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Metta, I work with many ADDs too, and I had the idea that a mind map (or something similar) would be a good tool.
I haven't experimented with it yet: I fear a "Life" mind map would be too messy for that people.
I'd like to hear your experience with it.
People suffering from Alzheimer may forget even to write down the notes and take them back at the proper time.
There should be a System that integrates note taking and information retrieving, maybe an AI that understand the lifestyle and the routine of the person, and actively takes note and retrieve the information, so that the person receive just a notification.

Anyway I suppose TheBrain would be a good start.

Nice idea!
A New Experiment - Brain Crowdfunding
Nice idea.
I was thinking about something similar for my Cyberbullying project: TheBrain plus a Patreon page.
How are you attracting your maybe patrons on your Patreon page?
How to make your WebBrain findable on the Web?
Thank you for your reprise Metta.

I agree with you: while Harlan says that the Webbrain is "converted" to HTML to the eyes of Google, it's important to know how Google sees the Brain and each single content.
I think we need real feedback if we want to use our Brains for professional (commercial?) purposes, at the same level as we curate the SEO of our websites.

I think the staff of TheBrain should take it seriously: questions like these mean we are really seeing a great potential in TheBrain, that goes beyond the internal uses.
It may take this software to a higher level.

I work in the Psychology field, most of my issues (Cyberbullying, Hikikomori, Internet Addiction, and related) are multi-factorial and intertwined like the Web itself, so even a mind map is too simple.
A 3D mind map (like a Brain) is the best solution.

Anyway, I see embedding the Brain into a web page is the best thing to do right now:
- you share the actual link to your website, and people click on it and learn your domain
- while people navigate your Brain, they stay on your website, and Google likes it ;-)

Hope to read news from the Staff very soon.

How to make your WebBrain findable on the Web?
Thank you Matt: lots of options here, and the examples are good! [smile]
I checked the links on mobile too (iOS), and the Brains render better as "native", not embedded.
Each node has a unique URL, it's good to share a node on social media when you add it.
You lose some passive traffic (no SEO).
The Jerry's Brain is interesting, though the links take you away from the website.
Yet it's the best solution.
I take note of it.
Thank you!
How to make your WebBrain findable on the Web?
Hi all,
Do you have a public WebBrain?
How do you make it findable on the Web?

I see the Brain is the best solution to show the intricacies of a complex topic (Cyberbullying, Internet Addiction and others in my case).

The question is: how do people find my Brain on the Web?
Any strategy to suggest?

As far as I know there are many ways to make a web page found on the Web:
1) SEO
2) links on Social Media, guest posts, etc...

While point 2 is easy, many visitors still come to a webpage by searching on the search engines, the best solution due to the very short life of a post on social networks.

I know I can embed a Brain on a standard webpage, but this solution would increase the complexity and the job, for there would be huge job to set the Brain, then the extra job to adjust the SEO of the webpage.

Any thought about it?
I'm confused.
Online brains and SEO: what's crawled?
Hi what's crawled from the search engine when we publish a brain online?
How to change the default view of online brains?
Hi I'd like my online brains to show more levels of nodes when viewing them on a smartphone.
In the standard view only the direct children are visible, cutting some information and hindering a deep navigation: how can people navigate to a child if they don't know there's something else to read?
Is it possible? How?

New App Release: Jerry's Brain. Curated Knowledge At Its Finest.
Well done!
Another reason why I should come back to PB! :-)
But...what if we wpuld want to do the same with our brains?
Any suggestions?
Using The Brain as website menu
TNX mctrexter for your reply!

I mean: when you click a node then you have the opportunity to write formatted text in it, so this could be a sort of post.
So I could create a bit.ly link that points to the Brain, and I may share this link.

Or I may create a site with just one page, and embed the Brain in that page, but I fear it would be too messy.
Using The Brain as website menu
Hi Everybody
I'm thinking about using The Brain as menu navigation of my webwsites.
I think it's really good to make visitors stick on the site thanks to the complex structure of the Brain.

The goal is: when visitor clicks on a node then the related page appears. 

Is there a way to do this? I use WordPress (but I could think about learning a new platform).

I thought about choosing a template with a fixed box where I embed the Brain, or embedding the Brain in a side bar.

The issue is that when the visitor clicks on the node then ALL the page is refreshed, so the Brain navigation starts from the beginning again.
I'd like the Brain not to change so that visitor is able to continue the navigation from where he left.

Any workaround for this?


PS: I know I can use the Brain as the WHOLE website, writing the post inside the Brain itself, but I'm concerned about SEO.
Furthermore I'd lose the layout features, such as showcasing my products in the sidebars, the header, etc...
STOP SEARCHING. START FINDING. Using Your Brain for File Management.
Nice! A good sample!

The more I was navigating through the Brain, the more I wanted to navigated: there's something hypnotic: worth considering.

The tools used give a realtime nature to the Brains, so you can always add thought...and let people know about it.

Thank you for all the infos!
STOP SEARCHING. START FINDING. Using Your Brain for File Management.
Thank you for your reply: this is a great reply! :-)
Can you please share the link to the brain you just mentioned in order to have a look at the possibilities?
It's a public brain, is it?
STOP SEARCHING. START FINDING. Using Your Brain for File Management.
Thank you Shelley: storing all the files in the cloud is greeat, but how much storage space do I have?
In a part of the site there is written we have unlimited space, in another just 20Gb.
I'm a bit confused...
Connecting two brains?
Thank you!
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