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Brain 9 v117 Windows Defender malware detection
Ahh, missed the earlier post. Good deal.

Brain 9 v117 Windows Defender malware detection
See attachment - Windows Defender quarantined screen shot  
Cut and Paste attachments
Oh good, Thanks. I hope they fix it.
Internal attachments and rebuild search index
Yes, sometimes, it does. But why is it doing it to begin with? So The Brain software should work some of the time?

When it happens on a larger brain and affects multiple attachments/thoughts and you are trying to sync with another computer through webbrain it causes problems and your statistics don't match. It gets even worse when syncing across platforms - Windows/Mac.

I can't use webbrain sync because attachments start disappearing from some thoughts and some thoughts will start showing duplicates of the attachments even though there are only single copies of the files when you look inside the thought folder. Yet statistics will count these twice.

I've deleted and re-entered thoughts, deleted and re-entered attachments trying to fix it. I can't remember how many times since February I've deleted and re-synced my brain with webbrain to try and get it to work. I've spent hours going through the brain thought-by-thought recovering lost file attachments luckily from an old brainzip and from past email. I've uploaded multiple copies of my brain file to your support per Matt Caton and that's the answer I received; find the missing files and copy them back one at at time. I did and they started disappearing again. I have a string of 29 emails with Matt Caton since February with the latest one being May 7th, but have yet to receive any response.

However, a few emails ago Matt did give me a free license update and I appreciate that but the amount of time this has cost me is getting old. I've paid for many versions over many years.

Thanks for your post

Cut and Paste attachments
V7 Windows - Click on an attachment like an Excel file in the Thought window so the attachment is highlighted and then click on the Cut icon to move the attachment to another thought and then navigate to a different thought and click on the Paste icon. The file will be pasted in but also still remains in the previous thought.

Sometimes when you go back to the previous thought and highlight that file and click on the delete icon you get an error and it won't delete the attachment. But if you close the brain down and then restart it and try to delete the attachment again it will work.
Internal attachments and rebuild search index
V7 Windows or Mac - If you go to File, Utilities, Rebuild Search Index and look at Statistics, what it says for number of Internal Attachments will be be different that what Statistics said before rebuilding the search index. Then if you go to Reports and run the No Attachments Report you can see Thoughts listed that actually have attachments in them. 

(I have the brain set to move attachments into thoughts, not link to them when dragged in to a thought)
To make it easy to see create a new brain and add three thoughts to it.
Drag an Excel file into one thought and a pdf into another thought.
Statistics will show 2 Internal Attachments.
Run Rebuild Search Index and when it's done Statistics will show 1 Internal Attachment. Run the No Attachments Report and you'll see the thought that has an attachment but is counted as not having one.
sync and statistics difference
I sent you an email on Feb. 21 as per your request on the 21st regarding web meeting but unfortunately received no reply back.

Finally, just a little while ago I was able to sync the brain on my Windows machine again with webbrain without the error message:Could not receive the remote delta file. And of course the Internal File Attachments has changed again and is even farther off (it now says 794) than originally from the same brain on my Macbook (it says 593).

Just to make sure I looked again on the Webbrain about page and it does say "a paid premium subscription enables synchronization of file attachments"

Is my mistake using TheBrain 7 or using Webbrain?
sync and statistics difference
Today I can't sync from the Windows machine. Been out traveling all week and synced from the Macbook but can't get the changes synced to the Windows machine. Tried multiple times, even force re-sync. It progresses along like it's going to sink and then finally errors out as attached image. No problems syncing from the Macbook.

sync and statistics difference
After the previous post I synced the Windows machine again and checked the statistics again on it. Now the number of internal file attachments has changed on it. I don't get it??
sync and statistics difference
Made a brainzip from the Windows machine. Deleted the brain on the Macbook Air and from webbrain.
Synced with webbrain again from Windows machine.
Restored the brainzip onto the Macbook Air. (All statistics matched at this point)
Synced the Macbook Air with webbrain. (Now internal file attachments does not match again, even farther off than originally in above post.
Ran "Check for modified attachments" and now internal file attachments is closer to the Windows machine but still way off.
Have version of TheBrain on both machines.
sync and statistics difference
What if I just make a brainzip of the brain on the windows machine (it shows the highest number of internal attachments). 

Then delete the brain on the macbook air and webbrain.

Re-sync the brain to webbrain from the windows machine.
Restore the brainzip to the macbook air.
Sync the macbook air to webbrain.

Everything should be the same at that point and the statistics should match correct?
sync and statistics difference
See the attached screen shots of Stats from each computer.
The attachments are mostly PDF's but would also be MS Office files as well as some images, ex. jpg, png.
sync and statistics difference
Using TheBrain 7 on a windows pc and a macbook air. I sync the same brain via webbrain so when I travel the air is in sync with my office pc. When I run Brain Statistics on both computers for the brain I'm syncing through my paid webbrain acct the "Internal File Attachments" number is way off by over 100 between the same brain on my windows pc and my macbook air? All the other stats are the same except for activations of course.
How do I find out what's missing/why the difference in Internal File Attachments?
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