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Brain 8 Imports with version 9.0.85

Unfortunately even with version 9.0.89 I'm not able to complete the import

4-21-2016 2-46-40 PM.jpg 

A couple of Feature Requests
Along with different sorting per thought, a different background, could be great to, so one quickly sees in which area they are in.

Integration with other open source type apps could be interesting too, like Prezi, TableSmith (that one is very obscure)
A couple of Feature Requests
Before I forget, different layout, sorting for particular (sub)thoughts would be great. In some areas I like by name, in others by type, ...
A couple of Feature Requests

Here is my wish list of features:

- Custom Sorting option (for example by month, roman numerals, reverse numeric, ...)

- linking between brains in the new tabbed interface, or another method to separate merge brains better then in the old version
- Automatic Downloading of content from URL links into Notes for offline use

(does the current one allow HTML copy / paste like the old one did)

If that's not possible, automatically attach HTML file.

- Better way to handle/organize hierarchical thought types
- A hierarchical way to organize tags if there are many, maybe even multiple lines, one per category (e.g. Status, Urgency, Cost, etc....) and even associated Icons.
- Better way to handle/organize link (relationship) types, also again maybe adding an icon feature
- Mobile Apps, especially for Windows but also Android.
- Ability to set permissions to allow certain people access to different portion of the brain, or again even better maybe put permissions on through types, tags, ...
- More integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, OneNote, ...
- Custom Meta Data, based on though type, such as Birthday, hometown for people, license tag for cars, ...
- Custom Links to other applications.

Multiple Icons Per Thought and Tag Icons
I really like the ideas of multiple icons, maybe with a slight variant, to only show one icon. For example I have a Turkey History Throught, that shows as a timeline icon under turkey, but I'd like to show as a Turkish Flag under Regional History .... Is that possible or will be?
TheBrain Development Update
When can one hope to get to at least demo/test this new version, this year?

Harlan wrote: This thread is to discuss the next version of TheBrain. In response to your questions, I posted earlier:

Harlan wrote:
Our engineering team has indeed been hard at work on a new version of TheBrain. The entire platform has been rewritten from the ground up, enabling the development of a new foundation that will serve as the basis for the next generation of TheBrain technology. Since so much is changing, we can’t release it one piece at a time… We will be releasing a completely new version on every platform all at once (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and the Web).

The new architecture is dramatically faster and more reliable. While Java has served us well as a base to date, we are leaving Java behind and moving to native code on every platform. This provides benefits across the board including more efficient operation in terms of speed, CPU usage, memory management, and more. Also as part of this change, the storage backend has been made even more robust (this includes the database, file system, and synchronization engine).

There are of course many many other improvements and changes. In short, this is the most ambitious version of TheBrain ever. We have the most talented team of engineers and designers we’ve ever had and the result is an application and platform that goes beyond my expectations. (Hopefully their egos won’t get too big reading this!) I am truly proud of what we’ve done so far, unfortunately we’re just not quite done yet and aren't close enough to be able to provide a timeline for release.

This has generated a large amount of interest and questions and we will try to address them as best we can here.

Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm and support!
Sorting/Ordering Enhancements
Different Sorting for Sub-thoughts based on Thought
In some instances, I like to sort by name in others by type

Custom Sorting order would be nice, such as months (January, February, ... Roman Nummerals, ...)

Windows Phone / Windows Surface RT support
Enough said, as every other OS is supported
Mobile Client
I'm still looking to at some point get a mobile client, for my windows phone or Windows Surface RT (e.g. app store). Anything in the making ...? 
Brain: Go Mobile or Die
I glad to hear there is n iPhone/iPad application n the works, but what about us Windows Phone users or even Androids, any hope in sight there?
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