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Amazon Cloud Drive
Point well taken. Thank you!
Amazon Cloud Drive
I've been experimenting with having a My Brains folder in my Amazon Cloud Drive folder so changes sync between two machines automatically. Does anyone have experience using TheBrain 7 with Amazon Cloud Drive and have you experienced any problems?
Embedding webbrains without notes
This was once an option though it was removed. I would like to see the option brought back as I would also like to do embedding of small plex windows in a wiki page to provide a context for the content of the wiki page. Note that on the Webbrain explore page http://webbrain.com/explore Jerry's brain is embedded without to notes displayed. When I asked thebrain support out this Matt said it was custom coded to accomplish this. Here's the way it used to look... http://blog.thebrain.com/webbbrain-site-navigation/
Link Activation
It would be very useful if the cloud services brain would invoke a single attached though url by simply clicking on the icon attached to the thought. It is apparent that cloud services recognizes the icon attached because it emphasizes it when you mouse over it. If there exists more than one attachment then it could ask the same way the desktop version does.
Notes Search
It appears that when performing a search in cloud services the search only looks at thought titles. If that is the case it would be useful if we could also get it to search notes text. I don't need it to go so far as to search attachments the way advanced search does in the desktop version.
Better iframes options
I would also like to see the HTML in the notes field support iframe in the desktop version and when it is migrated to cloud services.
Evolution - Revolution or Stagnancy
Patrick, I'll believe it when I see it!
WebBrain - 2013 And Beyond
Patrick, I've been a user of personal brain since v1.0 and the documentation produced by thebrian.com related to the product has always been quite marvelous. I think over the years I've been spoiled into an expectation from thebrian.com which simply hasn't materialized with webbrain.
WebBrain - 2013 And Beyond
Patrick, I think there should be a definition of what features/functions are supposed to work in webbrain.  TheBrain 7 documentation is marvelous, the webbrain documentation as far as I can tell is nonexistent. To find out what works and what doesn't is a trial and error process, which I consider inappropriate. And for those functions that aren't implemented I would like to know if they're actually planned or I should plan on them never being available?

I think the simple statement of the present is, I don't know what I'm paying for and also don't know what to expect.

Also as far as I can tell the last update of theBrain 7 was 9 months ago. This sort of gives one the impression that you're going out of business.
WebBrain - 2013 And Beyond
Mdlynam, I don't think I'm asking for a lot. I'd just rather not feel like I'm adrift in a liferaft so far out to see that I have no clue as to which direction is best to find land...
WebBrain - 2013 And Beyond
Zenrain, I concur with your evaluation of the current state of cloud services. Not only doesn't there seem to be any documentation that advises one of what should work it seems the developers aren't interested in providing any information as to what we might expect when in the future. As such I cancelled my subscription this morning. I'll check back in 6 months or so though from what I've seen over the last 15 years as a personal brain user I'm not very hopeful that the environment will be any more informative in the future than it has in the past.
Persistent / Phantom Links
Patrick, thanks for the comment and I will remember your point. I was just doing tests do I just deleted the brain and created a new one.
Persistent / Phantom Links
It seems I now have links in my could brain that have been deleted from my desktop version and even after repeated syncing they won't go away. It may be linked to the persistent link type post I read here also.
TheBrain Cloud Services Features
Yes, though some things you just have to test to see if they have been implemented yet. The cloud version will display a link label or link type though not link colors, I think. So I'll just go through the things I  want to use in the cloud and test them to figure it out.
TheBrain Cloud Services Features
Thanks for the pointer. It was helpful though I agree that there seems to be some info missing.
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