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Event Colors?
This color shows in the timeline. You can see it more clearly with a longer event:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.38.33 PM.png

I'm not able to replicate the check mark getting stuck. What OS are you on?
Thought with multiple events (scrolling) (#3680)

Thanks for the suggestion. I will add a feature request for the ability to sort events.
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
Yes, and that is still an open issue. Is that the only issue you're having?
What browser is the built-in browser? What restrictions?
On macOS, it's based on WebKit. On Windows, Chromium. There is nothing particular with either of these, but if you are having issues with specific websites we are more than happy to look into it if you can share them with us.
Search "Edit | ..." menu items (#3664)

Thank you for reporting. I'll document the issue.
[Duplicate Feature Request] Brain INBOX (#699)
There is definitely already a feature request for this, but thanks for the suggestion.
Exporting section of a brain as a new brain
Yes, there is a tutorial available on copying Thoughts from one Brain to another HERE. After copying the Thoughts, you would then need to manually remove them from the original Brain.
You can also create a Keyboard shortcut to activate Reports for even less mouse travel. I use CTRL+⌘+R, for example.
Notes and Attachment Areas (#3407, #3409, #3418, #3494 and #3509)

Are you sure you are dragging the tab correctly?


Why I want an API (was: A tool I would like)

Great suggestions. These are getting into the realm of automation and AI, which have been discussed at great lengths here in the forums. It's definitely something that is documented but not planned for our initial release or any strict timeline.
Highlighting a problem (busy plex)
mrsandbags wrote:
I have to say that I'm not sure the way you have described Types makes sense to me, i.e. I am still trying to see the rationale for why they are not simply Thoughts. Is it about reducing link complexity?

Yes, that is one benefit. Another is that Thoughts can inherit properties from Types so if I have an icon and color assigned to a Type, any Thought that is assigned that Type automatically get the Type color and icon. This is also shown and explained in the tutorial I mentioned. This saves a ton of work from otherwise having to manually assign a color and icon to each Thought individually if you are trying to categorize them.

mrsandbags wrote:
Also is there a way to edit Types? I seem to have ended up with a blank type and can find nothing I can do about it so far.

You can activate it via the Type toolbar icon or search for it then edit it just like a regular Thought.
Highlighting a problem (busy plex)

There is some explanation of Thought Types and Tags in our documentation HERE. You can also view some video tutorials on each HERE and we often go into detail on each in many of our monthly webinars. My short explanation of Types and Tags, however, is:

Types are generally used for a more broad categorization. Think, book or movie genre, i.e. Science Fiction, Drama, Western, etc.

Tags are used mostly for attributes that multiple categories might have, i.e. Science Fiction and Western may both have a tag, Set in USA or Has a Heroine, etc.
Some preference on Note editor

In TheBrain 9 the preference is saved.
Tab from Instant Search no longer working
Hmm, I just tested on my macOS machine and can't reproduce this.
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