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Controlling distant thoughts (#3221)
Matt, thank you.  I'm looking forward to v9's release. 
Controlling distant thoughts (#3221)
Will an option be added to control both the size and the opacity of distant thoughts?  I know that overall font size can be controlled, but I'd like to increase the size of distant thoughts independently.
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
zenrain wrote:
It works for all thoughts if you have Update displayed content on hover selected in the UI Preferences.

The 'update displayed content' option doesn't help because the list of files displayed in the 'side window' (what is that window's name?) changes when the mouse moves.  Besides, using the side window means leaving it open and using screen-space that I can't afford to use. 

The pop-up Thought Window in TB8 is perfect because I can access it anytime for any visible thought (without activating the thought), and the window is not permanently displayed and using screen space.

Suggestion/compromise:  Allow the side window to be opened with the press of a key (say, F12) either for the active thought or the thought over which the mouse is hovering (exactly like Thought Window in TB8).  To close the window, either press the same key (F12) or click the plex.  Sounds perfect to me... [smile] 
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
Having a common process that applies to all thoughts (active or not) is critical for me, and the Thought Window in TB8 provides that.  I don't see the new notes/attachment window in TB9 as being a good replacement because it works only for the active thought and it consumes a lot of screen-space.
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
pthompson wrote: I don't believe there were any plans to make the context available when there is only one attachment since the dialog showing attachments only shows when there is more than one but I will document that as well.

Patrick, just trying to retain this TB8 capability that I use all the time (even on thoughts that are visible but not active):

Thought Window .png 
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
I'm using 9.0.192.

Context menu: The following image shows me right-clicking a file (left), and then the context menu appearing very briefly (right).  (BTW, are you going to make this context menu available even when there's only one file in the thought? This exists in TB8 and I use it all the time. I don't see me using the notes/attachment window in TB9 since it uses too much screen-space.)

Context menu appears and then disappears.png 

Rearranging pinned thoughts:  I did some testing and discovered that I'm able to rearrange them when the plex is in 'normal' mode, but not when it's in 'outline' mode.

Searching file properties:  Interesting, I'm also unable to replicate this.
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
pthompson wrote: Thanks for confirming. I can't recall if this is how it should be working, but I will go ahead and document it as a feature request.

Patrick, is it a 'feature request' or a 'feature retention'?  TB8 has this feature, and I use it frequently.

Any questions/comments about the other items I posted on June 18?
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
I'm using Windows 10.  I've done some testing and have found that a newly-added file opens only when it's added to the active thought.  
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
"Or, in at least once instance, I disagree with the suggestion. Specifically, I don't think it would be good for an attachment to open immediately and automatically when dragged into the tab or list area. Most of the time I just want to store it. I don't want it to open."

I was referring to using the add-attachment process that creates a new file from within TB.  In TB8 this process results in the newly created file opening, which makes sense because you add a new file to put something in it.  I agree that you wouldn't want an attachment to open when it's dragged to (or pasted into) TB.

Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
  1. When I open a list of attachments (by clicking the thought's icon) and then right-click the list, a context menu appears and then quickly disappears before I can make a selection (or even view the menu's options).
  2. When adding an attachment (by right-clicking the thought and then selecting Add Attachment), I'd like for the new attachment to open immediately (as it does in TB8). 
  3. When I hover over a thought that has an attached image file, I'd like for the image to NOT be automatically previewed.  (This has been a long-time nuisance for me that I was hoping would be removed, or modifiable, in TB9.)

  1. I'm unable to arrange pinned thoughts by dragging them.

  1. TB9 searches not only within a file's content, but also its properties.  (I discovered this when I searched for my name and discovered almost every file.)  If this is a desirable behavior for some, then please make it a configurable option.
  2. I noticed that a few of TB8's VERY useful search-related features aren't in TB9.  I hope there's a plan to include them:
    1. Highlight thoughts that contain the search string.
    2. In the search-results, show a brief one-line preview of the content in which the string was found.  I find this allows me to quickly determine which (if any) of the located files contain what I'm looking for.
    3. Limit searches to the active thought and all of the thoughts below it.  (In TB8 this is accomplished by clicking "Only: * Under Active" at the top of the search results.)  This is useful because it assures me that the search-results pertain to the 'area' in the brain that I'm interested in...such as the collection of documentation related to a specific version of a specific software-product.

TheBrain Development Update
zenrain wrote:
I think once v. 9 is released we will all look back and wonder how we used TheBrain without tabs. The ability to have multiple brains open, or different sections of the same database open in tabs will probably be a game changer.

I have only a single database, so I'm hoping that the same database can be opened in multiple tabs.  Along with this, I'm hoping that Thoughts displayed in one tab can be copied/pasted into another tab.  I frequently copy/paste Thoughts (I have a series of "template" thoughts), and it seems that this process could be improved with tabs.

While I like the idea of having tabs, I'm not crazy about the amount of space that both they and the new icons (under the tabs) consume.  I realize that the space was already available in 'normal' view because this view doesn't take advantage of the space.  But, and I've said this before, I would prefer that Thoughts within the plex be shifted up into that space to allow more child/grandchild Thoughts to be displayed at the bottom.  This is still possible if you move the functionality of the icons to the menu bar, and move the instant-search back to a line that's shared with other items (e.g., pins).  You could do away with the 'xx fps' (what is that?) and make some room for instant search.

TheBrain Development Update
mcaton wrote: You can do that now.  After you click on the search button, in the search results tab, just check the Under Active button.

Matt, selecting 'under active' is a manual post-search step, so it's not the same as changing how the initial search behaves. 

TheBrain Development Update
The few issues that I have with TB will probably be addressed in the new version, but here they are anyway:
1. In the Normal view, which I use exclusively, a relatively large portion of the screen remains unused (at the top), which means that there's less space for Thoughts on the bottom of the screen.  I'm hoping that the new Brain will be more dynamic and make use of the entire screen by automatically shifting content upwards to fit more Thoughts at the bottom.  (I don't want the Thoughts to float around until they settle into place, just quickly shifted upwards.)
2. I make extensive use of the Search Field in the plex as a way to quickly locate, and jump to, an existing Thought.  However, I've found that this isn't a very reliable way to locate thoughts for two reasons: first, the entire Thought title isn't searched (there seems to be a limitation to the number of characters searched), and second, typing text from two parts of the title doesn't work.  We need to be able to locate any Thought regardless of how long the title is, and the search needs to allow wildcard characters.  Please also increase the size of the font used in the search field and in other places of the product for those of us who no longer have 20/20 vision.
3. When I perform a Search (by pressing Enter after typing characters into the plex), the entire DB is searched by default.  I'd like to be able to change the default to limit the search to the active thought and everything below it.

Mini-Freezes (5-10 seconds)
pthompson wrote: We are, however, making some very important and major architectural changes behind the scenes with TheBrain that will eliminate any of these issues.

Will these major changes be available for free to users who paid for 8.0.x?  I was considering upgrading from to the current, but I'll wait if there's going to be a fee for upgrading to whatever version contains this great new architecture.

Alt-Tab Keypress Stuck
mcaton wrote: Thank you for posting.  I'm still trying to keep the File (or any menu item) selected while navigating to another app.  We'll continue testing this scenario and keep you posted.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Thank you,

reported this almost 3 years ago...

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