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Forum Refresh on Back Arrow
So I just noticed there's been a recent change to the forum where you click the back arrow, and now it refreshes the page. This way when you are logged in it updates the topic list with those I've visited. 

Really appreciate this change, thanks!
link type, direction
Yes, this is correct, in TheBrain 9 when you are choosing directionality on Child - Parent relationships it is no longer based on Source to Target, but now the first click always points from Parent to Child, second click always from Child to Parent.

I wrote about this here when I first discovered it.

zenrain wrote:
Today's little thing is for those of us who create Link Types with arrows. Bear with me, it's a bit tough to explain.

In TheBrain 8 when you set link direction, the way the arrow points is always the way you create the link. In other words, the first time you click the arrow it will point Away From the thought you started the link from, and Toward the thought you attach the link to. 
This is particularly troublesome when you add a link type with an arrow, depending on how you linked the thoughts you may have to click the arrow button a second time to get it to point where you want it to.

In TheBrain 9 when you set a link direction, the way the arrow points is based on how the thoughts are related (in Parent-Child relationships). The first time you click the arrow, it will always point From Parent To Child. The second time you click the arrow, it will always point from Child to Parent. 
This means when you add a link type with a direction in Parent-Child relationships, it will always be consistent with the direction you chose when you first set up that link type[smile]

Note: Jump thought directionality in TheBrain 9 still behaves the same way as TheBrain 8, the arrow points away from the thought you dragged the link from, and towards the thought you dragged the link to.

I really appreciate this change. The reason being, because it's no longer based on where I drag a link when I create the relationship, when I add a link type to a Parent/Child I don't have to worry about how I created the link. Now it's always Child -> Parent or Parent -> Child, which I define when I first create the Link Type.
Event Date Not Updating After Original Sync
Thanks, I've tested and a workaround until this is resolved is to change from all day to Date/Time.
TheBrain 9 with Dropbox
I'm not very clear on what you mean in this question:
Can the database stay on the cloud of thebrain itself without syncing problems ? 

However, I believe Harlan's post here is as pertinent to TheBrain 9 as it was earlier versions.

If you are referring to keeping the database local (not in a DropBox folder) and attachments in Dropbox as external attachments, that should work normally.
Event Date Not Updating After Original Sync
I've run into this with my main database and then tested it in a new and different database. The issue occurred on both. Only tested on macOS.

The issue is a bit hard to notice due to the Timeline not refreshing after a sync issue.

Steps to recreate:
  1. Enter a new event. Attach to a thought. Make the event an all day event and span multiple days. In my test I created an all day event from 2/23 to 2/26.
  2. Synchronize.
  3. Adjust the date by reducing by one day. The dates should now show 2/23 to 2/25.
  4. Synchronize.
  5. The dates will still show correctly.
  6. Close TheBrain 9.
  7. Re-open TheBrain 9. The event will show from 2/23 to 2/26.
What other software do you use (non-competing)
Quote: Always though about DevonThink - is it any good for home use (at work we have OpenText)?

Depends, I use it for bill scanning, (I have Pro Office so it can OCR pdf's) legal documents, and quick web page archiving. Also, most .pdfs go into DevonThink and then are external attachments to TheBrain. If you have have a mac, and want to get your bills scanned and archived electronically, you can't beat DevonThink.
Timeline Doesn't Refresh/Update after Sync (#3538)
Not sure if this is macOS only, but I've noticed a few times now that after synchronizing that the Timeline doesn't update with events added on another computer until I've restarted.

I tried opening and closing just the timeline but that didn't cause it to refresh.

Workaround: Restart TheBrain 9. [biggrin]
The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
Thanks Mark, that was good feedback indeed.

Thinking on it a bit, the reason why TheBrain works well for me is because I'm making the connections initially. I'm making the decision of what is related and what isn't, and thus form a map or model of relationships in my mind which can be refreshed by re-visiting that section. This means my maps can be fairly complex, because I had the original mental model in addition to the visual representation of it.

However, my use of other non mind map tools (ConnectedText and others) showed me the importance of content as well. For me the thought re-presents an item. But for my most used and useful areas, I build out the content in the notes, or meta data (links, attachments, events) so the content tells me exactly what I need to see when I get to the item itself. That is why I find adding URL links and links to other thoughts within the note so useful and important in addition to linking via the plex.

When I come to someone else's Brain database I don't have the luxury of having created the links and content, I have no mental model, so I'm reliant on the structure (both content and context) being clear in the one I'm looking at. This is very hard to do in a way that isn't overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with the subject matter but familiar with TheBrain, let alone someone both unfamiliar with the subject matter AND TheBrain. Unfortunately here TheBrain tools are limited in pre-defined structures and the WebBrain capability. In addition, TheBrain has it's own model (parent, child, jump) that someone has to comprehend and then re-map the relationships to their own preconceived model of the structure.

I don't know if that was helpful at all, but I just thought I'd share.
What other software do you use (non-competing)
  • DevonThink (macOS and iOS) - File Management, document storage, clipping and advanced searching
  • Tinderbox (macOS) - Visual Information pottering around (on and off)
  • TaskPaper (macOS) - Task management (lists)
  • Omnifocus (macOS, iOS) - Task management (mainly recurring tasks) 
  • Ulysses (macOS) - Place to type out drafts and misc notes before putting into TB
  • Hazel (macOS) - Filing automation
  • Keyboard Maestro (macOS) - Automation
  • Workflow (iOS) - Automation
  • Forklift (macOS) - Advanced Finder stuff
  • LaunchBar (macOS) - Launch/browsing/control
  • Pastebot (macOS) - Clipboard manager (I use over LaunchBar's and KM's because of the filters)
Paste in Notes Find Box pastes into note (#2941)
Tested in macOS

  1. In Notes, copy some text to find.
  2. Press ⌘+f to pull up the Find/Replace dialog.
  3. Click in the Find box and ⌘+v to paste the text

The text will actually be pasted in the note behind the find dialog (in my case it usually removes some text from the note as well as pasting the text).
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Harlan wrote: Sorry, but this is a bit of a mystery. When we ask the command to run from inside TheBrain it is just taking a very long time for no discernible reason. Unfortunately it is not happening on any of our machines where we can investigate it.

I'm curious now: Is it slow for all searches or just for specific terms? Does the searching for the same term return at different speeds in different brains?

Sorry, been on vacation. In my case it's all search terms. Searching in different brains occurs at the same speed, however it is machine specific. My other MacBook returns attachment results from the same databases within a second. I've tried rebuilding the spotlight index, doing a complete uninstall and re-install (including invisible folder) and then restored data from brain archives. Same thing. Weird…
Search for Notes and Attachments very, very slow (#3440, #3495, #3517 and #3518)
Quote: I wonder if this is still something to do with performance on the 5k iMac?

No, I don't believe so. I am still having this issue on one of my MacBook Pro's. However, on my other MacBook Pro it returns results almost instantly (same brain). My results are the same as yours. From the terminal the command is almost instant. From the Output.log it shows it's uhhhh… not as instant. [biggrin]
Fixed Storage Location in v 9
The location must be in the same folder for all databases, but may be customized in preferences. 
time line
Click the + button to open a new tab and click Add Event. This will add an event linked to the active thought. 

Alternately, you can click the bottom bar of the timeline (where it displays the dates) and click to create an event without a thought attached. You can activate the thought later, and attach the thought when you edit the event. 

Or you can assign a keyboard shortcut for Add Event.

I think of Events as date thoughts that I can link my thoughts in the plex to. 

Also, Harlan said recurring events, google sync and alarms weren't included in this release, but are still planned. [smile]
Book and Movie Database Example and Usage
Ah, glad you like it. Yes, I like Goodreads also, and although I'm not tracking my reading through them (for some reason it just doesn't stick, it's a personal problem…) I still link the book page to the thought and now I've also started linking the Goodreads series page to the series.

I've found this to be even more useful with TheBrain 9's preview functionality. Particularly because I only add notes when I've completed a book, so now when I activate the series I can immediately see if there's a new book that I don't know about, or read about the book itself from the thought. And the timeline functionality is absolutely killer for tracking what I've read and when. 
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