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Webbrain shows private nodes
Private nodes marked in full application show in webbrain to public.  Please advise.
Add Active Thought Rotating Indicator to Webbrain and IOS
Please consider adding the active thought rotating indicator to webbrain and ios.  This is one of the most interesting graphical indications in the OSX and XP application that is missing from webbrain and ios.

Mindmap view
I generally see thebrain as a concept map database.  There are multiple centers instead of one central hub as there exists with mind maps, so I usually link or associate my single center mindmaps into thebrain as the super map.  I think the expanded view is the best bet for continue development for thebrain as there is nothing else on the market that does it.  I remember some years ago, the web-brain had the capacity to allow expanded view creation which was fantastic.  The switch to java for the web-brain removed that capacity.  I would definitely like to see more made to how we access and view the data in the brain.  Since there is more emphasis on java, why not allow more info-graphic extensions such as working with D3 java library and other types of methods for working with data.
help representing timelines
Recommend pinning this thread, its got a lot of good tips related to timelines.
Mindmap view
Will there be a demo of it or preview?  I liked the pre-working version of 7, 8 a few years ago that were made available, but no preview for version 9 yet.
Exit Strategy
blueearth wrote: So, I'm a huge huge fan of TheBrain (Windows, Desktop), used it since the 3.0 days.  I've now several large brains, including one I use all the time for teaching A level Physics, over 6GB in size with all sorts of oddments I've accumulated around Physics topics over the years. It's great, and my students love it when we can use the butt-end of a session to wander from topic to topic. (I know that several have gone on to use it for their own work at University, and probably beyond)

There are number of things that come to mind for me, and that is you could use webbrain and just allow your brain to be online.  You could export your brain and have it become a sitebrain for all time.

The future is most definitely cloud computing and being able to access your brain via the internet is the best route, dedicate your brain to the university for future research.

I used the brain for the first time in 1999/2000 when I read an article online about it.  I then used it up to version 3 or 4.  I merely stopped using it for some years.  I returned with version 6 and was completely blown away by how I was still able to access the brain from 1999/2000.  That proved to me, that this software had longevity and stability to stay with it as the tried and true place for everything I make note of, store for later retrieval, and build knowledge going forward.
1.000.000 TB-user: What does this mean?
ShelleyHayduk wrote:

We don't have an accurate tally of active users that's we are not comfortable publicly disclosing. We have significant numbers of users on the free software, people on old versions, and corporate clients with enterprise licenses hosted on their servers that extend worldwide.  

TheBrain user community continues to grow and there are users around the globe.  We have over 50% of all Fortune 1000 companies using the software, as well as numerous universities and government organizations.

Shelley, I suggest more presentations on either how these Fortune 1000 companies are using the brain and what kinds of features or uses do they require makes it a no brainer for them to use the brain, specifically for universities as well.  I think it would be great to hear how these kinds of large scale uses of the brain makes their work better.
TheBrain Version 7/2014 Copyright Date
Just a small thing, but since the year is halfway over, you may want to update the OSX launch screen/about TheBrain so that the copyright is 1998-2014 - it currently shows 1998-2013.

It also appears, there is no way to dismiss the 'About' on OSX as well.  I have to close theBrain to make it go away.
Expanded View Support
Please implement expanded view support for IOS and cloud version.
Export Selection as OPML
Bump!  This is really important feature that would immensely help interoperability of using the Brain so that my data can be moved around to other applications.  Please add import opml for notes as well to make the outline more useful like expand and collapsing sections.
accessible brain index
actual 'index' of all words used in a brain

An index list of words used in brain with references back to each iteration wherever found in the brain database

if you click on the root index word, you get the index word centered in the plex with children of thoughts where the word appears, either in the thought name or thought note contents.
word cloud feature
word cloud feature that using scale to indicate how many times a certain phrase, word, or tag has been used throughout the entire brain - 

now connect this to the search feature so as you start to type a new thought, you get this as well to show relation to other thoughts.
Export Selection as OPML
Please add support for exporting a selection of thoughts including notes as OPML structure.

This would allow easy movement of Personal brain data to other outline software for greater translation of information and for permanent storage of information in a widely supported format such as OPML.

Thank you,

Tagging WITHIN the notes
This would be a welcome feature!
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