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Notes: moving a line up or down with a shortcut (#4287)
When editing todo-lists it would be very handy to have a shortcut for moving a line up or down - like in Word (ctrl-shift-arrow_up | _arrow_down). You could manually sort any list in new order in just seconds. Now you have to use: choose line > cut > move cursor > paste.

  • first line of ToDo-list
  • second line
  • thirdh line
  • fourth line of ToDo-list (but must be done first)

  • fourth line of ToDo-list (but must be done first)
  • first line of ToDo-list
  • second line
  • thirdh line
Tags and types panes? (#3409 and #3646)
wordmuse wrote:
I want to be able to create a number of tags without relating them to any thought in particular. Unless I'm missing something, there is no way to do that in TB9.  I think this is unfortunate.

One workaround is to make a temporary thought [search box: tmp; press flash symbol to make a lonely thought] and add multiple new tought tags to it by pressing Enter and command-G and typing: "tag1;tag2;tag3;tag4". Then you can forget the temporary thought.

Missing Attachment Tabs
Harlan wrote: Please post a screenshot so we can see what you mean. It would be great to see the problem and then a second screenshot showing what it looks like after you restart.

I managed to repeat the problem few times (not always) by 'Open thought in another tab' - click to Notes - hide plex. Normal mode returned after 'Rotate Splitter'.

TB 3.png  TB no attachments.png  TB notes.png 
Normal mode after 'Rotate Splitter':
TB normal.png 
Missing Attachment Tabs
The same happens occasionally  to me also.

Mind Map view, cannot change the active thought
zenrain wrote:
To activate another thought to be the "center", right click and choose activate. Also, clicking a thought from the history list (bottom list of thoughts) or a pinned thought activates it. 

Also Shift-Enter will do the same. Quite handy, I use it all the time.


Can't open the new version
pshanks wrote:

I deleted and re-installed the app and that worked for me.

Had to re-download my sync Brains again.

That helped me. Now everything working perfectly. 

Unfortunately I had some links in my Inbox which was emptied during re-installation.

Can't open the new version
Just installed the new version from Testflight. Can't open it at all, crashes after few seconds. 
Preview of attachments (#3402)
Preview of pdf-attachments won't work if the file names contain scandinavian letters (ä,ö):

PDF viewer error 1.png 

The same file after renaming works well:

pdf viewer - no error 1.png 

I'll attach the actual pdf-file if you want to try it.


macOS Sierra 10.12.5, V9.0.192.0
Importing large v8 brain fails.
How to find too long attachment names:
Report:  Thoughts: By Attachments - Type: Paths to Trim
Better quickview for office docs (#3727, #2480 and #2800)
Preview of Word docs is not working for me either (only pdf). (Latest MacOS and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011).

Sync failed: Unknown Error
Harlan wrote: Please try redoing the import from TB8 after performing the following steps. (I am assuming you do not need the changes you have made in TB9 - if that is incorrect, please send us a copy of your brain (File > Backup to Brain Archive) via http://www.hightail.com/u/thebrain

To redo the import:
  • Close TB8 and open the _brain folder for your brain.
  • Rename the brain_cdbb folder to brain_cdbb_old
  • Restart TB8 and open your brain.
  • TB8 will reconstruct the folder that was just renamed. Wait for it to finish.
  • Close TB8.
  • Open TB9 and delete the copy you previously imported.
  • Import again.
  • Sync again.
If that doesn't work, please send us a copy of your brain. Thanks.

Did you receive my brainzip-file? Hightail.com service uploaded the whole 1.9 Gb file, but it didn't send me e-mail for confirmation. I tried also to  run version 8 Utility Options (Check for Modified Attachments, Remove Redundant Notes, Repair Orphaned Attachments, Rebuild Database, Rebuild search index) to my version 8 brain and to re-import it to version 9.0.123 but the sync problem still exists.



macOS Sierra

Sync failed: Unknown Error

If that doesn't work, please send us a copy of your brain. Thanks.

Thanks Harlan for your advice. Unfortunately it didn't help. I'll continue privately.

Sync failed: Unknown Error

Can't sync my Brain: v

With one of my Brain the sync is succesful but one Brain (Thoughts 4504; Links 5758; Notes 971) gives error codes:


Uploading: 99% transferred...

Waiting for remote acknowledgement

Sync failed: Unexpected error in MergeSyncs 


Sync failed: Unknown Error

Checked Brain integrity: no issues. The same also for new GUID. I imported the Brains from version 8.

Any suggestions to proceed?


I just discovered that with iPad I can edit thoughts with Dolphin HD browser. Unfortunately adding thougths is not possible and for that I must switch to Safari.
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