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Import Tagged Mindmanger Map?

I see now, the variety of tags you want to be preserved when MM file is to be imported into PB, yes?

The export to Word was a success, it retained all icons and sorted out the tags but I am really not sure if this word to PB will work. Have you tried it? Even if the icons being pulled in by PB, MS Word layout is linear, hence you’ll end up with a first level series of “Thoughts” in PB. (I’d think so but cannot check it as I do not yet have a working PB installed). Hence I think you would need to build up the associations manually and that is depending on the original MM layout, can be more manual work than worth doing, yes?

How much data do you have in MM that you really wish to import into PB?

May I ask the reason as to what value do you foresee to gain by doing this import?

Here I am turning your question for help into an inquiry of my own as I am investigating the reasons why should I go down the same road. If I do however, I am unlikely to face your kind of problem since I use MM mainly for visual thinking and no longer use the maps to keep valuable data in it for long term use.

So, if anything  we could have a discussion about the best use of MM and PB if you like.



Import Tagged Mindmanger Map?

I claim no expertise on this particular task on hand, merely sharing an idea: Try saving your MM file into a MS WORD file and then see if BRAIN can handle that. 

Click image for larger version - Name: MM-2-Word.png, Views: 84, Size: 156.75 KB
Geometric Shape of digital “THOUGHTS”-How?

I am considering to get back into using “The BRAIN” after 6 years of absence and one of the decision factor that presently looking for to find is the ability to assign different geometric shapes to my “thoughts”. I assume the color coding of each thoughts are now working well and flexible color choosing is available to distinguish individual thoughts, yes? How about going a step further and changing the shapes of each thought. Is it possible? 

The attached file show the limited formating option I have in MM. I would love to have a much wider variety of geometrical shapes and flexibility to assign them to each digital thoughts so true multilayer representation of given thoughts can be achieved.

Also it could represent the evolution of the given thought, making PB a truly remarkable tool that keeps up with the changing nature of data and its assigned meaning that is also subject to change.

Click image for larger version - Name: DigitalThoughtsinEvolution.png, Views: 105, Size: 33.00 KB
Mind Map View
gcoulthard wrote: Although my curriculum resources are stored and linked in PersonalBrain, I still use MindManager, VUE, PowerPoint, and other tools to present information. PB is not the best tool for presenting information to groups, in my opinion. (Would definitely be nice though!)

Having said this, I will often place PB on wander mode at the beginning of a presentation to show the key topics and get the "kewl" factor in, and then launch my presentation resources from within PB.

-- Glen

Thank you Glen! It is like a breath of fresh air when I read people utilizing no self-limiting point of views. PB is not the one and only software that does it all. Until Microsoft invents such tool, ;-)  we are best prepared when we have a few tools designed to work with organic human thoughts and use each of these programs where they shine best. Of course "acbland" still needs a workable answer. I wonder if he found one. If so, please share it.

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