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TheBrain 9 for Android Freezing on Start
samuelludwig74 wrote: How do I access TheBrain9 for android? It doesn't seem to be on the Play Store There are instructions for this process HERE.
Open in New Tab - Extra Area, Tabs position different (Same as for New Window) (#3928, #3929, #3930)
zenrain wrote: Related - When you open in New Tab you can't drag the splitter to resize the notes/attachments area.Good catch. I'll document that as well. It does look like the attachment and notes splitter do work. Just not the Plex/Content divider.


I'm also assuming that once the layout issue is resolved, this won't be a problem anymore.
Open in New Tab - Extra Area, Tabs position different (Same as for New Window) (#3928, #3929, #3930)

Thanks for the suggestion of opening the new Window/Tab automatically. I have documented that as a feature request with the option to toggle it as some would still prefer them to be opened in the background.

Regarding the layout for the new Window/Tab, I will document that as a bug. In your second screenshot, "Not Sure What This Area Is?", it is the attachments list area. Left of that is the Notes area. In the screenshot above that you can see the same area below the Notes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.19.37 AM.png 

The problem is that it is somehow using the top/bottom layout in a left/right position, which will be documented as a bug. Thanks.

PS: If you click the content orientation button [12862_Content+Orientation] a couple of times, the layout will be back to normal.
List 'o Thoughts without Reports
Thanks for sharing.
Creating new web brain

Thank you for the report, but we are not looking for bug reports on http://app.thebrain.com at the moment as there are still a lot of issues being ironed out. Nonetheless, I will go ahead and make note of this.
Search results are inconsistent with URL attachments. (#3916)
systemswiki wrote: If the URL is part of a single thought the thought text as it is displayed is searched.This isn't always the case and the functionality is bugged, which is what Harlan is referring to. In testing your Brain, I also tried adding a single URL attachment to your Thought, The Thrill Is Gone and it still wasn't found in a Search. Full searching of URLs, title and content, is planned and will be worked on.
List 'o Thoughts without Reports
Harlan wrote: Great example of how to use the Show Common Children feature. Now how about sharing that list of interesting sci-fi books?+1 [thumb]
Recovering an "orphaned" brain???
If the location was restored without any damage, you should be able to simply choose that location where the Brains are via: Preferences > System > Storage as I mentioned earlier.
Recovering an "orphaned" brain???

How did you backup your Brains?
Search results are inconsistent with URL attachments. (#3916)

Update from our engineers on this: URL attachments are not currently searched. There is a feature request for this functionality.
Recovering an "orphaned" brain???
Brain files/folders should never manually be moved.

This fix refers to restoring Brains from a location other than the default location, which can safely be set via: Preferences > System > Storage. For example, if you were not using the default location
  • Mac: ~/Documents/Brains
  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Brains
to store your Brains, then you can choose the location you were using via: Preferences > System > Storage to restore the Brains in that location.
Search results are inconsistent with URL attachments. (#3916)

I was able to replicate the issue in the Brain you shared and will document this. Thanks. It looks like the issue is only affecting URL attachments. If any file (document) attachment with the same name as any of the URL attachments is added to the Thought The Thrill Is Gone, results are shown as expected.
Quick Start suggestions
metta wrote:
-- At some point, could you also include a brief tutorial on the new timeline function?
Yes, we will definitely be providing documentation and tutorials for all new features as well as everything else in TheBrain 9.
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257 - #3894)

I can also confirm that I am not finding any issue with the Brain you shared with us.
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