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Error generated: reverse label/name when name is null (#3991)
Hello nordak,

Thanks for posting and sharing this issue. I will document it.
Notes not being searched (#3990)
So, I was able to replicate no Notes results showing on my Windows 10 machine (it is working fine for me on macOS). I will go ahead and document this as an issue. Thanks everyone.
Notes not being searched (#3990)

Unfortunately, it doesn't help me diagnose the issue to provide a solution (sorry) but the information does help. I will consult with our engineers on this and get back to you as soon as possible.
Notes not being searched (#3990)

Sorry, I missed that you also tried searching for Three. Documents is the default location so that shouldn't be the issue. Can you navigate to your Documents/Brains folder and try searching for Three or Four? Do you see any notes.html returned as a result?
Notes not being searched (#3990)

You are searching for One, but that is not related to any Note as far as I can see. You typed Three into one your notes, which, as expected returns results:

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 11.40.05 AM.png
Version 9 - Task Bar Icon Wrong
Seems like something may have happened on your machine. You can most likely fix this by un-installing and re-installing TheBrain.
Notes not being searched (#3990)

Thanks for the additional info. Where do you have your Brains saved? The default location? Have you tested any other Brains? Can you share the Brain you are having trouble with?
Missing Brain 8 Program Icon in Windows 10, and can't get it back

It sounds like you may want to contact us directly at support@thebrain.com to work through this. TheBrain 8 and TheBrain 9 do not communicate with each other in any way so there must be some other confusion happening here that would most likely be better troubleshot via a web meeting.
Notes not being searched (#3990)
I am not sure what you mean by "the header". What language settings are you using for TheBrain and your system. We have someone else with a similar issue that is using Russian as their system's main language so it could be related to that if you are using a different language other than English. Any additional information you can share will help us troubleshoot this issue. Thank you.
Feature Request: Support for Code Blocks
Thank you for the feedback ckelsoe. This is documented already.
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)
Yes, I understand what you are saying. What you're showing above is a Thought Window, which is also available in the Thought Tab in TheBrain 8. The way this is being handled in TheBrain 9 has been completely re-engineered; There are no Thought tabs, Tags tab, etc. That said, I have documented it so that we can find some solution to allow the context menu for a single attachment. Thanks.

As an aside, you can always easily access the context menu in the content area as well by right-clicking on the attachment tab:

Is http://app.thebrain.com Working?
I would recommend clearing all cookies and cache just be sure but the issue is something that our engineers are looking into.
Is http://app.thebrain.com Working?

Trying clearing your browser's cookies and cache and/or try a different browser. Do you still have the same issue after this?
Questions/comments after first-look at TB9.0.192 on Win 10 (#3987, #3988)

I was able to replicate the context menu disappearing on Windows (It is working as expected on macOS) and I will document it. 

I don't believe there were any plans to make the context available when there is only one attachment since the dialog showing attachments only shows when there is more than one but I will document that as well.
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