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Synchronizing error
In order to play around some with the new android app I tried syncing a brain with the cloud service. Last week there was no problem but now I get this error.


Typing é and getting ''e or e
Hi Rubens,

Other then switching off the ESP no. I did a session Patrick Thompson who created a situation on his computer also having two different languages/keyboards installed and we were unable to reproduce the problem with his computer. If you have any ideas your more than welcome to share.
I for one would still love to see it solved.

Typing é and getting ''e or e
Excellent idea. We probably have a bit of a time difference, I live west European time UTC+1, but that should not be a problem. Just in case I'll keep Skype open all Monday.
Typing é and getting ''e or e
Windows 7 Pro SP1
Java 1.7.0_05

Typing é and getting ''e or e
Try something like this, get your windows machine set up for at least two languages, one supporting diacritical characters. In my case its Dutch and English.

next switch on an ESP feature like monitor keyboard:

and presto, if you hit an accent grave or cedille or any of the other character decorator keys you see the problem.
Typing é and getting ''e or e
I struggled with the problem for month in windows till I finally found the solution. If you have multiple windows keyboards/languages installed do not use the ESP sync. Otherwise if you want to use ESP be sure you use only one keyboard/language combination.

Merge operation
I think that I should be able to right click on a thought and order that thought to merge with an other thought of my choosing, thereby taking the attributes of the merger and bestowing them on the mergee. In fact merging the two thoughts.
Dutch localization broken
Thank you for showing me the way out of the problem. I went though upgrade after upgrade but the problem remained. I now uninstalled the brain and cleaned out all application data, did a completely fresh install and lo and behold it works fine now.
+1 for the usergroup.
Dutch localization broken
Just installed and went back to java (just to be sure) and still can't get my name, André, in without doing an ALT-numkeyboard. I am old enough to remember how to do that but it is a pain in the behind.

If you ever update you java engine, JeroenR, to the current version I would love  to know the result.
Dutch localization broken
Just installed, the release notes mentioning, "Updated German, Dutch and Spanish localizations" but alas the problem is still there. I get from the reaction of JeroenR he does not have this problem and the difference between our installations seem to be the java release he uses. Although I won't go back to I tried instead of two weeks ago and found no difference.
Dutch localization broken
It was fixed in version 6 around the time version 7 appeared roughly two months ago. It never worked correct in version 7.
Dutch localization broken
The Dutch localization in the Brain is broken. Typing any diacritic, quote or tilde does not result in the output being suspended waiting the next input to create the complete character, e.g. é ê è etc. Instead The Brain will output a quote followed by the diacritic typed.
Even worse, with the brain suspended in autohide all programs running in windows will now exhibit the behavior making autohide mode practically unusable.

TB, W7, Java 1.7.0_03

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