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Better indicator for new thoughts
Cerebrum wrote:

Another related suggestion: Having a quick way of toggling "Activate last created Thought" in Preferences, UI.

Activate create thought works well... except in Mind Map mode, then it's stupidly annoying. I think this might be a personal problem, but I've ended up turning it off. It would be nice to be able to activate and de-activate on cue.

Same with showing sibling thoughts.
Better indicator for new thoughts
Nice one Cerebrum! I always forget about the arrange by. And it can have a keyboard accelerator assigned to it to make it even faster-er.
This would best be handled by contacting support directly. support@thebrain.com
Don't like the behaviour for multiple parents
mrsandbags wrote:
MacOS desktop.

Interesting, there is an interaction with font-size.

With the font-size at, say, 40% from bottom I can see 5 parents and they are stacked 3,2.

Move it up to, about, 60% and they are in a row 4 visible, one in the scroll-region.

I can't figure out how to drag a node up or down to make more space and see what happens then.

Put the mouse on the plex background (not over a thought), click and drag to move the center node up and down, creating more space for the parents, or child thoughts.
Sync'ing with old versions
No, not that I'm aware of. To ensure no sync I would disconnect from the network, then open it. 
Or, if it's not that critical, open TheBrain, Immediately hit the dropdown next to the cloud and uncheck sync this brain automatically.
Better indicator for new thoughts

+1, some sort of highlight on new thoughts that are created until the active thought is changed would be helpful. 

A workaround until they have a chance to look at this:
Reports > Change sort to Date and Refresh. Shows my newly created thoughts at the top. [wink]

Edit: The refresh isn't required, it does so when changing the sort automatically.

[general] do you "parent" everything?
ruudhein wrote:

Hierarchical pruning == premature optimization [wink] 

Ha, exactly what I ended up finding. Although it's kinda fun, and fills some strange need I had for order. Hence it taking a while to de-train myself.
[general] do you "parent" everything?
LOL, not very much?
Periodically (which sounds a lot fancier than every time I think of it) I run both the parentless and orphan report (and duplicate name). If a thought appears on the orphan report, generally that's a problem/oversight. And sad... poor thought.

For the parentless I just look them over. Right now I have 100 exactly. I can pretty much tell if they should be there or not. A lot of time Companies and web sites have no parents, but they themselves are the parent of articles. If something stands out to me I'll either fix it there and then, or tag with "revisit" and research when I have more time.

I mainly navigate through search and relationships, which means that when I do a search and don't find something, I'll hunt it down and either modify the name or add a label or relationship to another thought so I will find it next time. This is how I optimize my primary databases, not through hierarchical pruning.

Unless... lol it's in a "high traffic" area, or an area I'm in a lot. Then I do a lot of arranging and maintaining so the information I need is always visible, or at least easily available and intuitive. This is where I get my biggest bang for my buck, so it's where I invest the most time. 
how/what does TB store on the phone?
I believe it now works the same as iOS. Which means when TheBrain downloads your database, the structure, thoughts and notes are downloaded, but attachments remain in the cloud, and are downloaded on demand (when you open one). 

This means that the size stays reasonable on mobile devices, but unfortunately also requires forethought if you are going to need access to an attachment and not have a data connection.
TheBrain 9 documentation
Yeah, that's a good point Cerebrum. Although, to bring it to a personal level, I haven't updated my TheBrain User KnowledgeBase brain since I started using TheBrain 9. 
Not because of lack of interest, but out of the sheer amount of work keeping up with the changes and re-re-re organizing things would entail. 

And the documentation I wasn't creating wasn't official, so didn't have to fit within specific guidelines. 😱

Completely unrelated side note... it seems we have new emoji choices. It's the little things... 😈
[general] do you "parent" everything?
I do not parent everything, although I parent most things. Some jump thoughts aren't parented, and I tend not to do an exhaustive categorization any more, basically just to a level where it'll show up when I look for it. I've gone through a slow process of loosening my hierarchical system over the years of using TheBrain, drifting towards information centers that make sense to me and the way I use the information.

Although I'm the only user of my database, I've had work to make things more accessible with my public brains, thus more hierarchy.
TheBrain 9 documentation
Although it appears logical from this forum feedback, from an actual support standpoint it isn’t. 
The actual number of people who use the documentation vs number of users is very low. I would estimate between 5-15% based on working for a software company and creating documentation and supporting customers. 
For a small company this means it’s barely worth it. The time it takes to create (which is a longer process than people think) could be spent documenting issues, creating videos, supporting customers etc. 

Not only that, but the software is in a period of rapid change right now. This means it is not at all efficient to complete the documentation as it will just have to be revised again and again and again. Most likely if they do decide to create a manual it will be released quite a while after the beta is finished.  
Duplicating Brains

In step 1 we change the GUID. In step 5 we restore that brain zip so the original data retains it's GUID.

I use them all the time. Yeah, it's a pain but I find them too valuable and am willing to deal with the issues.

Edit: I didn't realize there was a second page until after posting this... oops! 😃 
And it's still only 2. [wink] 

I usually try to only post on threads where I have something material to add. However, my understanding is that user feedback is generally requested on a user forum, as the devs can get a better idea of the usage scenarios. 

Duplicating Brains
This is the part where I eat my words... LOL

If you are going to copy and paste an old brain into a new brain, don't do this if the original brain contains thoughts with thought Links in Notes. The thought links will point to the original brain's thoughts, they aren't updated to the new brain. To my mind this is a bug that I think I've reported before. So basically, on your new brain if you use thought links within notes it will not activate the thought that exists in the data you've copied over when you click the link (which is what I would expect). It opens the original brain and tries to open that though. And if the original brain doesn't exist, you have a broken thought link in the notes.

So the only SAFE way to duplicate a brain if that brain contains thought links in notes which you want to preserve is currently:

1. Create a brain zip of the original brain.
2. On the original brain, reassign it's GUID. 
3. Make a brain zip of this NEW GUID brain.
4. Delete the NEW GUID brain.
5. Restore the original brain back from brain zip.
6. Use the NEW GUID brain zip as your template. When you need to use it, restore it and immediately reassign the GUID. I THINK this doesn't break the Thought Link notes, but it's been a while since I've tested, so test first.

This is convoluted (see, told you I'd eat my words [biggrin]) and not user friendly.

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