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Links to other brains
Links to other brains
I can link from on brain to another on the desktop.  You click the brain icon and it opens that brain.  While external links work in iOS , links to other brains (or specific thoughts in other brains) do not.. any chance that can be fixed, seems like it would not be hard to switch brains.
move thoughts to another brain
How (if possible) can you move a thought and all Child thoughts to another brain… I know I can link, but I have the need to move. (remove from one and have it reside in another brain.)
Wander feature
It would be great to have the brain wander like the desktop… That is one of my favorite features.
Email Issue
I have found if I leave the thought i want the email associated with and then come back to it, it seems to work. sometimes I just go to the bathroom and try it again and it works..very inconsistent and no way to replicate the problem.
You can have the default setting in the UI to move a file, or link to a file.  Why no copy file option.  You can do it manually, why not save us a step.

Also an option to copy emails in mac os would be great.  If you move an email without copying it to the brain first the link becomes invalid.
Email Issue
I can not get my emails from mail.app to copy/move/attach (whatever term you want to use) to my brain on a consistent manner.  Sometimes the show up below the active thought with no issue.  Other times I have to leave the active thought and try again, and sometimes try again and again.  Very frustrating and I can not seem to duplicate it functioning or malfunctioning with any consistent steps.

I don't have time to figure it out but it is not performing for me the way the tutorial shows.
Open attachments on iPad/iPhone ?
Wow, am so stupid..lol  I just realized i was in a full screen mode. The attachment were in the white area below after I got out of full screen. I was just trying to click on the thought like the desktop version.
Open attachments on iPad/iPhone ?
I understand that i should, please tell me how.
Open attachments on iPad/iPhone ?
Please tell me how to open attachments on an iPad or iPhone.  I try tapping the thought,the icon and nothing happens.  I hold it and let the blue circle finsh and the options to present themselves but none of the options are to open the attachment.  I purchased the brain and webbrain because of the availability of this feature. I have been unsuccessful in making it work.

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