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Recording Now Available: Take Control of Your Information. Integrating and Connecting Your Disparate Data Sources from The Cloud.



Take Control of Your Information.
Integrating and Connecting Your Disparate
Data Sources from The Cloud.

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If you can document what you think is causing this so it can be replicated it would help us start looking for a solution. Can you think of anything at all that is being done before this shows up? Thanks.
My wishlist for the new IOS app
dcb_oz wrote:  You can't sync the brains files via Dropbox therefore relying on sync. External files okay but that's not ideal with windows and mac. 

Correct, as I mentioned we do not recommend storing (syncing) Brain databases via DropBox, but you can add files that are stored on DropBox (and synced across multiple machines) as links in a Brain. We may have more direct integration available in the future but this is the only solution for use with DropBox at the moment.
Version 9.0.169 is it a Mac only release? (Resolved)
korm wrote: Mac version 9.0.167 does not think there is an update available  (i.e., "the latest version is already installed").   And the download page does not have 9.0.169 available for Mac.

No big deal.  169 is not significant.

The installer on the site is 9.0.167, which is correct, because that is the Beta release.

You'll need to be on the Alpha Channel via: Preferences > System > Updates in order to update to 9.0.169 (Alpha)
Version 9.0.169 is it a Mac only release? (Resolved)
9.0.169 for Windows should now be available on the Alpha Channel.
Unable to access app.thebrain.com via IE 11 but can access through Chrome

jimyh wrote: Hi when I try to connect to app.thebrain.com via IE11 I get a unable to connect to server message.I've just tested this on my end and have no trouble accessing the site via IE11. Are you using any security software, firewall, etc.?

jimyh wrote:
Also, if I try to click on New Brain, when I have logged in via chrome, I get the message pop up.

"app.thebrain.com says:  invalid brain name"
Also no issue with this here on my end. The same questions as above would apply here. Any security software, firewall, etc.? Any Chrome Extensions you may have enabled that block certain things? Can you try in an Incognito Tab with all extensions disabled? Does the same issue occur?

Version 9.0.169 is it a Mac only release? (Resolved)
It's a known issue on our end. Our Windows version should be up later this afternoon. Thanks for your patience.
My wishlist for the new IOS app

Thank you for the suggestions. I will make sure they are documented.

dcb_oz wrote:
  • especially as V9 is so very Dropbox antagonistic)

I also wanted to point out that this isn't true. While we do not recommend that you store your Brain databases on DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc. you can certainly link to other files that you have on DropBox, just like you can with TheBrain 8.
show attachments thumbnail image (#3756, #3757)

I understood it as two separate issues you brought up. I did address this one (#3756):

pthompson wrote: Regarding showing a preview of the attachment as the attachment icon, I will write that up as a feature request.
show attachments thumbnail image (#3756, #3757)

Perhaps we can make this minimized by default but, in the meantime, you can minimize it by clicking the arrow icon at the top-right of the attachment info:


Regarding showing a preview of the attachment as the attachment icon, I will write that up as a feature request.
Feature suggestion: temporary Home
I've always thought of Pins as "temporary home Thoughts". Thoughts that I want to be able to get to quickly and notice for certain periods of time are assigned to my Pinned Thoughts.
drag and drop from outlook

Right, that's also another option. Thanks for pointing that out.
drag and drop from outlook

We definitely understand the desire and need for this feature and it is certainly on our list of things to add, but it is not as easy to implement as many may think. We often had issues with Outlook integration in previous versions of TheBrain (requiring manually re-adding the redemption.dll helper file, etc.) and often still do with newer versions of Outlook. Additionally, TheBrain 9 is completely rebuilt with an entirely new codebase which makes the challenge of adding this functionality even greater.

In the meantime, a workaround for adding Outlook items into a Brain is possible by first dragging and dropping them to your desktop and then dragging those items into a Brain. We realize this is not ideal, but it is the best solution we have available at the moment. We thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve TheBrain 9.
Visual mark when thought has a note with text

If you mean the tools, you can click the icon in the upper-right of the Plex and/or enable the 'Double-click maximizes plex' option under: Preferences > UI which allow you to quickly double click on the Brain background to toggle the display of the tools.

I'd also like to recommend joining us for our live, 101 web event available every Friday at 10:00 am Pacific Time / 1:00 pm Eastern Time. This free web event is the best way to get started on your Brain quickly. We cover all the basics so you will be able to get going on your own Brain quickly. We also take specific questions so you get a live demo of any aspect of the product that interests you. You can pop in and out at any time. It’s a great way to learn about all the most important features of TheBrain.
If you're interested in joining this event, visit: http://www.thebrain.com/support/101 for more information. If you are not able to attend, we also have a pre-recorded 101 available on the signup page.
Visual mark when thought has a note with text

You can enable enable the option to "Show icons when notes are present" under: Preferences > Look & Feel.
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