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Bandwidth for Remote Desktop re Cellular Networks
I thought I'd update this thread. I concluded an estimate of about 13 and a half GB per month.

If the user is not on wifi and must use cellular and uses it all day, sleeping 6 hours a day (and not using it then) that means there will be 18 hours of use a day.

"normal activity at 1024x768 resolution with standard settings I'd estimate about ~25M per hour"
per http://superuser.com/questions/43797/microsoft-remote-desktop-bandwidth-usage

18hrs x 25Mb/hr = 450 Mb / day which is 13.6 GB / mo

10 hours & counting starting up after installation v 7
Thank you for your advice Jim.  I may do that yet, but its going to run 34 hours or more and that is too much on most days.  

I reinstalled the old version of theBrain and could not get the old one to run at all!  Now I am starting to sweat!!  There was a message box announcing that the JVM will not run and referring to AV software and the xmx / heap size.  So I renamed the vmoptions file and theBrain version 6 ran!  Phew!  I don't know if this will fix the problem with version 7.  But now I can do other things this weekend.  And hopefully someone at TheBrain will chime in, come Monday.
10 hours & counting starting up after installation v 7
Update.  I aborted after my estimation for completion time (based on the progress bar) put me into another 17 hours of waiting, and that is if there are no other problems.  I then reinstalled Java, verified it and restarted my computer, reinstalled theBrain and started it up.  Its slow and stuck on the same window again and seems to be behaving the same.

What else will it need to do after that window ("Removing redundant information in the links data")?  Maybe all I can do is to wait it out  but I am thinking that this is not normal and its a bug that will continue to cause other problems.

10 hours & counting starting up after installation v 7
The last functioning version I was running was  I was very excited for version 7, but apprehensive about updates and waited until I could possibly be without a working theBrain for a few days.

I downloaded and started the installation for 7.0, which completed and then I ran TheBrain.  It seemed to stall out shortly after "Applying database updates for version" when displaying subsequent window labeled "Removing redundant information in the links data". 

After 1 hour in this window, I shut it down via Task Manager, installed the latest Java update and ran the installation for theBrain again, then started theBrain again.  And again it slowed way down at this same window.  

But it is making progress ... veeery sllloooww progress.  Its been TEN HOURS on this window. The progress bars have advanced to below the "t" in "..the links".  It seems to go in spurts.

During this time there has been very low disk activity. And about 1GB of the 2GB of RAM used, 50-60% CPU used overall (high on one and low on the other), no hard faults.  Resource Monitor shows theBrain taking up 50% of the CPU in Processes (perfmon is second at 19%, so I shut down Resource Monitor afterwards). Under CPU Services, nsi (network store interface) is taking 45% and wifi has been off.

The Brain its loading has about 30,000 Thoughts.

Please help !   Thank you.

Windows 7, 1.66GHz N450
Java 1.7.0_06
Bandwidth for Remote Desktop re Cellular Networks
Since I am finding so little about this online, I am imagining the data usage for an "always on" type of connection where PB is running on a desktop and piped through to a smartphone on a cellular data network is going to be extreme. Any ideas on how to estimate the bandwidth consumption?  
No search pop up responce
I have had this happen and was in parallel with high disk activity.  I added RAM to my computer and rebuilt the index. This seems to have helped.  Try rebuilding Instant Activation Index and Search Index first. 
am I running out of RAM?
I've been meaning to post this update for a while: I rebuilt the Instant Search Activation Index.  With the RAM upgrade, this helped tremendously (before the RAM upgrade, this had little impact on speed).  Now it only locks up maybe 10% of the time, sometimes a lot less, sometimes more.
Collapsable HTML lists/outlines ?

I like to Crawl Child direction, select a large number of Thoughts and paste Outline with Notes into a file.  I'd like to be able to collapse sections as desired.  Maybe this is taken care of in the paid versions, I don't know.

Functionality might work something like as done here:  http://code.stephenmorley.org/javascript/collapsible-lists/

Is anyone doing anything like this?


Dragon Naturally Speaking or other Voice Input

Am I correct that Dragon Naturally Speaking does not work on PersonsalBrain to input Thought names and Notes content?

Does anyone know the potential of producing a third party application which would integrate the two??  

Seems like it shouldn't be too hard , yet it does not exist.

What stands in the way of making it happen (technically, legally, etc) ? 

Worst case, I guess, is to produce a text file with Dragon and then import that.  

Is anyone doing anything like this??

Thank you !

Big Brains System Specs. GHz RAM Disk Opsys

Jerry has 100,000 Thoughts, I hear likes gin and tonic, but what's his CPU, RAM and hard disk speed?

I want to hear the success stories, about big brains running fast and well, what type of equipment they are on and if there is anything special you do to get high performance.

Thank you!

am I running out of RAM?

Thanks for the info Jim.

I have Win 7 32 bit so its not confined to Win 7 64 bit.

I'll try gin and tonic next time. 

am I running out of RAM?

I've upgraded to 2GB RAM.  

The problem I was writing about has not been solved by the increased RAM and the long wait times have been steadily increasing.   

More often the brain runs faster now with the increased RAM, but as it grows in size, the slow is getting even slower -now taking 2 to 3 minutes accessing the hard drive and totally locking up PersonalBrain during that time.  

No other programs on this machine have problems.  

In Instant Search and in the new Thought creation window, sometimes if I am slow to type, or if I mistype and then backspace to make a correction, or less frequently even if I type correctly and quickly (its seems inconsistent from my end), the problem occurs.  I guess the software searches through all Thought names for a match of the relatively few letters entered, which I guess could take a long time, but the delay is a show stopper.

I think a user should have control to abort that task if its going to effectively disable the software.  Is there a way to do this?

I'd like to know what RAM and processing speed people are running their larger brains on?  Mine is at about 20,000 Thoughts, 2GB RAM (was at 1GB), 1.66GHz double core.  "Jerry" is at 100,000 Thoughts.  What does Jerry run on?

Thank you

am I running out of RAM?

Thanks everyone.  Matt, I will look into sending the Output.log.  Can you tell me if  there is a way to generate something as helpful to you that will also be clear of any sensitive Brain data (I see some Thought names in the log for instance).

As to the RAM questions, I was surprised to learn in the model of computer I have, its not at all easy to increase RAM, takes about 3 hours and its a bit dangerous given where its located, so much so that the manufacturer states that its not actually an option!  I'll probably do it anyway.  But I think we need to answer the question as to if a RAM increase going to make a serious impact on the problem, given the risks. I have discovered a way to do this.

A trial version of a RAM increase can happen very easily. Using a USB Flash drive is not as fast as an internal memory stick, but it has made considerable difference to the usability of my Brain.  Basically a person can plug in a Flash drive and designate it to be used as a system resource.  Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_4431896_use-flash-drive-as-ram.html

In my opinion at this time, PersonalBrain should run on 2GB RAM minimum for medium sized Brains like the one I am building (13,000 Thoughts and counting). 

1GB of RAM, Windows 7 Starter SP1, 1.66GHz N450
Java version 1.6.0_26

am I running out of RAM?

Thank you Zenrain and Steeph.  I especially appreciate the help with understanding how RAM works and how to install new RAM.  Do either of you work for TheBrain or are you  just a user like myself?   As I might also like an insider's understanding of how the software works to help with the following questions.  By the way, installing additional RAM, while technically feasible, is not recommended by the manufacturer and poses difficulty and possibly will void the warranty, which means I am possibly looking to buy another computer to solve this problem.

  1. If I get more RAM, will the software load the whole search index into RAM? 
  2. Why does it "freeze" (while looking on disk) when I create a new Thought, only some of the time
  3. If I get more RAM, and it solves the problem, aren't I just going to have to get more RAM again as the Brain grows?  
  4. Is there no way to judge the needed RAM, maybe based on the size of some file that I could find or create such as perhaps a Brainzip for instance?  If so, then I could monitor its growth, plan better, or determine if there is something else going on.  
  5. And somewhat unrelated, do all versions have the unreliable unlinking functionality?  This being where I mouse-over a Thought, right click, select "unlink", and nothing seems to happen, yet the Undo menu will register that a link was deleted .. sometimes it deletes a different link that was near by.  This works almost as if its letting go of the link I designated and selecting another as I scroll the mouse through the menu towards "unlink".  It does not seem to obey any obvious rules, meaning I cannot predict when it will malfunction this way.  In my Brain, often there are too many Thoughts in the plex to reliably select the link by mouseing-over the link itself, which seems to work fine.
am I running out of RAM?

That was my thought, but I have been confused in reading that more memory might make things slower.  Here is an example from the web:

"If you pop in a stick of bog standard 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 667MHz RAM you'll find your Windows 7 system is slightly slower than if it were running with the OEM 1GB RAM stick."

Do I understand that correctly?  

If so, maybe there is a way to better determine if RAM is really the issue?

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