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auto sync

I just noticed that we cannot check the "sync this brain automatically" when webbrain is unreachable (which was the case a few minutes ago).
A message informs you that the website is unreachable but the window does not close and the check isn't saved.

Since the brain structure reorganization of one of the last TB version unchecked this box for all brains (don't know if it's a bug or a feature btw), I guess many users will experiment this problem.
Licence activating
Thanks Patrick.

The additionnal problem I had was that I bought a PB6 licence during TB7 beta, then I needed to "buy" a free upgrade through the website, after what the activation you described worked perfectly.
Licence activating
Hi there,

I recently bought a full new TheBrain Pro licence (2012-01-23) with a webbrain premium subscription.
I never activated it since I was using TB7 beta. I just downloaded the version but actually TheBrain says me that "no purchase was found for my account" when I try to upgrade to TB7 Pro.

Did i do something wrong in the process ?
Copy icons
I'm also still wondering why TB does not accept .ico format when selecting icon for a thought but only jpg, gif, png - does it exists a technical reason or is it only a political decision ?
Seems to work fine again for me.
Paste URL
I have a strange behaviour when pasting a local link in my brain, it creates simultaneously 2 differents links.
Best is certainly to try by yourself ... Here is the URL : 


My brain seems to not synchronise anymore with webbrain. The progress bar turn in an infinite loop saying "Server is evaluating changes to perform" ... again and again !
Bug: Image switched after copy/past
I just tried again this procedure on my brain but in another computer (linked using webbrain) and I don't note any error. This seems to be related to my brain on my computer only ...
French 25
Dunno if it  should be posted on Localization or issue :

"mneu" = menu
the first "ou" (or) is uppercase and the second lowercase (?)

Copy icons
Not everytime.
For example, if you paste an URL to your thought from Google Chrome from a website which haven't set a specific icon, it will display the Google Chrome icon.
In this case, this icon dosen't appear in the thought folder
Copy icons
Hi Zenrain, that's a good temporary quickhack indeed, thanks for that.
However it does not really replace the "copy icon" option in the long term imo.

Copy icons
Sure I already know these two options in TB.

I mean allow to copy the current icon of a thought (via the 'down-arrow' menu left to the thought label in the "Properties & Links" tab). 

Then we will be able to re-paste it in another thought.

Copy icons
I know that there was already many discussions about icons in TB, but a small and very usefull improvement can be added without problems I think :

We already have a "Paste icon" option (Pro version), can we consider to add a "Copy icon" option ? (Might be Pro too)

When you add new child to a node and many of its "brothers" have already a defined icon, allowing to copy icon from one of them can save a lot of time.
Bug: Image switched after copy/past
I didn't know this issue before but indeed it's really close, except that in my case it's always replaced by the same image
Bug: Image switched after copy/past
Sure. Here it is :
(But again, it's not specific to this link in particular)

<table bgcolor="#E6EED7" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style=" width: 672px; height: 241px;"><tr><td style=" background-color: #CEDDB0; width: 77px;"><b>Seasons</b></td><td colspan="3" style=" width: 511px;">4</td></tr>
<tr><td style=" background-color: #CEDDB0; width: 77px;"><b>Episodes</b></td><td colspan="3" style=" width: 511px;">78</td></tr>
<tr><td style=" background-color: #CEDDB0; width: 77px;"><b>Length</b></td><td colspan="3" style=" width: 511px;">42min</td></tr>
<tr><td style=" background-color: #CEDDB0; width: 77px; height: 24px;"><b>Viewing</b></td><td colspan="3" style=" vertical-align: top; width: 511px; height: 5px;">S2 Ended</td></tr>
<tr><td style=" vertical-align: top; width: 77px; background-color: #CEDDB0; height: 170px;"><img src="file:///C:/Users/Sp4M/Documents/Personal_brain/Files/A758E964-51F4-280B-FD67-B28E4CAAAE23/PersonalBrain Notes/downloadedimagefile0.jpg" alt="Heroes" /></td><td colspan="3" style=" text-align: left; vertical-align: top; width: 511px; height: 105px;"><b>Synopsis</b>: Partout dans le monde, un certain nombre d'individus en apparence ordinaires se révèlent dotés de capacités hors du commun : la régénération cellulaire, la téléportation, la télépathie... Ils ne savent pas ce qui leur arrive, ni les répercussions que tout cela pourrait avoir. Ils ignorent encore qu'ils font partie d'une évolution qui va changer le monde à jamais !</td></tr></table>

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