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Thought Icons Bug in imported Brain (#4322)
I can't recreate the steps when I do this with a new brain, sorry. However, this is the steps that occurred with this Brain:

1. Created a new brain.
2. Exported my existing Brain to a .brz file. 
3. Opened the new brain and imported the .brz.

(The reason I did this was to create a work specific Brain. Before I found this issue I spent quite a bit of time deleting a lot of non applicable thoughts). 

Now on certain thoughts the thought icon is obviously there (both in the hidden file in the file system and on the thought). However, it doesn't actually appear, although the thought size is adjusted to make room for the icon. 

Deleting the icon and adding a new one causes the new icon to flash briefly on the thought properties window and then disappear.

One interesting thing to note: I believe this occurs on all thoughts that were duplicated from an existing thought (I use thoughts as templates). 

On thoughts which were created normally, this doesn't occur (again, I can't recreate this within the software).

I've e-mailed a .BRZ to support with thoughts that can recreate this. Ticket ID 57688

Is there a way to "reset" the thought so it will accept new thoughts? I tried duplicating and interestingly, the same thing happens with the duplicated thoughts. It also carries across when the thought is copied to a new brain. 

When should a Thought really be a Note, and vice versa
I don't think I'm adding anything new here, but to me a thought is a representation of something, and the notes/attachments/thought icons are details for whatever it's representing. When that thought is the active thought, I use the related thoughts as the context for the representation. Over a long period of time I moved away from pure hierarchic arrangements and now I link based on context and my needs when viewing that thought.

For example:
A Meeting - Notes are Detail
Book - Parent is the author and a second parent for genre, cover is the icon, hyperlink to GoodReads and then review in the notes.
Day - Date is the name, notes on what I did for the day in the notes
Movie - Parent is the Genre, link to IMDB page, review in the notes, poster is the icon.
Article - Title is the name, URL is the attachment, notes are my thoughts on it

I don't generally have long thought names, I find short succinct names are more useful for:
  • Viewing in the plex (especially when the plex is busy)
  • Seeing in search results (my primary mode of navigating to areas of TheBrain).
I also adjust Thought Names purely to refine search results. Additionaly, starting in TheBrain 9 the thought label is also searched in the quick search, so I usually add different search terms or key phrases in the label to further assist searching.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of Thought Icons. We aren't just restricted to the ones provided. You can attach a screen grab, any image, or it will automatically use the first attached image as the icon. Your imagination is the limit here, but a picture is worth a thousand words. [smile]

Another tip: If you do have an area with long thought names, use Outline view.
iPad Notes Full Screen and iOS 11 implementation (#257 and #258)
Yup. iOS 11 is now out and I’ve started to transfer my information out of TheBrain and into DEVONthink and DayOne for now. 
The ability to work on a mobile device is very important to me, and TheBrain mobile in its current state just isn’t up to the task unfortunately. Seeing how the other apps implemented the newer (and older iOS 10 features) and how useful they are was a bit of an eye opener.
Endless Initializing in
None taken, and none was meant. I totally missed that you were the original poster *facepalm* sorry about that. I just noticed that it was a different issue than the original topic (v8) and that support was really your best bet to get a resolution. But I get the frustration and need to vent. [frown]
Endless Initializing in
webrockers wrote: Somehow I can't even use TB8 anymore now.

Using text search within The Brain 8 folder to get to my informations and saving them elsewhere. So sad. I am using the Brain for so long, it was called Personal Brain back then, while the company was called Natrificial.. 
The oldest data (named "PersonalBrain Notes") I can find in my brains file system dates back to February 2010 and that was backed up data. So I am using it even longer.

I am really about to leave it behind because I am need more time to get to my data than saving time by using it. 

You should email support with detailed information on the problem and errors you are receiving. 
Pinch to Zoom for Plex Text (288)
Currently when pinching to zoom to resize text, the text size may adjust with the first pinch or expand, but then stop or lag very badly. Unless this is responsive it's not a convenient, accurate or viable way to do this. I had to pinch around 8-10 times to get it to the vicinity of the size I wanted.

Tested on an iPad Pro (which should have more than enough juice to drive an accurate pinch to zoom animation).
Ho to import data
Depending on the data your easiest option is most likely going to be export to a text file in the Outline format and then copy and paste as outline. 

Outline Format = 

    + Hyperlink Path
    - Note Line
    - Second Line.
    Child Thought
        + Hyperline Path
        -Note Line

Other more complex options which would also allow you to include attachments and note formatting would be xml (TheBrain 8) and JSON (TheBrain 9). You can search the forum for topics on each of the respective formats required for these, although TheBrain 9 doesn't have as much official documentation on it (but there is an excellent topic that can be found in the Beta forum I believe).
URL Scheme?
Yup, that's correct and would be appreciated!
URL Scheme?
Yes, I used the Workflow app to get the site URL and Page Title from Safari. I then made the page Title in title case and copied it to the clipboard. Finally I had workflow send the web page URL to TheBrain on iOS using the app URL. 

When TheBrain automatically opened I could create a new thought and paste in the page title as the name. Then I could add the web page from the Inbox. 
I had this working and a copy posted in the iOS forum so anyone with the Workflow app could use it. 

This really smooths out a difficult workflow for TheBrain iOS, adding a new thought from a web page. Otherwise I have to create the thought, remember what the page is called, type the name, then add the URL.
Where's the Expanded View? (And other features?)
I believe there has already been some discussion on this, and it's planned, but will not make it in the 9.0 release. There is still more work to do on it. 

You might try experimenting with mind map view, which might work for you, except if you use jump thoughts. Another possibility is to use normal view and click the + button in the menu bar (or it's appropriate keyboard shortcut) to show grandparents and grandchildren. The downside of this is that the grandparents/children are very small.
v 215 running extremely slow on Windows
mettdavis, I would send in your log with an email to support. In the UI Preferences you can try disabling Update displayed content on hover, embedded browser and previews and see if that helps. If it does, try disabling one at a time and see if it narrows down what the cause is. 

Oh, and also check that the animation speed isn't set to slow on the Look & Feel tab. [smile]
TB9: Theme Sync Bugs
The colors and the note style of the active theme should be synchronized between all computers. The saved themes are not (I think this the same as Version 8). 
As an example, if I create a new theme on one computer, save it and then synchronize, the other computers should all select the same fonts, colors and note colors as the one I designed the theme on (after they have successfully synchronized). However, on the computers I didn't design and save the theme on, the theme would not be added to the list of saved themes. 

In version 9, they have recently added the ability to export and import a theme. [smile]

So there are two ways to transfer themes. What I have been doing after creating a theme is Save it on the computer I created it on (A). Then sync. Then on the computer I haven't created it on (B), after the sync it will have the new Theme settings. I then go and save it as a new theme.

What I also do now is export the theme and attach the file to a thought with the Theme name and a screenshot. Then when the brain is synchronized I can open that theme on any computer which doesn't have it in the list and copy the file to a different location and then import it.

This method works well for me, and I'm a fairly active theme user/creator. Hope this helps!

Missing images on notes (#3183)
In preferences you need to change the Beta channel to Alpha.
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