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Why can't I get more than 3 nodes off my main node?
thanks for the replies guys
i've looked at the manual in the link given
it's got several pictures
in non of the pictures, there are never more than 3 nodes off the main central one
yes: there are several lines that come out of the bottom node

i have to admit: i've already uninstalled since i didn't like this bit

i've tried 4 'mind mapping' softwares
my favourite: thebrain!
ONLY because of this one factor - not being able to create more sub nodes am i forced to not use  
otherwise, i would have been a happy buyer

please let me know if i am actually missing something
the first reply mentioned changing views - are u 100% sure this would allow me more sub modes? for example, what if i wanted 4 - one on each corner??

Why can't I get more than 3 nodes off my main node?
I've just downloaded TheBrain and am trying out

I can't get my head round why you can't have more that 3 nodes off the main starting node

YES: you can create more nodes, but they stem from ONLY one of the other nodes
I want to be able to create multiple nodes - why am I restricted?

Other nodes - seem to ONLY be able to have 2 further sub nodes - why is this?

AND... why is it that sub nodes have fixed positions?
You can't seem to move them around freely - this is really annoying



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