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Suggestions for improving the timeline. (#4040 and #4053)

Thanks for that info. We will make sure to document this. As for opening the Brain, I will check with our engineers.
Sync error
Hi Aubrey,

What version of TheBrain 9 are you using?
Suggestion: Feature Request Status Sheet
wordmuse wrote: OK - I understand.  So full-text search, which we discussed a little earlier today in another thread; would that be considered a "major feature," and so, that won't be brought back anytime soon?lI expanded on this in your original post.
feature suggestion: hashtags for inline tagging (#4038)
wordmuse wrote: Does TB9 perform full text searches like TB8 did? In TB8, when I would press enter after creating a search, even if there were no thoughts with the word in the thought title, TB8 would show a long list of thoughts that contained the word.An update on this. I think I misunderstood what you were asking originally. TheBrain 9 does search text within Notes; full text searches. I thought you were referring to content highlighting (advanced searching), which is a documented feature (#1664).

There is, however, a bug when searching with a hashtag first, which I am documenting. But, you can see results of text that is in Notes when searching:

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.30.18 PM.png
Suggestions for improving the timeline. (#4040 and #4053)
Thanks for the feedback. One thing I would like to point out is that the timeline was added in very suddenly and recently (in comparison to the full length of TheBrain 9's development) which is why it may seem very basic at this point. It was not originally planned for our initial release so what you are seeing now may (most likely) not be the end of development for it and, like I said, we do still have plans to improve and expand on it so any fair and constructive suggestions are always welcome.

With that said, I will make sure that we document your suggestions.

Kriggel23 wrote: Logical: the timeline shows events on dates; an event is linked to a thought; a thought is displayed on the plex.
imho better: add a date thought type, add date thoughts to plex, link thoughts to dates.
To me, an "event" is just - a thought. A date is a thought, as well.
Regarding this suggestion, while it may require some more work, this can be done manually. Perhaps making Events searchable will prevent the need for this step?
Kriggel23 wrote: Visual: the timeline, now, is pinned to the bottom of the app, horizontally. It can be displayed. It can be hidden. Nothing more.
imho by far better: integrate (sic!) time data and it's visualization into the plex. Remove the timeline view as it is right now. Add a "time view".
At least, but not as good as this, make the timeline view adjustable. Allow it to be displayed between notes and plex, or at the top. Or left or right - vertical.
Do you have any more info about what this "Time View" would consist of. Are you suggesting that this would be a view of Thoughts (Events) in the Plex?
Suggestion: Feature Request Status Sheet
Something like this has been requested before and addressed by Harlan, HERE. From that post: Harlan wrote: The software development process is far too complex and unpredictable for us to ever be able to say when new features will be released. We don't do it because it's not possible. We don't want to make promises we cannot possibly keep.

Yes, we do have an internal list of issues. That is what the numbers are in the release notes and on many of the forum threads. As you may have noticed, there have been approximately 4,000 issues documented so far for version 9... That is far too many to make for easy reading and/or browsing for all but the most dedicated. It's not fun to read or search. Believe me, we are doing you all a favor by reading through the items you post here and documenting them without subjecting you to our internal tracking system. It would take far more work for us to make the tracking system suitable for your use.

As for what is planned or not with regard to version 8 vs 9, that discussion is mostly moot at this point since version 9 is almost complete. For what it is worth, early on we did say that the calendar was not going to reappear but a lot of feedback and discussion here led us to change that decision and resulted in the development of the timeline. (On a related note, it was also stated at the time of the timeline's introduction that reminders, Google Calendar sync, and recurring events were planned to complete this feature. Of those 3 items, reminders have since been completed and the other two are still coming.)

Since v9 is almost complete, there will not be any major features introduced (unless you count the web client, iOS, and Android) as part of this release cycle. That said, v9 is really just a name. There will of course be a v10, v11, etc. So, there is really no such thing as "never" as long as we continue to enjoy your support... It's also worth noting that the time period between v9 and v10 will likely be much much shorter than the time period between v8 and v9 as v9 was a complete rewrite of everything.

Generally, we want to hear about all the problems you encounter. This helps us prioritize things and see what is actually affecting people. There are exceptions when a feature is not complete and we know there are significant problems. When this is the case, we usually disable or hide the feature until it is ready for use. Currently this is the case for the web browser client, which we are aware is not working in many ways and so we have asked not to have issues about it reported.
Suggestions for improving the timeline. (#4040 and #4053)

I'm not sure if/why your post was deleted. It may have been by mistake, but we are always open to suggestions if it is constructive. What where your suggestions for the timeline? By the way, we do still have plans to improve and expand on the timeline. We just recently added the ability to sync with Google Calendar but we also have some other open suggestions for it and are always open to more.
feature suggestion: hashtags for inline tagging (#4038)
Yes, many search improvements are still planned and being worked on, included advanced context search as we had in TheBrain 8. If this is mainly what you were looking for, it will be coming. If you had some other idea for how these hashtags could be integrated, we are definitely open to suggestions and it's something that can be documented.
Note Link Icons
It happened in these last few updates. Glad you like them. [smile]
feature suggestion: hashtags for inline tagging (#4038)
Yes, all that makes sense and your explanation is how I was picturing it but I'm still not understanding how you suggest we would visualize all of these hashtags, beyond what is already possible. Are you suggesting that you would just search for a specific hashtag and it would show all Thoughts, Tags, etc. related to that? If so, you can already do that, as I mentioned, by manually adding hashtags in as part of a Tag name, Thought, Note, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 8.51.36 AM.png 
Windows Control Options Lost
Have you changed anything else on the machine recently? Maybe a new theme? Different resolution size? etc.
Creating/Editing/Deleting URL in Notes (#4036 and #4058))
pshanks wrote: Can't select text and Insert Link (Need to go to More Notes Editor Actions)Links typed into Notes used to be automatically created after typing but was removed because it was causing many other problems with Notes. You can, however, create a keyboard shortcut for this and you can still copy and paste a URL and it will automatically be created.
pshanks wrote: No easy way to edit a link (Without deleting and re-creating it)You can edit the link by highlighting and using the Insert Link option again, or any keyboard shortcut you set up.
pshanks wrote: No easy way to remove link and leave text intact.You can do this by highlighting the link and choosing the 'Remove Inline Formatting' option on the Notes toolbar.
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