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Crawl in TB9?
There's a report for Orphan thoughts. You could run that, then use the report tool to add to selection. 
package or export TB8 thoughts and attachments for import into TB9
For the entire v8 Brain, in v9 Choose File > Import and then browse to the Brain file (or back up to a Brainzip and browse to that).
For individual thoughts, I think the best bet is to copy them to a new v8 Brain, then do the above. 
Event Date Not Updating After Original Sync (#3539)
Thanks, I've stopped using all day events until this was resolved. It will be nice to be able to use them again.
Toolbar Icons
Tested in .169 on macOS

  1. There seems to be an extra home button after the sync button
  2. The Timeline button shows when active as depressed. However when not active it shows as highlighted (what the other buttons do on mouse-over). I think it should just have no state when not active.
  3. The Reports button (yay, it's back!) never shows a change, unless mousing over, then it shows as highlighted.
TheBrain 9 Themes
Blue Paint - Well, probably teal or some other color. But whatevs, I'm going with blue.
TheBrain 9 Theme - Blue Paint
Whew it's been a while. 
I ran across this and couldn't resist turning it into a new theme. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


This theme is attached as a .brz.
Once downloaded, import intoTheBrain9. Open the brain, and choose Brain >Theme. Then click Save and name it.

Feature suggestion: edit thought without activation
Quote: Or what whatever key you assign to 'Show Thought Properties'.

Thanks for clarifying. It's imbedded so deeply in muscle memory I forgot about that. [smile]
Feature suggestion: edit thought without activation
Ctrl + Enter while hovering over a non-active thought. 
Please let me turn off automatic link-creation in notes (#3744)
I think Preferences > UI > Replace URL with page title in Notes on paste will disable some of the notes link automation. Note that thoughts that are pasted into the note still has automation associated with it.
New-line isn't always a new paragraph
Sometimes I want a new line,
I press Shift Enter
From this a new line appears.
Renaming Surprise
So I just renamed a thought without thinking about it. Turns out the thought name was used contextually in 2 child thoughts. It prompted me to rename, I hit Enter on the keyboard, it renamed the thought and the contextual portion of the child thoughts. 

I'd read this in the release notes, even tested it a few times, but it's really cool when I'm not paying attention and it automatically updates things for me.


10/10 - Will rename again.
Which are my most densely connected thoughts? (3372)
Quote: That generally provides developers a better picture of the intended use case and if/how it fits into the current plan

Otherwise it might be too much trouble for them to faff with... [biggrin] 

Couldn't resist, sorry.

Update: AHA! Page 147 (number) or p155 (electronic) of the v8 User guide. If you are interested in learning what the feature did, and if you would find it useful in the future.
Which are my most densely connected thoughts? (3372)

The way to determine the shortest path between two thoughts is to Select the two thoughts, right-click the selection window and choose Select Path Between.
That will add the joining thoughts to the selection window.

In v8 and below there was a way to show the "central" thoughts in the brain, I think it was done by the number of child thoughts, connecting thoughts and ... dunno, stuff. [smile] Anyway, it's not available in v9 at this time (bear in mind that v9 is a from-the-ground-up re-write), and I'm not sure if it's planned or not. Might be a good question to ask.

It was a nice novelty for me, but I only used it a few times and that was it. I'm guessing re-adding this might not be a priority right now.

If this is something you think you'd use, it might be a good idea to describe what you want and how you'd use it (or see it being of value). That generally provides developers a better picture of the intended use case and if/how it fits into the current plan, and other forum members something to discuss/rally behind or provide alternate suggestions.

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