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Failed to connect to TheBrain Cloud Services Server
Thanks Tracy, I confirm that everything is working now.
Α coincidence, I suppose.
Is there any documentation about the errors recorded in output.log?
Failed to connect to TheBrain Cloud Services Server
I have about the same problem;
"Trouble tonight syncing to the server from TB client.  I am able to connect to my account on the server directly through browser (Chrome)."
The desktop client (TheBrain works naturally in pro mode.
The problem occured after a internet connection (router) restart, while the webbrain connection was on.
I attach the output.log


Merge Parents
I have2 Thoughts A and B. Each one has 5 Thoughts linked to it as parents. The 10 Links include Types, Directions, Attachments and Notes.
How can I merge the 10 Thoughts as parents to a new one named C, together with the corresponding Links?
If it cannot be, Ι must recreate the Links and put on again the same additives.
In other words, is there a way to copy or move a Link as object, with all the properties except one of the two connections? 
Of course, if the 10 Thoughts were Childward there is the simple solution of copy/paste Thoughts - the Paste in the Plex works only Childward...
“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer
Thanks Patrick, the problem was solved manually.

In your own installation, as I saw the capture you sent, the "active" folder is set to C:\Users\<myname>\AppData\Roaming\TheBrain\sendToTheBrain

For reasons I do not know, in my installation the "active" folder is set to C:\Users\<myname>\.TheBrain\sendToTheBrain

So I created a shortcut to the correct folder created by the TheBrain Installation and placed into the C:\Users\<myname>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

Voila! Problem solved!

Click image for larger version - Name: properties.JPG, Views: 165, Size: 83.36 KB
“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer
Thanks zoner. I tried what you suggest, but without any positive result.

Could someone publish here the Properties of the "TheBrain" shortcut, located inside the Windows SendTo folder?
(like the one I attached here; "send to to evernote" properties)

Click image for larger version - Name: properties.JPG, Views: 168, Size: 111.35 KB
“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer
Ok. The program is (always) running and a Brain (I use only one) is open.
“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer
Yes, TheBrain software is running.
I think that in TB7 (or PB6) installation, for a reason, the appropriate shortcut inside the "SendTo" folder does not created.
Do you know to which file (exe, dll etc or TheBrain.exe with attributes) leads this shortcut?
“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer

Thanks for the response.

I don’t know. I have two windows pc’s, in Greek language setup, but it is too much work to change the language only for a try…

Is there a shortcut to put in “SendTo” folder?

I tried with a shortcut to “TheBrain.exe” with no result.

 ( http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/customize-the-windows-vista-send-to-menu/ )

“Send To” submenu of Windows Explorer
The “Send To” submenu of the Windows Explorer file context menu does not contains a “TheBrain” item.
I use w7-64 international (greek language) and TB7.0.4.5. The same problem I had when I used PB6.
Click image for larger version - Name: sendto_folder_capture.JPG, Views: 206, Size: 44.58 KB
Command - Copy Folder Location Path of a Thought
The “Send To” submenu of the Windows Explorer file context menu does not contains a “TheBrain” item.
I use w7-64 international (greek language) and TB7.0.3.3. The same problem I had when I used PB6.
Trusted Systems and Thanks

mcaton, thanks for the response
maybe this discussion should be transferred to “WebBrain Issues”

I tried to sync again and no major problems appeared. The problems encountered recently, probably created by the “Rebuild Database” command and I think you should look.The minor problems encountered again (I have come across before) are;
1. The Phenomenon of Persistent Notes ( PPN  ). Step 1st. I deleted whole lot of Notes (in Thoughts) no longer needed to PC1 and I sync. Step 2nd. In PC2 after synchronization was removed approximately 90% of these Notes. The remaining 10% I had to deleted manually (click in Notes, Ctrl + A, Del, Save) and after deletion I did sync. Step 3rd. In PC1, after synchronizing, those Notes (10%) occurred again. I deleted these back by hand and did sync, but I guess that when I go back to home these same Notes will appear again. It is Notes Ghosts. The same thing had happened a few days ago with some Tags and some Links. I did not lose any notes, tags or links, but it is a problem of 
reliability of the program and the waste of my time to check again if properly has synced deletions from PC1 to PC2 and inversely.

2. I added about 5 Thoughts of URL links in PC1 (with use of drag and drop from internet browser address box). In step 2, one of the Thoughts was synced without the attached link to appear to PC2. This has been lost. In Step 3, the attachment has continued to exist. This is also a reliability issue and a waste of time for checking, but at least moved to PC2 the Thought, so I can easily add the URL link again.
I would have no objection to send you the .brainzip file if needed for a more serious problem, but I am hesitant because it contained sensitive business data. I think should be better developed tools for database maintenance, which may use a user with your instructions. Or maybe would be possible to omit some imported files, for example .doc, .xls, .pdf etc.

I hope my English to be understandable.


(PS; edited for a formatting problem)

Personal Brain & Pearltrees

Does anyone knows how can I import the .rdf file of PearlTrees-export to PB?

Trusted Systems and Thanks

This is my first post here, because Ι have difficulties with the English language. But I read more easily with the help of chrome bubble translate & google dictionary. I thank those involved in this forum, users and moderators, because the discussions have helped me immensely.

I use personalbrain pro ( -now) + webbrain in my job (consulting civil engineer) for several months and I believe that it is an amazing tool. I add constantly everything; Thoughts, Links, Notes, Tags etc. Today I have 7466 Thoughts, 10060 Links, 1863 Notes etc in my main brain file. Obviously I keep daily backup (brainzip).

Last weekends are synchronization problems with webbrain. “Infinitely syncing” ( http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=5476798 ). The same problem there is today, again.

Yesterday, after a Force Resync and a Rebuild Database, found that some of my Thoughts had ”attachments and notes are randomly crossreferenced/copied and scattered around” that like described by zenrain & SmartDust above. Perhaps other errors I will discover later.

Eventually, this program is reliable? Can I trust it for long periods or may at some point after a few years to discover that I have lost the whole database? Specifically, I am working on projects that can last up to several years or need to return to a project after a few years. Can I feel confident that the data of my projects will be in place when I need them again? The changes made by the bug-of-the program and are a few days back, it is likely that because I will see the data again, I will correct the errors, losing time. But what about the remaining 10.000 items and the rest of 15.000 I expect to add every year of use? Does PersonalBrain technology is suitable only for small databases (to have an “optical” check before “closing” one database)? Or is better to build my new PIM/GTD on programs like MindManager (for stability) and EverNote (for easy capturing)?

For the time I stop the use of webbrain. I used it to sync the brain file(s) on my house computer, to throw a look in the morning to the obligations of the day and to make settlement of inbox on weekends. Maybe I will try to have the main brain file(s) on my portable usb disk.



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