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Consistent Text Selection Error in Notes Pane (#2694)
This appears to be resolved now (at least in my testing on macOS). Woooo!
Consistent Text Selection Error in Notes Pane (#2694)
This appears to be resolved now (at least in my testing on macOS). Woooo!
Feature Suggestion: Preferences-Keyboard Keyboard Focus on Plex
Also, [Esc] cancels a search.
In the example you provided:
1. ⌘+s to search for apple, arrow keys to navigate, [Enter] to activate. Pressing [Enter] clears the search so arrow keys will then interact with the plex again.

2. ⌘+s to search for the thought, click the Orphan thought button to create (we used to be able to click [Tab] + [Enter] in a prior release, this no longer works on macOS, hopefully a bug?). No point browsing here, but ⌘+← to go back to history and then arrow keys to browse.

3. (Extra) ⌘+s to search, up or down arrow keys to navigate search results. If I don't find anything and want to get back to arrow browsing the plex, press [Esc] to get back.
Open in New Tab - Extra Area, Tabs position different (Same as for New Window) (#3928, #3929, #3930)
Related - When you open in New Tab you can't drag the splitter to resize the notes/attachments area.
Feature Suggestion: Open Thought in New Tab (#1362)
I use it on my live systems. However, I'm also diligent on making backups and consider myself enough of a power user to be fairly comfortable with doing non-standard testing and workarounds. 

Lets put it this way, I thought I'd lost all my event data (and I use the timeline heavily) a few releases ago and had a plan in place to get the data back without resorting to TheBrain support (although I immediately reported the issue after I discovered it). Turned out the data wasn't actually removed, just no longer displayed, so I didn't have to do this. 

If you aren't comfortable with this, I'd recommend staying with the Beta.
Feature Suggestion: Open Thought in New Tab (#1362)
That is most likely because your preferences are set to Beta, not Alpha.
List 'o Thoughts without Reports
Science Fiction isn't my go-to genre, so it's not as built out as some of my other lists. However, I'm including the ones I haven't read but look interesting (or the next to read in a series) and my favorites.

Bonus 3: Copy as Text Outline with Notes allows the thoughts to easily be shared (you can copy and paste into different brains and it will be recognized).
Feature Suggestion: Open Thought in New Tab (#1362)
Thought I'd point out that this is now possible (in new tab or new window) in .188. And we can assign Keyboard Shortcuts to the commands!

Search results are inconsistent with URL attachments. (#3916)
@systemswiki - What you are asking for can actually be done, just not in instant search. 

  1. Open Reports
  2. Change Thoughts to By Attachments
  3. Change Type to URL
  4. Type a portion of the URL name into the Name.
  5. Press [Enter] or the Refresh button
URLs currently aren't indexed at all for instant search, so I would assume that once this feature is implemented, both the URL Title and content would be available via instant search like other other file types.
List 'o Thoughts without Reports
I've used this quite a few times to good effect, so thought I'd share it.
TL;DR version: You can select a tag (or type, or both) and a parent thought and show common children to get a list.

First, I have a tag called interesting. I apply this to a lot of stuff. I also have book thoughts (typed with "Book"), that are also under parent thoughts which are genres. 
For example, Bird Box is a thought with a type of Book, and is under the Genre, Horror, Book.

Now I have a rather large number of thoughts tagged as interesting (112), and of those 84 are books. 
But what if I just got done reading Stiletto and am looking to change the pace a bit with a Science Fiction book?
I can't easily do this using a report (I can get the cross section of Books with the Interesting Tag, but not under one or more specific thoughts). But I can still easily get a list of Science Fiction books I'm interested in. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Interesting Tag. ⌘ + Click to add to selection. 
  2. Navigate to the Genre, Science Fiction thought and ⌘ + click to add to selection.
  3. Navigate to the Book tab. ⌘ + Click to add to selection (I'm doing this because I also have books AND movies under the Genre, Science Fiction thought, if I didn't it wouldn't be necessary).
  4. Right-Click the multiple selection window and choose Show Common Children
  5. If necessary, expand generations from 1 to 2 (I often group books under Series sub-groups)
  6. Then click Replace Selection (you may have to scroll down to see this)

There I have it, all my Science Fiction books that I thought would be interesting.

Bonus: Because I activated the original thoughts, I can easily use the history list at the bottom of the plex to re-select them, or select one or two and navigate to a new thought to do a slightly different list.
Bonus 2: After step 6 I can also right-click the list and choose copy as text outline or copy as text outline with notes to paste to another program (or a note in TheBrain).
Strange Screen Artifact - .184 and .185 (#3904)
When creating a new thought a blank square will quickly appear and disappear while typing the thought name. The square seems to appear above and to the right of the new thought creation window.

I would include a screenshot, but it basically flashes on screen, so would be very hard to capture. If you can't recreate, let me know and I can capture a video.

Tested on macOS, on two different machines (both a MacBook Pro) with different brains.
Error Message Every Time Brain Syncs (#3879)
The sync button was visible when the error occurred. Strange. Anyway, it no longer occurs after upgrading to .184. Thanks!
9.0.183 hiding Events [Fixed in 9.0.184]
Thanks for the quick response and fix Harlan!
9.0.183 hiding Events [Fixed in 9.0.184]
Same here. Immediately noticed and stopped synchronization on my home machine (where I installed it).
When starting TheBrain running 9.0.183 nothing shows in the timeline.
I activated a thought with events, and those events were deleted (no events tab showed and the event symbol disappeared on activation).

Will revert to prior version and restore from backup on my home machine.
Error Message Every Time Brain Syncs (#3879)
My main database on my work machine synchronizes fine. Well, actually, they both seem to synchronize fine. 
However, on my home machine, every time the synchronization starts I get the Unexpected error window, with the restart or continue option. 

When I restart TheBrain doesn't restart, however a TheBrain 9 process spawns in the activity log and proceeds to take up quite a bit o' cpu. It's possible to have multiple of these processes running. 

Anyway, here are the error logs from when the sync is initialized.

Update: Output.log sent to support, ticket 55220.
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