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Linux PB falling behind Windows?
Dear jtmusky, thx alot for the mucommander tip! That is briljant stuff! Can you describe the "send-to" How-to also for Nautilus? If possible of course. 

Nautilus drag & drop to PB 6075

Drag & drop from Nautilus into PB doesn't work. Add attachment   from the thought itself does work!

Could this bug be squashed or is there another workaround? I did not try another file launcher yet.

The about gives the following info: Pro Edition Version Oct 4, 2011

I run Ubuntu 11.10 on a AMD X4 with 4Gb of RAM. Mostly I use the brain from my Ubuntu GUI but sometimes I use the same brain (not simultaneously) also from a Windows XP VirtualBox which I have installed.

PersonalBrain and tasks/Outlook
Dear zenrain,

Thanks for the answer. That confirms what I found. Mmmm. Serious drawback here so it seems. Not happy. That seriously hampers mobile connectivity and the ability to work from one GUI. Of course I can create a task in Outlook, drag it to PB and then type in the task/thought. But by that time I will be long gone and distracted by everything in my email/tasks/calendar. It seems so easy to create can somebody comment on if this is a feature in development? 
I don't care if tasks is Outlook, RememberTheMilk, Toodeldo or whatever. I'll take anything that you provide. But is developing anything for it on the roadmap or doesn't it fit within the current vision of PersonalBrain?
PersonalBrain and tasks/Outlook

After using PersonalBrain for about a week now (it's addictive...) I am one happy man... BUT... being a spoiled MindManager 9 user I really miss having the oneclick push to Outlook task/calendar sync feature. 

I'm certain I must have overlooked it because for me all of it is not only about what I put into it, but more over what I get out of it. So far I have been able to maintain my ancient history of calendar events/task history (over 10+ years) in Outlook. Must I give this up, or can I buy myself into this feature?

On a side note: Why haven't I found this software in the last years? I come from: freemind, Xmind, MindManager, ThinkBuzan etc etc they all have there pro's & con's but from my current point of view... this software has about 90% of what I need!
Google Task API available
That would be a great feature!
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