. These are the features I've missed thus far in v9

  • The ability to filter on untyped thoughts
  • The ability to sort by date created, not just last modified
  • The ability to choose OR when selecting tags
  • The ability to do a reverse filter. - As a side note, the filtering function in v8 and prior was not very useful the way it was implemented, so is probably why I didn't use it. I believe I posted several enhancement requests around this. Specifically the problem was when applying filters, it was very hard to not just create a plex with just orphan thoughts. The ability to exclude thoughts from the filter with a certain type or tag would have helped, as well as tag or type thoughts (the actual thought representation of the type or tag) not being affected by the filter. 
  • The ability to report on private thoughts. 
  • Custom reports
I think robust reporting features are a must for large databases, and would love to have thoughts that represent specific queries at some point - meaning you activate a thought and it shows the results of a query you have pre-specified.

Lets face it, some of the reporting features in v8 weren't great (like the number of clicks it took to create or activate a custom report), and there are some nice reporting features in v9 that aren't in v8, but I really hope that reporting in TheBrain will receive a lot of love in a future version, because it's one of it's weaker areas.
Not all weblinks are sent to Inbox (9.03.5 on ios 11.1)
Activate the thought you wish to add the URL to. If you want to add the url to a new thought you will have to create it. 

Then click the paper clip button. This will take you to the attachment screen. There will be a button that looks like a box with an arrow pointing into it. It should have a red badge with the number of items sent to the inbox. Click that. 
FULL search box, please
Some tips:
After tying a search and selecting a thought, you can click back in the list and it will precious with your term and results. 
You can also add the results to the selection from the results toolbar (for a more permanent list) or choose to only search under the current active thought. 

There is is no way to rebuild the index because it’s no longer required. It uses the OS index. So if you are finding that some attachments or notes aren’t found, make sure that the OS does find the file using those exact terms and then contact support. 
Capture in iOS (#327)
Thanks Matt. The workaround I came up with was using the share sheet to open the article in Safari, then using the share sheet to save to the inbox. 

Good to know, but a needless hoop, and most people would be confused and turned off by this at the get-go. 
Capture in iOS (#327)
1. I'm in Reeder on iOS. I want to capture a web article. 
2. I activate the share function. The Brain capture isn't there.
3. I activate TheBrain and try to add a URL. I can't. 
4. I go back to Reeder and open the share sheet again. This time I copy to clipboard. 
5. I paste it into Drafts. It is indeed a URL. 
6. I sit here and think about how to get this into TheBrain from my iPhone. I can't.

I'm going to be blunt. This is beyond frustrating. 
Not only is the fact that the share sheet option isn't available, but the fact that I can't manually enter a URL or a file from within the app. 
Global Search and Replace / Undo Hyperlink (#3666)
For 2, highlight the link and choose Remove Inline Formatting.
Sync Button (#4458)
I prefer the cloud. [smile]
Manual sort order (#167) (#151)
shatcher wrote:

We are focusing more and putting a lot more work into the mobile apps. There will be changes and improvements coming over the next few weeks.

Cheers, Sean

Wooo! Good to hear
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