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love the .151 attachments as list option
Same here. It's terrific. I tend to prefer adding attachments rather than adding linked thoughts but never got on well with the tabs, so this is much nicer for me.
Hiding the menu in Notes (#3384 and #3411)
I would also like to toggle the notes menu manually. 

The auto-hide implementation may have been done in response to complaints of the menu taking up so much space in v8. As is, I like the notes much better in v9, but rarely use the menu and also find the auto-hide behavior a bit distracting.

One behavior I would like changed is shown in the following capture. It shows what happens when I double-click on the word "note" when the menu is not displayed. There are 2 things here. Most importantly, the wrong word is selected, but also the words I'm working with move out from under me. Minor but disconcerting.

Dragging file to existing though is challenging - target seems off
After plugging everything in at the office with both monitors, the issue with dropping files onto thoughts has disappeared. I'll keep an eye out for it.

I've also updated to 9.0.143. Probably should have re-tested it before upgrading, but I always get so excited when there's an update [smile]

For completeness, here's the screenshot of my Arrangement settings.

Dragging file to existing though is challenging - target seems off
I'll be able to confirm tomorrow, but so far it only happens on my new 13" MBP with touch bar and when TheBrain is running on an external monitor plugged in using the USB-C AV Adapter via HDMI.

It does not happen on my iMac nor when running on the MBP with no external monitor attached. Hope that helps.
Dragging file to existing though is challenging - target seems off
When dragging a PDF from the Finder (Mac 10.12.1) I was unable to attach the file to an existing thought. I'd drag, and carefully release with the cursor over the target thought. Nothing happened. 

After playing with it a bit, I noticed that I needed to release the file with the pointer a bit higher than the target thought. Seems unintentional. I've attached a screen grab showing this.


v 9.0.142
Exporting thoughts in The Brain 9
All these years and I didn't know I could CMD-click on a gate to select all the related thoughts. Nice!
Server unavailable?
So the net effect then is that once the log in issue is resolved, we'll need not be concerned about getting "locked out" of our brains, correct? It happened to me once and it was terrifying! [smile]
comma trick retrospectively?
I would use this frequently as well. Harlan, if a though has only one parent then TB could derive the name, no?

There are probably a number of other reasons it won't work, but it sure would be nice if it could [smile].
TheBrain 9 Themes - Solarized
As a fan of all things solarized, this is great, thanks!
No copy & paste for login information in the intern browser (#2569)
I've been successful so far using sites within TheBrain. Minor behavioral changes are expected, so I'm not put off by those. The ability to paste passwords for login forms would be nice, though.

I edit Quip documents all day from within TheBrain with pretty good results. http://forums.thebrain.com/post/using-quip-for-thought-notes-8262146

I won't expect 1:1 compatibility with a full browser, but the more I can get the better!
Changing a thought's parent | (#1379)
I frequently want to link a thought to a different parent.

I seem to remember that in TheBrain 8, if I held the shift key down while linking a thought to a new (parent) thought, it would remove the existing link to the previous parent. This doesn't seem to work in v9. Has my memory failed or has the behavior changed?

Now, I have to link to the new parent, then unlink manually from the original parent. This can be tricky when there are many links scattered around the Plex.
Using Quip for thought notes
danlandrum wrote: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)

I also use a 27-inch iMac and with that setup you can see both the Plex and the entire Quip document side-by-side. It's even better.
Using Quip for thought notes
Quote: That's intriguing. Would it make you lose offline access to your notes?

Good question. I suppose you'd lose access from within TheBrain, but Quip's desktop and mobile apps work offline so you could always access them that way.

One of the things I like about this setup is that I can still access all my notes directly in Quip, just without the context of other thoughts in TheBrain. The mobile and desktop apps are quite nice.
Using Quip for thought notes
I have been using Quip (http://quip.com/) for shared notes and documentation. Quip's concept of "Living Documents" resonates with me, and the web/mobile/desktop UIs are fast and well done. 

I added a Quip link to a thought in my brain and, since links render nicely as web pages directly in the notes pane, I've discovered a whole new workflow.

With Quip, the history of a document is displayed in a pane on the left. If the notes pane in TheBrain is situated vertically, when I activate a thought containing a link to a Quip document, I immediately see that document's history. To edit the Quip note, I just double-click the vertical divider and the panes swap, filling the larger pane with the entire Quip document. 

This has replaced the use of notes in TheBrain, at least for any thoughts that might benefit from history and a nicer, easily-sharable editing environment. I'm sure other tools like Google Docs, Evernote web, etc could do the same thing, but having the document's history right there really makes using Quip for notes really great.

Anyway, long story short, I'm excited by this!

A couple of screenshots to illustrate:

1. Notes pane on right showing quip document (narrowed to only show change log)


2. Swapped panes. Editing Quip document in main area.
TheBrain 3.jpg
How Many Brains Do You Use?
I use 1 brain regularly. It contains everything. I used to keep two, one private and one public, but ended up scrapping the latter so I didn't need to decide which brain to put things in. I've tried a number of other multiple-brain scenarios but ultimately found that having everything in a single brain gets me the most benefits.
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